Tuesday 10 October 2017

I am an October Baby and I love It

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I am an October Baby. This month has an infallible charm for me that amazes me every year. No matter what turmoil I undergo for the period before this, October brings in peace, tranquillity and immense joy and I am glad it is my birthday month.

Like a little girl I love my birthdays
and this year it was on a Saturday 

The day began with a surprise from the man 
Within moments we packed up and to our chosen destination we checked in 

This surprise mini vacation is now almost a ritual 
which each year, I wholeheartedly wait for 

With him holding my hand and the little one around my neck 
I feel so blessed no words can aid me express

This day every year, I utter very few words
letting the love and happiness sink into my soul

Like a small child I sit smiling coiled up on the bed 
Absorbing the warmth and silently sending across my gratitude to God

October for me becomes all the more special as my most favorite festival Karvachauth lies in it too and as I fast for the love of my life without a drop of water whole day and clad myself in my wedding attire and jewellery,  I dwell in some priceless fond memories of the past this day as I weave some more. I love the feeling immensely and Karvachauths have been really really special for the two of us.I feel bad when sometimes people fall into a debate with such festivals and all I wish to tell them is,  it is all a matter of belief my dears, you keep yours and let me follow mine :)

Mostly my birthday and Karvachauth fall together each year and on both these days I am pampered by the husband like a princess (well I can't say on other days I really am not). While it's a outdoor personalised celebration on the birthday on KC he always prepares super yum dinner for me with his own hands and it is a known fact in family and friends what an awesome chef he is.  But on these two days he is only mine. He reads out the vrat katha to me and after I see both the moons (though this year the moon in the sky ditched me, my moon was quite the contrary), he serves me with his own hands and we enjoy the dinner together like on our wedding day. 

Gradually the happiness sinks in... The overwhelming emotions and a deep sense of gratefulness drowns me in extreme remorse of how could I ever make a complaint from life and keep ranting my dissatisfactions and grudges when things don't happen and the stars ditch me. For this one man, I should take all the tough times in my stride without an iota of complaint. So you see how this month October is therapeutic to me. A lot of worthy realisations engulf me and aid me become a better person.

Once I enter this happy zone, magic begins to happen, all my reluctance go away and I am often at my best in terms of embarking of new projects. I envision wonderful ideas and start scripting them in my notes whenever and wherever possible. Since October holds a lot of travel too in terms of travelling home for Diwali, these heartfelt musings in my notes  see the dawn of the day on my blog once I am back. So my baby, my blog does get a step motherly treatment in October but my  thoughts for its betterment don't drift from the subject even for a moment. 

Despite of writing or rather publishing less, this is the month my friends, family, colleagues and readers globally, too shower a lot of love on me and words fail me to express how indebted I am to all of you for keeping my spirits high and making me smile a million times and this time you also gifted me a million hits on my blog in the awesome October.️

You have rendered me speechless 
My near and dear ones 

The strings of my heart
Resonate in immense gratitude for you 

My heart is so overwhelmed 
Words fail me how to express my thanks 

I feel so elated and blessed 
Thank you for all your love to this October child

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