Thursday 2 April 2015

Awards and Recognitions

Wishing you a Lovely Morning Folks, Straight From The Heart!

Almighty has been really kind to me by conferring to me the Power to Express...For I love expression and my Writings are what define Me...

While it is your love that enpowers me always, I feel it's also imperative for me to share with you what your  motivation has helped me achieve....

1. Feel Extremely honoured and humbled to receive the coveted "VWOMAN OF THE YEAR 2015" Award powered by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. Sharing with you some glimpses of the Felicitation Ceremony that took place on 11th March 2015 in Leela Palace in Mumbai.....

2. Just on the day, I completed my SemiAnniversary as a Blogger, felt ecstatic to be awarded the Top Winner of the All India Blogging Contest by Everscoop.

3. Won the #WingstoDreams Blogging Contest by AVIVA....This post which I wrote on my lil sonny's 6th birthday is earnestly very close to my heart and I am glad I won this Pan India Contest for Him... <3

4. Awarded by for my Loveful Valentine Poetic Composition among Top 10 in The Pan India Valentine's Day Blogging Contest <3

They accoloades inspire to me to further yearn to pour out to you the worthy always....Promise you my esteemed readers, Shall never waver from my Endeavor to bring you nothing less than the best, most candid, Straight From the Heart Reads <3 ............Truly Yours Roma

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