Tuesday, 28 April 2015

ASUS Zenfone2 : An Unparalleled Epitome of Technological Advancement

A Warm Hello to all of you Straight From The Heart!!

In my desire to always bring to you the latest in technology from around the Globe and the best of launches in India which truly deserve an expression straight from the heart, I today bring to you a Peek-a-boo to a Marvel in technology, the extraordinaire, the best in Class and the most awaited #ASUSZenfone2 ...whose first Glimpse has stolen my heart straightaway <3

Being a Gadget Freak, and a working multitasking mommy who is always on the run, my phone is an essential necessity for me, as I always work on the go and the awsum #Zenfone2(I trust to hold 1 in my hand asap) will provide not only with that comfort but also will do so in an extremely stylish way par excellence...My heart has started to pound so much faster and I cannot wait any further for this elegantly and sleekly designed iconic invention from ASUS, that best reflects the Spirit of Zen <3...definitely a step better than my current Zenfone :)

With a 4GB RAM and Dual Channel Technology, this phone is indeed pure luxury and deep pleasure to hold in our palms, conferring upon us rocketing speed to multi-task at a humongously large 5.5 Inch IPS display....Now I can watch a movie and quickly reply to office mails as well be on all social media platforms simultaneously.

And Woohoo, the icing on the cake is it's PizelMaster Camera, which would suffice all my excessive and detailed clicking needs as a Blogger...Yes, it's camera has got the best in class low light features ....I can't wait to start clicking with it's 13 MP and 5MP Rear and Front Camera....Keep watching this space guys, crazy lovable selfies through my #Zenfone2 are on it's way <3 <3

I also extremely look forward to ASUS's ZenUI Mobile User Interface..It would be undoubtedly absolute delight to go to next level of it's usability and experience...And the buzz is all this will come at an absolutely affordable price to astonish the masses <3

It's Intel Atom Z3560 Processor will satiate the gamer in me or enable me to catch up with my favorite movie anywhere and everywhere and it's Ergonomic Arc Design is not only gonna be an absolute treat to hold but would enhance my Style Quotient multiple Times....

Actually am in love with all the colors it is launched in :) from The Royal Black to Hot Red to the Glittering shimmering Silver and Gold <3...totally No wonder, I am absolutely awe-struck by the #AsusZenfone2...It's spell-binding exquisite Style and elegance has bowled me over in Sheer Admiration for it....

What I can say is Folks, The Incredible is undoubtedly here and is truly an Unparalleled Epitome of Technological Advancement...Do check on #ASUSZenfone2 (Click Here) for the never like before experience and you would know for yourself why it deserves all the Adulation and Praise "Straight From the Heart" - Truly Yours Roma

Thursday, 23 April 2015

The True Tale of Bhakti Sharma, Indian Ace Swimmer who has carved out her Niche Globally and is the True Epitome of Women Power : Salute her Will Of Steel

A Warm Hello to all of you Dear Readers,

Feeling Ecstatic out of Pure Joy! What a fantastic start of the Morn...It is sheer admiration and praise oozing out of me as I ran through the extraordinaire, the daring, the brave and truly the unbelievable feats of the nominees of #WillofSteel Awards by JSW...My heart went out to each one of them, for standing out of the rest and leaving no stone unturned for making our society a better place to live in or make our mother nation proud....

While I had many nominees on willofsteel.in as my personal favorites, the woman of steel with undoubtedly a will of steel, who ruled my mind and heart simultaneously is the young Ace Swimmer - Bhakti Sharma <3....Well, earnestly words fails me to describe her spell binding passion and hardwork to fulfill her dreams...

