Monday 30 October 2017

It was Love at First Sight for Me: The Butterfly Collection from Caratlane

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I am a free spirited person, who despite of the odds, loves to live her life to the fullest. I love to spread my wings like a vivid butterfly and fly high. Like her, abandoning my flight, no matter how windy the day is, is not my cup of tea. I like to shine bright and spread the colours of happiness among the ones I touch.

The same holds true when it comes to dressing up for me. More precisely, I love to clad and adorn myself in an amalgamation of the minimalistic and classy always. That's how typically I have been and that's how I will always remain. Thus, when my eyes first fell on the delicate beauties from the elegant Butterfly Collection from Caratlane, it was indeed love at first sight for me. They were all precious pieces of art and I couldn’t contain my heart’s desire to make them my own.

How beautifully does a butterfly capture a women’s soul which uninterruptedly always yearns to rise high, crushing all the bottlenecks life presents to her. Undoubtedly, these were inspirational pieces for me and undeniably I loved them to the core... ideal for all occasions as well as for routine and office wear.

I love this thing about Caratlane, they tap on the exact nerve of Women almost always, through their varied collections and make their heart go ooh la la. I have always been an admirer of their diamond necklaces and the ones I already have are my most coveted possession so far.

Lost in my love for the butterfly jewellery I wanted to scan through as many collections as they had, for these pieces very well came within my budget too and that’s exactly what I did. It was then that I found my second favorite, it was the Jaipur Collection. For the first time ever I have found traditional ethnic designs coming in such light weight and intricate designs.

I am like a strict no no kind of person when it comes to donning heavy jewellery but this collection appeased the princess in me. I loved the square pieces the most and there was quite a fab collection to choose from.

Unbelievably, they offered customised pieces too and have a huge collection on their website as well.

I was also bowled over in sheer admiration with the advanced laser and enamel baking techniques they use to render durability and finesse to their products. I am still not able to contain my extreme ecstasy and joy to lay my hands on such marvellous beauties!

This is Truly Yours Roma signing off leaving you all with a secret desire(wink!) to check out this stupendous collection yourself :) :)

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