Friday 27 October 2017

You Made My Heart Smile Vodafone, Saaddi Dilli is #CelebratingSuper

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I stepped in Delhi as a new bride way back in 2006 and 'Dilwaali Dilli' welcomed me with open arms as if I was its own child. There is this unique charm about this place and you can’t help getting smitten. It was this magnanimous city where me and S weaved many beautiful dreams for our lives and even succeeded in materialising quite a few of them.

From the newly weds who could be often found strolling at India Gate and several other historical monuments of Heritage build in the capital city and tasting the food of almost every famous food joint, we graduated to building our own abode in the city thanks to our great jobs. As we were busy weaving precious memories didn’t realise how time flew by. Motherhood knocked at my door and soon we were blessed with the biggest joy of our life in this city.

We brought him home and our lives became all about his priceless giggles. Unfortunately by this time, the city which has given wings to dreams of millions like us, itself started struggling to breathe. A dense smog engulfed us in winters and the AQI became alarming. WHO declared Delhi as the most polluted city of the world. Crops stubble burning, Yamuna pollution, exorbitant non stopping traffic etc. have smothered Delhi untimely.

Our little baby couldn’t tackle it. Repeated incidents of wheezing and sickness for our tiny munchkin forced us to opt out of the city where resided our heart and soul. It felt like leaving your mother because you are a mother and it shattered our hearts to a million pieces. With a promise to come back forever we bid adieu and trust me we never miss an opportunity to go back to the city which is the most precious piece of our hearts. I decided to do my very tiny bit through my blog trying to create awareness hoe our improved and smart habits can contribute in saving our beautiful city though until sometime back my Delhi trips only saddened me for I saw no nope of coming back.

But my latest visit to Delhi was special and it soothes my heart like never before. Normally Diwali air is Delhi felt venomous so far but I saw a definite positive change this time. I was aware that Supreme Court has banned crackers in NCR but what came as the most pleasant surprise was some really worthy initiatives taken by Vodafone in this regard. Since almost half the Delhi uses Vodafone they have used their veto to put across most strongly how each and every organisation and each and every person must contribute his or her bit to pull out this kindly city from the mess we have pushed her in so far.

Earnestly I am impressed by the many innovative and pioneering concepts Vodafone has brought in to grant a super life to Delhiites and this deep rooted initiative is lovingly called #CelebratingSuper. Interestingly, 52 Vodafone stores in Delhi sold Supercrackers filled with seeds for a cleaner and greener Delhi. They have put up air purifying Bus shelters and innumerable free Wifi zones and are also at the heart of the start up revolution. A digitised and aware Delhi will definitely breathe easy and I am glad Vodafone is doing a fantastic job, you have indeed made my heart smile and opened several dimensions of hope. I urge everyone else and all other organisations and institutions as well to plunge into this revolution. We owe it to our motherland, Saaddi Dilli❤️

This is Truly Yours Roma signing off rejoicing in the spirit of #CelebratingSuper life right in the heart of India :) :)

Pic Credits 1,2,3: Picaway, 4: Vipin Kumar

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