Yes Folks, She is the World's youngest swimmer to have swam across all 5 Mega Oceans and & 7 Gigantic Seas and trust me her journey hasn't been easy....any which way...But she took the worst situations in her stride and made them her stepping stones to success to prove her mettle globally and fulfill her dreams...You will figure it out in a while, why this Destiny's Chosen Child , is my favorite one, to whom I really look up to :)

Bhakti who is indeed sheer admiration for me and must be to all of us, was born in Mumbai  on 30-Nov-1989 and brought up in Udaipur City of Rajasthan...Having born to a national level swimmer mom, she took to water at a tender age of 2.5 years and mastered the Art really soon...however as she grew up a bit , she was forced to abandon her first love due to a facility crunch as well as the traditional Indian mindset...With a streak of pain in her heart, she migrated her interests to another sport and worked extremely hard to receive Black-Belt in Karate...But Life is never a Bed of Roses for God's Chosen Ones and so when she was about to add this achievement to her Kitty, her coach moved back to his home-town and she was forced to bid bye to this too....

Had it been anyone else, this would have been the end of all Dreams but this was not the case for the most focused and determined Bhakti...She once again decided to pursue her first love - Swimming...which she truly adored and worshiped....She started putting in long rigorous training hours guided and coached by his mom, and there was no looking back for her thereafter....It was often that tough situations popped up but she has developed the Will and Determination to fight them all, without loosing Hope...

Her Joy knew no bounds when she was put to open waters...She immediately felt as if they were her second home...The Infinity of Oceans ad Seas empowered her, conferred on her infinite confidence and inspired the innate champion in her....She soon rose to become the Youngest person in the World and the First person in Asia to swim in 5 oceans (Indian, Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Antarctic) and 7 seas ...She and her Mom are infact the only Mom-Daughter Duo Round the Globe who have swam English Channel together....Infact, Bhakti has already swam across English Channel twice at such a young age...Hats off to the young Pride of India!!

It is truly unbelievable that in her highly impressive and successful swimming career, she has never taken any professional coaching or even had a manager or an agent to look for sponsers...She has managed it all by herself...It is the guidance of her parents and her logical approach which has aided her to increase her stamina and plan the big feats she had achieved...She is undoubtedly a Perfect Blend of Talent and Will <3

Amidst all this, she did extraordinarily well in her studies with 84% and 87% Marks in her 10th and 12th exams respectively and thereafter Management Studies from Symbiosis..which is a significant example for today's generation who use their excellence in sports as an excuse to their studies <3

Bhakti, true to her name, is a Marvel in true Sense...She was conferred with Tenzing Norgey Award by the President of India in 2012, for her Par Excellence Achievements.....What I admire the most about her is that the circumstances never deterred her from materializing her dreams...She holds her head firmly on her shoulder and is the "Proud Face of India in the Global Swimming Scenario" ....She has indeed become the eye-opener for many parents now in India who once fretted upon swimming as an Absolute No-No for their daughters because of the callous "Log Kya Kahenge" attitude of our society...

I have always been a Staunch Believer of Women Power and Bhakti has reinforced my belief and made my heart swell of Proud...I genuinely trust there are thousands of Bhaktis more in our Society whose God-Gifted Immense Talent is made to die an Unnatural Death by Circumstantial and Societal Pressures and thus it is my earnest desire that Bhakti receives the most coveted "Will of Steel" Award by JSW...which would not only be a gracious felicitation of her unparalleled achievements but also an Inspiration for the Indian Girls to shun All Inhibitions and Follow Their Dreams, Come What May!!

I Bow my Head in reverence to her #WillofSteel and this Post of mine is a Straight From the Heart Tribute to Bhakti ....My Un-wavered Salute to the Iron Lady!!

Also, I extend my Heartfelt Appreciation for JSW to undertake such a heart-warming Initiative and honor the most deserving unnoticed Icons who undoubtedly possess a  #WillOfSteel.

“I’m voting for Bhakti Sharma’s #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW." Are you ??? Yes, you too can vote for your favorite Nominees to make them the recipient of this most Worthy, most coveted Award. Click here for the same....Truly Yours Roma

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Life's beautiful journey becomes Twice as Nice and all the more worthwhile with your Buddy by your Side: Introducing a similar Twice as Nice Range by Garnier

A Warm Greeting Straight from the Heart Dear Frens!

