Monday, 30 October 2017

It was Love at First Sight for Me: The Butterfly Collection from Caratlane

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I am a free spirited person, who despite of the odds, loves to live her life to the fullest. I love to spread my wings like a vivid butterfly and fly high. Like her, abandoning my flight, no matter how windy the day is, is not my cup of tea. I like to shine bright and spread the colours of happiness among the ones I touch.

The same holds true when it comes to dressing up for me. More precisely, I love to clad and adorn myself in an amalgamation of the minimalistic and classy always. That's how typically I have been and that's how I will always remain. Thus, when my eyes first fell on the delicate beauties from the elegant Butterfly Collection from Caratlane, it was indeed love at first sight for me. They were all precious pieces of art and I couldn’t contain my heart’s desire to make them my own.

How beautifully does a butterfly capture a women’s soul which uninterruptedly always yearns to rise high, crushing all the bottlenecks life presents to her. Undoubtedly, these were inspirational pieces for me and undeniably I loved them to the core... ideal for all occasions as well as for routine and office wear.

I love this thing about Caratlane, they tap on the exact nerve of Women almost always, through their varied collections and make their heart go ooh la la. I have always been an admirer of their diamond necklaces and the ones I already have are my most coveted possession so far.

Lost in my love for the butterfly jewellery I wanted to scan through as many collections as they had, for these pieces very well came within my budget too and that’s exactly what I did. It was then that I found my second favorite, it was the Jaipur Collection. For the first time ever I have found traditional ethnic designs coming in such light weight and intricate designs.

I am like a strict no no kind of person when it comes to donning heavy jewellery but this collection appeased the princess in me. I loved the square pieces the most and there was quite a fab collection to choose from.

Unbelievably, they offered customised pieces too and have a huge collection on their website as well.

I was also bowled over in sheer admiration with the advanced laser and enamel baking techniques they use to render durability and finesse to their products. I am still not able to contain my extreme ecstasy and joy to lay my hands on such marvellous beauties!

This is Truly Yours Roma signing off leaving you all with a secret desire(wink!) to check out this stupendous collection yourself :) :)

Friday, 27 October 2017

You Made My Heart Smile Vodafone, Saaddi Dilli is #CelebratingSuper

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I stepped in Delhi as a new bride way back in 2006 and 'Dilwaali Dilli' welcomed me with open arms as if I was its own child. There is this unique charm about this place and you can’t help getting smitten. It was this magnanimous city where me and S weaved many beautiful dreams for our lives and even succeeded in materialising quite a few of them.

From the newly weds who could be often found strolling at India Gate and several other historical monuments of Heritage build in the capital city and tasting the food of almost every famous food joint, we graduated to building our own abode in the city thanks to our great jobs. As we were busy weaving precious memories didn’t realise how time flew by. Motherhood knocked at my door and soon we were blessed with the biggest joy of our life in this city.

We brought him home and our lives became all about his priceless giggles. Unfortunately by this time, the city which has given wings to dreams of millions like us, itself started struggling to breathe. A dense smog engulfed us in winters and the AQI became alarming. WHO declared Delhi as the most polluted city of the world. Crops stubble burning, Yamuna pollution, exorbitant non stopping traffic etc. have smothered Delhi untimely.

Our little baby couldn’t tackle it. Repeated incidents of wheezing and sickness for our tiny munchkin forced us to opt out of the city where resided our heart and soul. It felt like leaving your mother because you are a mother and it shattered our hearts to a million pieces. With a promise to come back forever we bid adieu and trust me we never miss an opportunity to go back to the city which is the most precious piece of our hearts. I decided to do my very tiny bit through my blog trying to create awareness hoe our improved and smart habits can contribute in saving our beautiful city though until sometime back my Delhi trips only saddened me for I saw no nope of coming back.

But my latest visit to Delhi was special and it soothes my heart like never before. Normally Diwali air is Delhi felt venomous so far but I saw a definite positive change this time. I was aware that Supreme Court has banned crackers in NCR but what came as the most pleasant surprise was some really worthy initiatives taken by Vodafone in this regard. Since almost half the Delhi uses Vodafone they have used their veto to put across most strongly how each and every organisation and each and every person must contribute his or her bit to pull out this kindly city from the mess we have pushed her in so far.

