Thursday 9 April 2015

The Gesture out of Pure Love Tinkled my Soul and gave un-paralleled Satiation to my Heart

A Peep From my HouseBoat

Hey Folks,

Words fail me to express my love for paradisaical Kashmir where I went inadvertently every year with my dad in Summer Vacations for a month and this incident dates back to almost 2 decades ago but is extremely fresh and extremely close to my heart...some memories you know, get forever imprinted in your heart and become a reason for your smile, even years later...

I was in class 6 then, if I remember correctly and was standing outside our room in the houseboat enjoying the serenity of sunrise from behind and hills and playing a peek-a-boo with clouds, when I saw a very small boy probably 6-7 years old sail a tiny raft full of water lilies of astoundingly beautiful colors....gradually the Kashmiri little boy with a pink innocent face approached me and gestured at me to buy some of his flowers....I looked at mom and dad who were sipping their herbal tea and after their nod in affirmative, asked him the price, he said - "Ek ka Do, Do ka Paanch" ...In his broken hindi, he persuaded me to buy his stuff which I willingly did...Afr that that he came almost every morn  with those divinely mesmerizing flowers....Don't know why, but at his first glance, I felt connected to this cute little boy called Firoze...

Unknowingly I started to wait for Firoze every morn....he stayed with me for about half an hour each day and I taught him how to read and write...he was like my younger brother not related to me in blood but heart....but it so happened that after about a couple of weeks he did not come with his lilies....I was worried and my fears worsened when he did not come for many more days to come....this lovely boy had a spell-binding innocent charm about him than he had carved his sweet little place even in my patents honestly all of us were worried about him....

After inquiring with some shikarawalas with my dad, I finally reached Firoze's House and found that he has been ill...seriously ill for days now...he looked pale and week...I turned to him mom to inquire about what their doctor has suggested but was heart-broken to know that with his dad being no more and having his 4 more siblings to cake care of, his mom hasn't had enough money, to take him to a doctor....Infact, they barely had food to eat....

I looked at my dad, almost like pleading to him, for intervention and we rushed Firoze to the Local Doctor...where after about a week of being admitted to the hospital, the little boy was saved with a lot of difficulty as the infection has badly spread all over his body...But he was to be kept under observation for two more weeks in the hospital...For the days he was in hospital, I went to meet him daily and carried some fruits for him exactly like he rowed to me each day with the un-earthly Lilies....I would also read out stories of grit and determination, that I thought at my tender age then, would motivate him...I also shared with him that why he must study to be able to take care of him mom and siblings as he grows up and gift himself and his family a worthy life....In all my care for my dearest Firoze, I followed my heart,whose strings have been unknowingly attached to this boy....  Our bond of humanity and friendship grew stronger with each passing day and I am proud my Firoze soon stood up on his feet again...But you know what this couple of weeks has transformed him completely...Unknowingly I have conferred upon him "The Gift of Education" and a deep desire to study has taken birth in his heart....My heart felt for him and I simply followed my heart and in this connection heart to heart, little Firoze's heart got a direction :)

This was the biggest transformation in Firoz's Life....With an initial financial help from my dad, he embarked on the journey of education in his life...and as he grew up his ambitions took precise shape...he even came to stay with us a couple of times in Jammu during holidays...With his impeccable focus and the ability to work extremely hard, this innocent Kashmiri Boy has cracked IAS exam last year....

Grown up Firoze getting Flowers for me :)

My Day is incomplete in Srinagar without his Flowers
As for me my gesture out of pure love for him tinkled my soul and gave me unparalleled satiation...It also enriched me as a person...Firoze visits me every year on Raksha bandhan without fail and no matter how many times I have been to Kashmir in so many years, he still comes rafting that same boat and brings to me those lovely lilies without fail....though he's grown up today and their are more varieties of flowers on his raft now....True we are not related in blood but in hearts <3

And hence when I came to know of the worthy #DilKiDeal Activity of Snapdeal, I thought to pen down my ecstatic joy experienced through  this #DilKiDeal incident in my life ( My #DilKiDeal  Story) that created magic in Firoze's Life....<3

Trust you enjoyed the read, as it came Straight From The Heart :)

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Photo Credits: All pics used in this Blog-post are my personal pics clicked in the Paradisaical Kashmir.

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  1. Beautifully Crafted Article, loved it for it's honesty and feel