Life's beautiful journey becomes all the more worthwhile when you have lovely friends to walk with you...I am one of those lucky fews who has been bestowed with many trustworthy buddies whether in my personal life or professionally...And I love it especially when my friend complements me in skills and personality, as that adds spice and variety to life, even an work <3

One such worthy companion of mine is my Fellow-Blogger Geeta who is actually a Food blogger and Social Worker whose blog "Food Express from Chennai" complements my Blog "Straight From The Heart" about Inspiration, Poetry, Fashion and Beauty....Our Association is #twiceasnice because while we love each other's work, we are also the best critics of each other...We truly believe that a true friend never shies away from showing mirror to us when required :)
Together we rock the Blogging Events and undoubtedly our outputs improve when we include the fun element in our work together....We love our rare combination and are proud to be the adorable Twice as Nice....

I was reminded of our lovely Jodi when my eyes fell upon the new Garnier Combo of "Garnier Pure Active Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub and Garnier Pure Active Neem Purifying Facewash" and I was at once driven into trying out this, what seemed a perfect Skin-Care Regime...Below is my review of the combo:

 1.Skin Cleanliness and Glow : I firstly gently scrubbed my skin with the Garnier Pure Active Apricot Scrub gently and subtly in circular motions for about 2 mins and than used Garnier pure Active Neem Face Wash,I felt my skin really clean and soft....Following this routine for around a month has help me replenish my lost glow to a certain extent...

2. Skin Smoothness and Clarity: Using this worthy combination has opened my skin pores and cleared away all dead cells...My skin now feels smoother and Clearer even after hours of washing my face...I feel that using them at separate hours is not that as effective as using them together...Like our friendship, this combo too is twice as nice and rare and worthy...

3. Dirt and Oil Removal : Being a working woman who commutes 3-4 hrs in a day, the pollution and stress has taken a toll on my skin and as the day advances, it showed up as oil and dirt on my skin..but using "Garnier Pure Active Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub and Garnier Pure Active Neem Purifying Facewash" has reduced this problem of mine manifold and this shall be the main reason why I will continue to use this Awesome Wowsome Combo....

4. Effect on Pimples and Marks: Though I don't have a face studded with pimples all over, I do have the tendency of having 1 or 2 pimples popping up on my face here and there often...which irritated me beyond doubt...thankfully adding these Garnier products to my beauty regime, this popping -hopping of undesirable pimples have reduced considerably.

5. Aesthetics and Affordability : The Lovely Combo has adorable complimentary looks in Orange and Green and catch your attention in the first Glimpse and impart a very refreshing feel..The Garnier Apricot Scrub are optimally priced at INR 115 and Garnier Neem Facewash at Rs 90..so the combo comes at around 200 INR which is decent and affordable as far as it's benefits are concerned.

Overall, I rate this #TwiceasNice Combo a good 4 on 5...Straight From the Heart <3


Friday, 10 April 2015

Life's Biggest Happiness comes in Smallest Packets

Hey all you Kind-Hearted People!

A Warm Hello,

If I can make a person smile, my day truly becomes worthwhile...This is undoubtedly the philosophy of my life...gifted to me by my mom whom I lost 9 years ago...Spreading smiles is what I have seen her do all through her life and when I do exactly the same, I feel closer to her as she is and will forever be alive in my heart <3

And so my life is so much richer with the sweet memoirs of these lovely moments where following my heart has brought a genuine smile on someone's face...Sharing a relatively recent one, that satiated my soul...

This incident dates back to a couple of years back when I shifted to Pune from Gurgaon.....Luckily I found a good domestic help with about a decade full of similar experience...She was not only hands on in domestic work but also an excellent nanny for my little chap.....Within months she gelled so well with us that we almost felt she was our family member...we lovingly called her "Gorethi Akka" .....She lived with us and we never saw her spending even a single penny out of her salary, little did I know she had a mission in life until one day she candidly poured her heart out to me...

I was pained to know that she and her only son were abandoned by her husband some years back (she was happy about it though, as this had put an end to the physical and mental abuse she has been bearing for long) and since than her son lived with Gorethi Akka's mom and dad in their village while she worked extremely hard to support her son and her very old ailing parents....Now her son has completed his primary education and there were no school after class 5 in her village....However she desperately wanted her son to get good education so that he does not grow up to be another drunkard illiterate monster like his father...So she was collecting every single penny vehemently, to admit him to a school in Patna and also support his living there....

