Tuesday 28 April 2015

ASUS Zenfone2 : An Unparalleled Epitome of Technological Advancement

A Warm Hello to all of you Straight From The Heart!!

In my desire to always bring to you the latest in technology from around the Globe and the best of launches in India which truly deserve an expression straight from the heart, I today bring to you a Peek-a-boo to a Marvel in technology, the extraordinaire, the best in Class and the most awaited #ASUSZenfone2 ...whose first Glimpse has stolen my heart straightaway <3

Being a Gadget Freak, and a working multitasking mommy who is always on the run, my phone is an essential necessity for me, as I always work on the go and the awsum #Zenfone2(I trust to hold 1 in my hand asap) will provide not only with that comfort but also will do so in an extremely stylish way par excellence...My heart has started to pound so much faster and I cannot wait any further for this elegantly and sleekly designed iconic invention from ASUS, that best reflects the Spirit of Zen <3...definitely a step better than my current Zenfone :)

With a 4GB RAM and Dual Channel Technology, this phone is indeed pure luxury and deep pleasure to hold in our palms, conferring upon us rocketing speed to multi-task at a humongously large 5.5 Inch IPS display....Now I can watch a movie and quickly reply to office mails as well be on all social media platforms simultaneously.

And Woohoo, the icing on the cake is it's PizelMaster Camera, which would suffice all my excessive and detailed clicking needs as a Blogger...Yes, it's camera has got the best in class low light features ....I can't wait to start clicking with it's 13 MP and 5MP Rear and Front Camera....Keep watching this space guys, crazy lovable selfies through my #Zenfone2 are on it's way <3 <3

I also extremely look forward to ASUS's ZenUI Mobile User Interface..It would be undoubtedly absolute delight to go to next level of it's usability and experience...And the buzz is all this will come at an absolutely affordable price to astonish the masses <3

It's Intel Atom Z3560 Processor will satiate the gamer in me or enable me to catch up with my favorite movie anywhere and everywhere and it's Ergonomic Arc Design is not only gonna be an absolute treat to hold but would enhance my Style Quotient multiple Times....

Actually am in love with all the colors it is launched in :) from The Royal Black to Hot Red to the Glittering shimmering Silver and Gold <3...totally No wonder, I am absolutely awe-struck by the #AsusZenfone2...It's spell-binding exquisite Style and elegance has bowled me over in Sheer Admiration for it....

What I can say is Folks, The Incredible is undoubtedly here and is truly an Unparalleled Epitome of Technological Advancement...Do check on #ASUSZenfone2 (Click Here) for the never like before experience and you would know for yourself why it deserves all the Adulation and Praise "Straight From the Heart" - Truly Yours Roma


  1. Impressive phone and impressively expressed.

  2. Technology is the necessity of Zenfone Invention..;)