Earnestly I am impressed by the many innovative and pioneering concepts Vodafone has brought in to grant a super life to Delhiites and this deep rooted initiative is lovingly called #CelebratingSuper. Interestingly, 52 Vodafone stores in Delhi sold Supercrackers filled with seeds for a cleaner and greener Delhi. They have put up air purifying Bus shelters and innumerable free Wifi zones and are also at the heart of the start up revolution. A digitised and aware Delhi will definitely breathe easy and I am glad Vodafone is doing a fantastic job, you have indeed made my heart smile and opened several dimensions of hope. I urge everyone else and all other organisations and institutions as well to plunge into this revolution. We owe it to our motherland, Saaddi Dilli❤️

This is Truly Yours Roma signing off rejoicing in the spirit of #CelebratingSuper life right in the heart of India :) :)

Pic Credits 1,2,3: Picaway, 4: Vipin Kumar

Monday, 16 October 2017

I don't believe I did this: My not so #CleanUpCashOut Hilarious Tale before I knew about

I am an absolute gadget freak and I guess my infinite love for them only gets deeper and more profound with time. I am as well a meticulous researcher of technology and an unparalleled collector of the most advanced gadgets which also means I have to get rid of the old ones which are still in a perfect state but just that I have acquired a newer version.

The first bait naturally always is to my family members(grin!!) whom I can make shelve out a good amount of cash on account of my bang on proposal to them of how my device will be just what they have desired in their dreams. Quite ironically the truth of the matter however is that most of them take the device promising to pay tomorrow and as you know tomorrow never comes. Well, sometimes they do but that's rare enough and it's bad manners to ask for money in family. Tears!!

Thus, about a couple of years ago, I decided to act smart and put the advertisement of my recent mobile phone on my social media handles requesting a share to my friends. This wasn't quite a trend back then but the pictha of my well maintained device at a steal deal price did turn certain eyeballs and I got a couple of calls. 

While the first one wanted to negotiate the price which I was quite adamant on not contemplating, the second call I got was from a young man who told me politely how he desperately wanted to but this cell phone for his wife and requested if they could come over. My heart melted at his soft plea and I agreed.

Late that evening the couple knocked at my door. They were fairly young and looked very newly wed. They greeted me with the most beautiful heartfelt smiles and a namaste. They looked at the mobile and caressed it fondly for minutes while whispering in each other's ears in between. The new wifey was adorably pretty and the two seemed deeply in love with each other. Though personally I don't entertain strangers I found them totally harmless and we struck a conversation. 

I found their tone quite familiar and they turned out to be from Banaras while we are from Allahabad. Knowing that we belonged to the same region they eased a little. I quite liked them too.

When the money matters began, I have mentally already decided to give them the device for 4K instead of 6K which I have quoted, just out of my goodness and I shared it with them upfront. Suddenly their faces turned grim and they became quiet. Restlessly I asked them the reason and they said while they needed the cell phone more than their life to talk to each other as the man was mostly touring, all they had was 1300 rupees, hence they would not be able to buy the device. They thanked me for my time and were about to take leave when I stopped them.

"Please take the mobile phone from me as your wedding gift my dears. You are like my own brother and sister as you belong to our place and I shall be happy not to charge you even a single penny for this", I gave a content smile to them as they reluctantly took the device and left. I didn't regret my decision a single bit and slept happily that night. 

Next morn I spoke about this lovely couple and my kind gesture to my bffs in the Zumba class and was aghast to know what I heard next. This couple has duped many online sellers this way after studying thoroughly their social media profiles. Phew!! This shattered my heart into a million pieces. They have clearly played with my emotions and robbed me of my feelings to ever being kind to anyone.

After this incident, I didn't sell my used gadgets for a long time, until I registered on where I get the most worthy value for my devices whenever I decide to clean up the #CleanUpCashOut way❤️ and because my cashify journey so far has been truly amazing I thought of bringing this hilarious tale as well as my love for cashify to the esteemed readers of Truly Yours Roma here along with an exclusive coupon code CLEANCASH which fetches you an extra Rs250 for the sale of your gadgets! All you get to do is get on this website/App on your device.

We wish all of you a very very Happy and Prosperous Diwali! It's high time we clean out all the old gadgets and make out some good cash out of them the Cashify way :D :D

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

I am an October Baby and I love It

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I am an October Baby. This month has an infallible charm for me that amazes me every year. No matter what turmoil I undergo for the period before this, October brings in peace, tranquillity and immense joy and I am glad it is my birthday month.

Like a little girl I love my birthdays
and this year it was on a Saturday 

The day began with a surprise from the man 
Within moments we packed up and to our chosen destination we checked in 

This surprise mini vacation is now almost a ritual 
which each year, I wholeheartedly wait for 

With him holding my hand and the little one around my neck 
I feel so blessed no words can aid me express

This day every year, I utter very few words
letting the love and happiness sink into my soul

Like a small child I sit smiling coiled up on the bed 
Absorbing the warmth and silently sending across my gratitude to God

October for me becomes all the more special as my most favorite festival Karvachauth lies in it too and as I fast for the love of my life without a drop of water whole day and clad myself in my wedding attire and jewellery,  I dwell in some priceless fond memories of the past this day as I weave some more. I love the feeling immensely and Karvachauths have been really really special for the two of us.I feel bad when sometimes people fall into a debate with such festivals and all I wish to tell them is,  it is all a matter of belief my dears, you keep yours and let me follow mine :)

Mostly my birthday and Karvachauth fall together each year and on both these days I am pampered by the husband like a princess (well I can't say on other days I really am not). While it's a outdoor personalised celebration on the birthday on KC he always prepares super yum dinner for me with his own hands and it is a known fact in family and friends what an awesome chef he is.  But on these two days he is only mine. He reads out the vrat katha to me and after I see both the moons (though this year the moon in the sky ditched me, my moon was quite the contrary), he serves me with his own hands and we enjoy the dinner together like on our wedding day. 