I was extremely touched by her story and felt deep in my heart to help her out in the most noble mission of her life, to the best of my abilities....This was extremely essential too to reinforce her faith back in humanity....I asked her to let me know the total amount needed to deposit for her son's admission and how must she has already collected...she initially hesitated for she is a lady of great self-respect but as I convinced her that she can return it from her salary as per her convenience, she agreed...and happy to help as I always am, but only to the real needy, my heart was super-elated again.....

For the first time in last few months, I had seen a hearty smile on her face...That weekend she went back and got her son's admission done..I also sent with her some clothes and shoes for her son.... Being able to complete all formalities for the same, her heart 's joy knew no bounds...Sincere as she always is, she returned back to us and our Gorethi Akka still lives with us like a family member...This year her son goes to Class 8th and as he is growing up, so is my heart's happiness of following my heart in making Akka's Dream come True <3 ...A small gesture of mine brought such a big happiness to someone really worthy of it, isn't it ? 

Life's Biggest Happiness truly comes in Smallest Packets <3 ..So never hesitate to take that small plunge :) ... You mat never know, it may create a MAGIC in someone's life...

And hence when I came to know of the worthy #DilKiDeal Activity of Snapdeal, I thought to pen down my ecstatic contentment experienced through this  #DilKiDeal incident in my life ( My #DilKiDeal  Story), which is forever etched on my heart...

Trust you enjoyed the read, as it came Straight From The Heart :)

“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Gesture out of Pure Love Tinkled my Soul and gave un-paralleled Satiation to my Heart

A Peep From my HouseBoat

Hey Folks,

Words fail me to express my love for paradisaical Kashmir where I went inadvertently every year with my dad in Summer Vacations for a month and this incident dates back to almost 2 decades ago but is extremely fresh and extremely close to my heart...some memories you know, get forever imprinted in your heart and become a reason for your smile, even years later...

I was in class 6 then, if I remember correctly and was standing outside our room in the houseboat enjoying the serenity of sunrise from behind and hills and playing a peek-a-boo with clouds, when I saw a very small boy probably 6-7 years old sail a tiny raft full of water lilies of astoundingly beautiful colors....gradually the Kashmiri little boy with a pink innocent face approached me and gestured at me to buy some of his flowers....I looked at mom and dad who were sipping their herbal tea and after their nod in affirmative, asked him the price, he said - "Ek ka Do, Do ka Paanch" ...In his broken hindi, he persuaded me to buy his stuff which I willingly did...Afr that that he came almost every morn  with those divinely mesmerizing flowers....Don't know why, but at his first glance, I felt connected to this cute little boy called Firoze...

Unknowingly I started to wait for Firoze every morn....he stayed with me for about half an hour each day and I taught him how to read and write...he was like my younger brother not related to me in blood but heart....but it so happened that after about a couple of weeks he did not come with his lilies....I was worried and my fears worsened when he did not come for many more days to come....this lovely boy had a spell-binding innocent charm about him than he had carved his sweet little place even in my patents hearts...so honestly all of us were worried about him....

After inquiring with some shikarawalas with my dad, I finally reached Firoze's House and found that he has been ill...seriously ill for days now...he looked pale and week...I turned to him mom to inquire about what their doctor has suggested but was heart-broken to know that with his dad being no more and having his 4 more siblings to cake care of, his mom hasn't had enough money, to take him to a doctor....Infact, they barely had food to eat....

