Thursday 23 April 2015

The True Tale of Bhakti Sharma, Indian Ace Swimmer who has carved out her Niche Globally and is the True Epitome of Women Power : Salute her Will Of Steel

A Warm Hello to all of you Dear Readers,

Feeling Ecstatic out of Pure Joy! What a fantastic start of the Morn...It is sheer admiration and praise oozing out of me as I ran through the extraordinaire, the daring, the brave and truly the unbelievable feats of the nominees of #WillofSteel Awards by JSW...My heart went out to each one of them, for standing out of the rest and leaving no stone unturned for making our society a better place to live in or make our mother nation proud....

While I had many nominees on as my personal favorites, the woman of steel with undoubtedly a will of steel, who ruled my mind and heart simultaneously is the young Ace Swimmer - Bhakti Sharma <3....Well, earnestly words fails me to describe her spell binding passion and hardwork to fulfill her dreams...

Yes Folks, She is the World's youngest swimmer to have swam across all 5 Mega Oceans and & 7 Gigantic Seas and trust me her journey hasn't been easy....any which way...But she took the worst situations in her stride and made them her stepping stones to success to prove her mettle globally and fulfill her dreams...You will figure it out in a while, why this Destiny's Chosen Child , is my favorite one, to whom I really look up to :)

Bhakti who is indeed sheer admiration for me and must be to all of us, was born in Mumbai  on 30-Nov-1989 and brought up in Udaipur City of Rajasthan...Having born to a national level swimmer mom, she took to water at a tender age of 2.5 years and mastered the Art really soon...however as she grew up a bit , she was forced to abandon her first love due to a facility crunch as well as the traditional Indian mindset...With a streak of pain in her heart, she migrated her interests to another sport and worked extremely hard to receive Black-Belt in Karate...But Life is never a Bed of Roses for God's Chosen Ones and so when she was about to add this achievement to her Kitty, her coach moved back to his home-town and she was forced to bid bye to this too....

Had it been anyone else, this would have been the end of all Dreams but this was not the case for the most focused and determined Bhakti...She once again decided to pursue her first love - Swimming...which she truly adored and worshiped....She started putting in long rigorous training hours guided and coached by his mom, and there was no looking back for her thereafter....It was often that tough situations popped up but she has developed the Will and Determination to fight them all, without loosing Hope...

Her Joy knew no bounds when she was put to open waters...She immediately felt as if they were her second home...The Infinity of Oceans ad Seas empowered her, conferred on her infinite confidence and inspired the innate champion in her....She soon rose to become the Youngest person in the World and the First person in Asia to swim in 5 oceans (Indian, Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Antarctic) and 7 seas ...She and her Mom are infact the only Mom-Daughter Duo Round the Globe who have swam English Channel together....Infact, Bhakti has already swam across English Channel twice at such a young age...Hats off to the young Pride of India!!

It is truly unbelievable that in her highly impressive and successful swimming career, she has never taken any professional coaching or even had a manager or an agent to look for sponsers...She has managed it all by herself...It is the guidance of her parents and her logical approach which has aided her to increase her stamina and plan the big feats she had achieved...She is undoubtedly a Perfect Blend of Talent and Will <3

Amidst all this, she did extraordinarily well in her studies with 84% and 87% Marks in her 10th and 12th exams respectively and thereafter Management Studies from Symbiosis..which is a significant example for today's generation who use their excellence in sports as an excuse to their studies <3

Bhakti, true to her name, is a Marvel in true Sense...She was conferred with Tenzing Norgey Award by the President of India in 2012, for her Par Excellence Achievements.....What I admire the most about her is that the circumstances never deterred her from materializing her dreams...She holds her head firmly on her shoulder and is the "Proud Face of India in the Global Swimming Scenario" ....She has indeed become the eye-opener for many parents now in India who once fretted upon swimming as an Absolute No-No for their daughters because of the callous "Log Kya Kahenge" attitude of our society...

I have always been a Staunch Believer of Women Power and Bhakti has reinforced my belief and made my heart swell of Proud...I genuinely trust there are thousands of Bhaktis more in our Society whose God-Gifted Immense Talent is made to die an Unnatural Death by Circumstantial and Societal Pressures and thus it is my earnest desire that Bhakti receives the most coveted "Will of Steel" Award by JSW...which would not only be a gracious felicitation of her unparalleled achievements but also an Inspiration for the Indian Girls to shun All Inhibitions and Follow Their Dreams, Come What May!!

I Bow my Head in reverence to her #WillofSteel and this Post of mine is a Straight From the Heart Tribute to Bhakti ....My Un-wavered Salute to the Iron Lady!!

Also, I extend my Heartfelt Appreciation for JSW to undertake such a heart-warming Initiative and honor the most deserving unnoticed Icons who undoubtedly possess a  #WillOfSteel.

“I’m voting for Bhakti Sharma’s #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW." Are you ??? Yes, you too can vote for your favorite Nominees to make them the recipient of this most Worthy, most coveted Award. Click here for the same....Truly Yours Roma


  1. A true motivational Piece of Writing! This is your original style which touched heart, Keep writing and I will surely vote too

  2. A true motivational Piece of Writing! This is your original style which touched heart, Keep writing and I will surely vote too