Gradually the happiness sinks in... The overwhelming emotions and a deep sense of gratefulness drowns me in extreme remorse of how could I ever make a complaint from life and keep ranting my dissatisfactions and grudges when things don't happen and the stars ditch me. For this one man, I should take all the tough times in my stride without an iota of complaint. So you see how this month October is therapeutic to me. A lot of worthy realisations engulf me and aid me become a better person.

Once I enter this happy zone, magic begins to happen, all my reluctance go away and I am often at my best in terms of embarking of new projects. I envision wonderful ideas and start scripting them in my notes whenever and wherever possible. Since October holds a lot of travel too in terms of travelling home for Diwali, these heartfelt musings in my notes  see the dawn of the day on my blog once I am back. So my baby, my blog does get a step motherly treatment in October but my  thoughts for its betterment don't drift from the subject even for a moment. 

Despite of writing or rather publishing less, this is the month my friends, family, colleagues and readers globally, too shower a lot of love on me and words fail me to express how indebted I am to all of you for keeping my spirits high and making me smile a million times and this time you also gifted me a million hits on my blog in the awesome October.️

You have rendered me speechless 
My near and dear ones 

The strings of my heart
Resonate in immense gratitude for you 

My heart is so overwhelmed 
Words fail me how to express my thanks 

I feel so elated and blessed 
Thank you for all your love to this October child

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

TrulyYoursRoma Reviews Canvas of a Mind by Purba Chakraborty

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One lifetime is not enough to fathom the depth of True Love. The magnanimous dimensions it can assume is sometimes beyond the comprehension limits of a human mind. Yet love is love, the most serine, the most intense emotion a person can ever  experience. It makes your world most beautiful overnight and you are the most elated soul with your heart doing a happy dance in style. Sleep eludes you as you don't want to let go the thoughts of your beloved even for a second and if you do manage to sleep, you want to spend time with him or her in the dreams too.Though love enters your heart unnoticed in softest steps yet once it does you can't stay without taking notice that how it has changed your world completely. Love is love, there is nothing like it.

Purba Chakraborty's Canvas of a Mind is an intriguing psychological suspense thriller based on this premise. It is a tale of two adorable sisters Akashi and Ipsha who lost their parents in an accident some years ago. Thus Akashi has adopted the role of a  most doting parent to her teenaged sister Ipsha and they merrily lived in a picturesque hill station Kalimpong until a stalker enters Ipsha's life. While she initially despises him and even feel scared on his ways, gradually she starts falling in the trap of his silhouette. The hatted man played a melodious tune on harmonica which haunted as well as attracted the young and impressionable Ipsha.

The Author Herself With Her Book
After a lot of ruckus, finally Ipsha meets her stalker cum ardent lover Arjun and falls irreversibly in love with him. What happens when Akashi finds out that her little sis has fallen prey to a drug trafficker and a criminal Arjun, unfolds creatively. The circumstances make Ipsha loathe Akashi vehemently. While Akashi feels that that her little princess has been misbehaving with her under Arjun's spell who has vanished but she fathoms there are many other layers to her sister's personality and that she has been lying to her for a long time. The unbelievable and weaved to precision circumstances never let you put down the book for a moment and I really loved it to the core. There is another wonderful character Vihaan who plays the dark horse. To find out more do read our this must read  thriller from Purba.

The title of the book 'Canvas of a Mind' is apt because the protagonist Ipsha more often than not painted the infinite thoughts that flooded her mind on the canvas. It gave her immense peace and perspective.What I loved most about the book was the vivid description of the hill station Kalimpong and the strong character building. I could feel the loneliness that engulfed the two girls after the demise of their parents though they never spoke about it. It was fascinating it read has the author has beautifully conceived and weaved different forms of love and how they can make and break your life. I also found the beginning perfect however I did feel the ending was a little abrupt though absolutely in sync with the plot. Could have been more impact fully built across a few added chapters but that's purely my viewpoint.

I rate this book a 4.5/5 and recommend it to everyone for a light pleasant read. It goes without saying, I thoroughly enjoyed the read and wish the author Purba lots of success and happiness. Trust she keeps writing such masterpieces on and on and drape us in the charm of her weaved fiction forever. You can grab a copy of her book here.