I looked at my dad, almost like pleading to him, for intervention and we rushed Firoze to the Local Doctor...where after about a week of being admitted to the hospital, the little boy was saved with a lot of difficulty as the infection has badly spread all over his body...But he was to be kept under observation for two more weeks in the hospital...For the days he was in hospital, I went to meet him daily and carried some fruits for him exactly like he rowed to me each day with the un-earthly Lilies....I would also read out stories of grit and determination, that I thought at my tender age then, would motivate him...I also shared with him that why he must study to be able to take care of him mom and siblings as he grows up and gift himself and his family a worthy life....In all my care for my dearest Firoze, I followed my heart,whose strings have been unknowingly attached to this boy....  Our bond of humanity and friendship grew stronger with each passing day and I am proud my Firoze soon stood up on his feet again...But you know what this couple of weeks has transformed him completely...Unknowingly I have conferred upon him "The Gift of Education" and a deep desire to study has taken birth in his heart....My heart felt for him and I simply followed my heart and in this connection heart to heart, little Firoze's heart got a direction :)

This was the biggest transformation in Firoz's Life....With an initial financial help from my dad, he embarked on the journey of education in his life...and as he grew up his ambitions took precise shape...he even came to stay with us a couple of times in Jammu during holidays...With his impeccable focus and the ability to work extremely hard, this innocent Kashmiri Boy has cracked IAS exam last year....

Grown up Firoze getting Flowers for me :)

My Day is incomplete in Srinagar without his Flowers
As for me my gesture out of pure love for him tinkled my soul and gave me unparalleled satiation...It also enriched me as a person...Firoze visits me every year on Raksha bandhan without fail and no matter how many times I have been to Kashmir in so many years, he still comes rafting that same boat and brings to me those lovely lilies without fail....though he's grown up today and their are more varieties of flowers on his raft now....True we are not related in blood but in hearts <3

And hence when I came to know of the worthy #DilKiDeal Activity of Snapdeal, I thought to pen down my ecstatic joy experienced through  this #DilKiDeal incident in my life ( My #DilKiDeal  Story) that created magic in Firoze's Life....<3

Trust you enjoyed the read, as it came Straight From The Heart :)

“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”

Photo Credits: All pics used in this Blog-post are my personal pics clicked in the Paradisaical Kashmir.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A Sneak Peak to Truly #Awesomazing, Opulent and Stay-Worthy Hotels for a Perfect Vacation in The Heart of South- Coimbatore

Heya All my awesome BlogDosts!!

My love for down South dates back to my childhood...thanks to my dad's banking profession with frequent transfers, I literally grew up across 8 states in India....with the most important term from since I was 5 years old, until 10, being in Tamil Nadu...This is probably the reason why despite of being a North Indian, I feel a deep affinity and connectivity with Southern India....till the present day, more than 2 decades later....and it intends to be so until my death....

And so to rejuvenate my love for South, I grab every opportunity to hit it's beautiful traditional cities....Visiting South satiates my soul and makes me feel closer to my roots...the simplicity of the people out there, their dedication to education and the spirit to keep their cultures alive, is undoubtedly Bang On....and touches me deep within, as these are the values closer to my heart too...

And so with summer vacations approaching for my little sonny, our bags are again packed up....and I know it's gonna be the same in all your households too, with your kids n your spouse, already zeroing down on their favorite destinations...and if u guys have Coimbatore on your mind ,I have a treat of awesomeness , to soothe your pockets in this blog-post...

Below, I bring to you a Glimpse of some Admirable , Stay-worthy, family-friendly, Best Hotels in Coimbatore, which shall definitely aid you in your next trip out there...they are based on my 5 visits to Coimbatore as well on travel freak friends who have frequented the destination...I genuinely trust you will find them a rare combination of a State-of- an-Art Facility and a Affordable Tarrif....

1. A P Hotel : This hotel is the First Choice of frequent travelers to the city, beyond all doubt, as it is a true synonym of Grandeur and Elegance and one of the most premium ones in the list of hotels in Coimbatore. At A. P. Hotel, customer service is unconquerable. They have an atmosphere of indulgence and forbearance that makes us feel on top of the world, at reasonable prices.  Rooms are spread-out, done up-to-the-minute in elegance and design, and present an impeccable amalgamation of extravagance and innovation.The complete Facility is a Treat in itself.

2. Hotel Le Grand: This is indeed yet another Value-for-Money Hotel whose Opulence and Comfort will steal your heart at the first glance.Their philosophy is to provide intelligent, thought-out facilities and services at a ‘value’ pricing. Their team signifies simplicity, convenience, informality, style, warmth, modernity and affordability and friendly atmosphere. This hotel has myriad number of options when it comes to hospitality services as they believe in giving the best value added services.

