Sunday 6 December 2015

Sugarfree Express Gajar ka Halwa to strike the right chords of Everyone's Heart

I belong to the genre of people who don't hesitate a pence to satiate their tongues' fantasies and same applies to my crazy foodie family...exploring the recipes of exotic as well traditional cuisines appeases our heart to the core..

Though I admit initially I loved only the relishing part, but a vehement attempt to protect the health of my family, has driven me into a healthy cooking passion where I attentively grasp recipes from veterans than slightly customize it to suit my family's health....

As we all have a compulsive sweet tooth , a dessert is a must have post dinner in my house and with the advent of lovely winters, nothing can pamper our sweet-Hungary souls as much as the freshly cooked "Garma-Garam Gaajar ka Halwa"!

But since my Mom-in-Law is an acute Diabetic as well as the fact that it's high for me and hubby dear too to count our calories...I have slightly abridged the #straightfrommymomskitchen #exoticgajarkahalwarecipe to suit our healthy lifestyle as well as equally soothe our taste buds!The basic idea is to replace sugar with Sugarfree and retain the goodness of carrot and milk to best possible levels!

So here's how I cook, a healthier yummilicious sugar-free express Gajar ka Halwa.....


  • 250 grms carrot
  • 1l milk
  • 1 teaspoon Ghee
  • Quarter spoon cardamom powder
  • 10-12 Almonds finely chopped (you can also add cashewnuts and raisins) 
  • Sugarfree Natura low calorie sugar substitute


  • Peel off the carrots and grate them
  • Pressure cook it in 1 litre milk till 1 whistle
  • Now open the lid and cook the mixture slowly stirring it at regular intervals till the milk dries up and is perfectly absorbed...

  • Next add a teaspoon of Ghee and cardamom powder and cook it further on sim flame for 5-7 minutes, for it to get the desired flavour and texture
  • Allow it to cool, than sprinkle sugar free powder on the Halwa as per your taste (you may like it mild/average/extra sweet) and mix well.
  • Garnish it with finely cut dry fruits of your choice and Serve it Yum hot <3

This Simplest ever recipe takes much lesser time to cook, is low on sugars and is made of fresh wholesome milk rather than buying mawa from outside thus is even more healthier....

This Sugarfree Dessert undoubtedly goes a long way in lifting the moods of my sweet mom-in-law who no longer has to gaze at others relishing sweets which she cannot and to me nothing means more than striking the right chords of her heart!I am sure this would please every other heart too alike :)

Trust you guys enjoyed the recipe of my customised sugarfree Gajar give it a try !



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