Tuesday 21 April 2015

Life's beautiful journey becomes Twice as Nice and all the more worthwhile with your Buddy by your Side: Introducing a similar Twice as Nice Range by Garnier

A Warm Greeting Straight from the Heart Dear Frens!

Life's beautiful journey becomes all the more worthwhile when you have lovely friends to walk with you...I am one of those lucky fews who has been bestowed with many trustworthy buddies whether in my personal life or professionally...And I love it especially when my friend complements me in skills and personality, as that adds spice and variety to life, even an work <3

One such worthy companion of mine is my Fellow-Blogger Geeta who is actually a Food blogger and Social Worker whose blog "Food Express from Chennai" complements my Blog "Straight From The Heart" about Inspiration, Poetry, Fashion and Beauty....Our Association is #twiceasnice because while we love each other's work, we are also the best critics of each other...We truly believe that a true friend never shies away from showing mirror to us when required :)
Together we rock the Blogging Events and undoubtedly our outputs improve when we include the fun element in our work together....We love our rare combination and are proud to be the adorable Twice as Nice....

I was reminded of our lovely Jodi when my eyes fell upon the new Garnier Combo of "Garnier Pure Active Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub and Garnier Pure Active Neem Purifying Facewash" and I was at once driven into trying out this, what seemed a perfect Skin-Care Regime...Below is my review of the combo:

 1.Skin Cleanliness and Glow : I firstly gently scrubbed my skin with the Garnier Pure Active Apricot Scrub gently and subtly in circular motions for about 2 mins and than used Garnier pure Active Neem Face Wash,I felt my skin really clean and soft....Following this routine for around a month has help me replenish my lost glow to a certain extent...

2. Skin Smoothness and Clarity: Using this worthy combination has opened my skin pores and cleared away all dead cells...My skin now feels smoother and Clearer even after hours of washing my face...I feel that using them at separate hours is not that as effective as using them together...Like our friendship, this combo too is twice as nice and rare and worthy...

3. Dirt and Oil Removal : Being a working woman who commutes 3-4 hrs in a day, the pollution and stress has taken a toll on my skin and as the day advances, it showed up as oil and dirt on my skin..but using "Garnier Pure Active Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub and Garnier Pure Active Neem Purifying Facewash" has reduced this problem of mine manifold and this shall be the main reason why I will continue to use this Awesome Wowsome Combo....

4. Effect on Pimples and Marks: Though I don't have a face studded with pimples all over, I do have the tendency of having 1 or 2 pimples popping up on my face here and there often...which irritated me beyond doubt...thankfully adding these Garnier products to my beauty regime, this popping -hopping of undesirable pimples have reduced considerably.

5. Aesthetics and Affordability : The Lovely Combo has adorable complimentary looks in Orange and Green and catch your attention in the first Glimpse and impart a very refreshing feel..The Garnier Apricot Scrub are optimally priced at INR 115 and Garnier Neem Facewash at Rs 90..so the combo comes at around 200 INR which is decent and affordable as far as it's benefits are concerned.

Overall, I rate this #TwiceasNice Combo a good 4 on 5...Straight From the Heart <3


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