3.  Hotel Forest Transit: Whether on a family vacation or a Business Trip , this is the most optimum choice...for their services are par excellence...they leave no stone un-turned to treat their guests as kings...And the icing on the cake is, being a client centric hotel, they offer all their services at very economical and reasonable prices.

4. Hotel Ramaus: However, If you in , for a quick business trip and are on a lookout for a budget accommodation, bed and breakfast kinds that soothes your pocket too, there can't be a better choice than Hotel Ramaus which is a dignified name among excellent Hotels to be found in the heart of Coimbatore. They offer a unique concept in accommodation, pioneering a tradition in corporate hospitality and setting a premium on discreet efficiency and business-related services. Their name is a synonym of perfection with a right blend of services, efficiency and luxury. Preferred widely, this hotel serves best in services for all class types efficiently, without creating a pressure on your pocket.

5. Hotel Vel's Grand Inn : Strategically located in the heart of the city near GP Signal, Coimbatore, this hotel is a Class apart from it's peers... It maintains 22 chic rooms with 24 hr service. A winning combination of contemporary luxury accommodation and dedicated service, they make an ideal choice for family vacations as well as Corporate Meets and Outbound Training....Another advantage of staying here is it's prime location as the hotel is located 7 Km from Coimbatore domestic airport, 3 Km from the railway station Coimbatore and 5 minute from Main and Central Bus Stand. You surely need to check this one out :)

So folks, this was a candid Sneak Peak to some of the #Awesomazing, Opulent and Stay-Worthy Hotels for a Perfect Vacation or Business Trip in The Heart of South- Coimbatore....My personally curated list for you....

Trust this informative review shall aid you in your next trip in  Hotel Bookings for Coimbatore....Do remember, the key to a pleasurable trip and abundant happiness lies in detailed advance planning, to make it's each and every moment worthwhile....Bear this in mind and have a Wonderful Trip Guys! May All the Sweet Memories you weave upon, Stay in your heart forever like a song <3 :)..... Truly Yours Roma 

Monday, 6 April 2015

A Peek-A-Boo with 3 Star hotels in Hyderabad offering gracious hospitality to Enhance your Stay in the Royal City

A warm hello Folks,

Whether it was yesterday, today or the coming times, the majestic, the royal and the friendly Hyderabad is indeed my all time favorite...I don't loose even a single opportunity of being there whether it's for a family vacation or a business trip as I am spell-bound both by it's traditional world's charm of old Hyderabad as well as the charismatic modernity of New Hyderabad...So much grandeur, so much opulence and so much diversity in the same city...and if you are a shopping freak like me, this is the city, you just can't afford to miss...and the same applies for the foodies like me, your lives are indeed incomplete guys without savoring upon the Original Hyderabadi Biryani.....Trust me ,The Charminar, The Hussain Sagar lake, The Necklace Road, The Ramoji Film City and many more such attractions here would steal your heart at the first glance....Have I enticed and coaxed you enough...So, Just pack your bags and get going....Your next holiday destination is calling....Don't worry on the stay part, as below I take you to a tour of some of the really affordable 3 Star Hotels in Hyderabad, which would enhance the pleasure of your stay there without being heavy on your packet....

1.Hotel Nakshatra Inn: Nakshatra Hotel is in the heart of Hyderabad, and it's surprisingly affordable rates will leave more money in your pocket to enjoy the city. Just steps away from Midtown's most popular attractions, and offering countless easy transportation options,Nakshatra hotel puts you in the middle of the action. Highly rated among the frequent travelers to the city, it is a popular choice among the options for Budget Hotels in Hyderabad.

2.The Central Court Hotel : If you want an experience par excellence and specially if you are in for a perfect treat of awesomeness, this one undoubtedly should be your pick. Yes Folks, like their name “The Central Court” suggests, they are not only at the Heart of Hyderabad, but also stand tall at the centre of Comfort and Convenience.Being the Winner of Best 3 Star Hotel Award by AP Government, they continue to bring you the Best of Accommodation Facilities.... 

