Wednesday 4 October 2017

TrulyYoursRoma Reviews Canvas of a Mind by Purba Chakraborty

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One lifetime is not enough to fathom the depth of True Love. The magnanimous dimensions it can assume is sometimes beyond the comprehension limits of a human mind. Yet love is love, the most serine, the most intense emotion a person can ever  experience. It makes your world most beautiful overnight and you are the most elated soul with your heart doing a happy dance in style. Sleep eludes you as you don't want to let go the thoughts of your beloved even for a second and if you do manage to sleep, you want to spend time with him or her in the dreams too.Though love enters your heart unnoticed in softest steps yet once it does you can't stay without taking notice that how it has changed your world completely. Love is love, there is nothing like it.

Purba Chakraborty's Canvas of a Mind is an intriguing psychological suspense thriller based on this premise. It is a tale of two adorable sisters Akashi and Ipsha who lost their parents in an accident some years ago. Thus Akashi has adopted the role of a  most doting parent to her teenaged sister Ipsha and they merrily lived in a picturesque hill station Kalimpong until a stalker enters Ipsha's life. While she initially despises him and even feel scared on his ways, gradually she starts falling in the trap of his silhouette. The hatted man played a melodious tune on harmonica which haunted as well as attracted the young and impressionable Ipsha.

The Author Herself With Her Book
After a lot of ruckus, finally Ipsha meets her stalker cum ardent lover Arjun and falls irreversibly in love with him. What happens when Akashi finds out that her little sis has fallen prey to a drug trafficker and a criminal Arjun, unfolds creatively. The circumstances make Ipsha loathe Akashi vehemently. While Akashi feels that that her little princess has been misbehaving with her under Arjun's spell who has vanished but she fathoms there are many other layers to her sister's personality and that she has been lying to her for a long time. The unbelievable and weaved to precision circumstances never let you put down the book for a moment and I really loved it to the core. There is another wonderful character Vihaan who plays the dark horse. To find out more do read our this must read  thriller from Purba.

The title of the book 'Canvas of a Mind' is apt because the protagonist Ipsha more often than not painted the infinite thoughts that flooded her mind on the canvas. It gave her immense peace and perspective.What I loved most about the book was the vivid description of the hill station Kalimpong and the strong character building. I could feel the loneliness that engulfed the two girls after the demise of their parents though they never spoke about it. It was fascinating it read has the author has beautifully conceived and weaved different forms of love and how they can make and break your life. I also found the beginning perfect however I did feel the ending was a little abrupt though absolutely in sync with the plot. Could have been more impact fully built across a few added chapters but that's purely my viewpoint.

I rate this book a 4.5/5 and recommend it to everyone for a light pleasant read. It goes without saying, I thoroughly enjoyed the read and wish the author Purba lots of success and happiness. Trust she keeps writing such masterpieces on and on and drape us in the charm of her weaved fiction forever. You can grab a copy of her book here.

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