3. Swagath Grand Hotel: This Traveller's padadise is one of the most coveted Three Star Hotels is in Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad, a commercial and residential locality with abundant greenery. It is located at very close proximity to various cinema halls and commercial establishments in LB Nagar, Nagole, BN Reddy Nagar and Hayatnagar. Synonymous with consistent quality, value-for-money food and service, and most importantly heartfelt hospitality, this hotel undoubtedly offers state of the art facilities at an affordable rate.

4.Kamat Lingapur Hotel: Located in Begumpet, if your are looking for a steal deal among the Cheap Hotels in Hyderabad, this one's for you....Their tarrifs are not only the lowest among the peers but also are inclusive of breakfast...also stay for kids upto 8 yrs is free and checkout is after 24 hrs of whatever time you checkin....This hotel is a part of  a Kamat Lingapur Chain of hotels that has a network spread across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Goa....and is known for it's commitment to customer satisfaction.What else can one crave for!

5. Serenity Inn: Last but not the least, sharing with you my personal favorite 3 Star Hotel in Hyderabad for stay - La Serene which is a boutique hotel located in Madhapur and is a premium property of Serenity Inn Group....La serene blends business and pleasure to offer business travelers and tourists all the comforts of home....it is strategically located in the Hitech city near companies like Google, Oracle, Broad ridge, Deloitte, Dell etc. and has 33 modern and luxurious and well appointed elegant rooms and suites....which are Fully serviced, elegantly furnished and well-equipped and offer guests the perfect ambiance to relax in comfort and style. Pop in to the Fitness Studio for a refreshing workout or head to their terrace to enjoy stunning views of the Secret Lake (Durgam Cheruvu).You are gonna love it all <3

So guys, this was a glimpse of certain Value for money Trust-worthy Stay-worthy 3- Star properties in Hyderabad...Trust you found the information useful...

And finally as I sum up, a last word of advice from me.....Do remember to plan things in advance so that you are able to strike the best deals in Hotel packages and your vacations or business trip are hassle-free and prove out to be a treat of awesomeness......Truly Yours Roma

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Awards and Recognitions

Wishing you a Lovely Morning Folks, Straight From The Heart!

Almighty has been really kind to me by conferring to me the Power to Express...For I love expression and my Writings are what define Me...

While it is your love that enpowers me always, I feel it's also imperative for me to share with you what your  motivation has helped me achieve....

1. Feel Extremely honoured and humbled to receive the coveted "VWOMAN OF THE YEAR 2015" Award powered by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. Sharing with you some glimpses of the Felicitation Ceremony that took place on 11th March 2015 in Leela Palace in Mumbai.....

2. Just on the day, I completed my SemiAnniversary as a Blogger, felt ecstatic to be awarded the Top Winner of the All India Blogging Contest by Everscoop.

3. Won the #WingstoDreams Blogging Contest by AVIVA....This post which I wrote on my lil sonny's 6th birthday is earnestly very close to my heart and I am glad I won this Pan India Contest for Him... <3

4. Awarded by Baggout.com for my Loveful Valentine Poetic Composition among Top 10 in The Pan India Valentine's Day Blogging Contest <3

They accoloades inspire to me to further yearn to pour out to you the worthy always....Promise you my esteemed readers, Shall never waver from my Endeavor to bring you nothing less than the best, most candid, Straight From the Heart Reads <3 ............Truly Yours Roma

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Winner of the ‪#‎HAPPYSEMIANNIVERSARY‬ Giveaway

Tantadan!! Keeping up our promise, here we Announce the undisputedly most deserving Winner of the  ‪#‎HAPPYSEMIANNIVERSARY‬ Giveaway of Straight From The Heart <3 <3

Pls put your hands together for undisputedly most deserving Winner of the Giveaway being announced here:She is 
Ms. Divya Asha

Thankyou Divya for being such an admirable Patron of the blog, Our Best wishes and heartiest congratulations to you....

Winner kindly send us your address details and ID proof at the earliest.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you dear folks for your vehement support always <3 <3

Promise all your hardwork will always be counted on your favorite page!!

Next Giveaway Announcement Soon :)