Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Candid Take on how Technology shall Truly be the Key Enabler to realize the "Digital India" Vision

My Dearest Readers,

Last night I had a Dream, a beautiful Dream of my Nation , free from the clutches of menaces like Poverty and Corruption which have weakened it's roots from within... 
and it's equality and contentment that's prevailing all around...What a win-win situation! I got up rubbing my eyes, too pleased with myself...

....for the last couple of days have been really heart-wrenching, where I along with the members of my NGO, have toured some interior villages for a health camp...and so I wondered, what thoughts in my passive brain, lead me to such an optimistic dream....in all probabilities it was the news telecast of our government's vision envisaging a #DigitalIndia to empower and unite it's masses, the preceding night, that struck the right chords of my heart and echoed my thought-process...How much the materialization of this Dream means to me, can't be expressed in words...The Digital India of my Dreams undoubtedly would be a :









And I firmly believe that E-Governance  is the right modus-operandi for the upliftment and development of our deeply corruption-striken country....Below I enumerate the reasons of why I feel the same and my candid opinion how a Digital India can free us from the strong hold of many anomalies currently prevalent in our society.

1.Creation Of Awareness: E-Governance shall prima-facie and most importantly create awareness among the people, awareness about the public services available to them, awareness about reforms and and be the platform for seeking the facilities that are provided to them by the government, as now they will not live an isolated life in far flung villages..It would be a lovely scenario when a drought-striken poor farmer, in place of committing suicide, would log on to high speed internet and find the best solution for his problems...or a laborer would check online what are the minimum wages set for him by the Government.

2.Establish Connectivity: India is a vast country, with 70% of it's citizens still residing in villages, some of it even without basic amenities like electricity and walk many miles each day to get drinking water...It is a sure fact that India will not be able to develop until the focus is on developing these villages and e-governance shall ensure these villages are connected appropriately on the same platform as the people residing in the cities to the government agencies and service-providers so that initially atleast the basic amenities will be made available to them immediately.....I understand, the digitization of these far flung tiny villages with absolutely no means of communication, will in no way be an easy task but is undoubtedly possible, innovation shall be the key...I truly believe, a Dedicated Team and Advanced Technology like Intel topped up with Meticulous Planning are indeed capable of carrying out this Humongous Task with utmost Precision!

3.Ensure Equality between different Strata of People: Unfortunately, there are umpteen number of inequalities that are prevalent in our society today, despite of being one of the richest ancient cultures of the world...There is gender inequality, Economic Inequality, Inequalities based on caste,culture,creed and the list goes on and on....A common platform to collaborate with the government online, independent of your caste, color, gender,creed or any other bias will bestow on the Common Man the confidence that he exists and exists with equal significance and value as that of anyone else....Trust me folks, if we can free ourselves from the poisonous stings of all these nasty inequalities through E-Governance and Govt's Vision of a Digital India sees dawn, we will breathe in a 5 times better, developed and prosperous India!

4.Eradicate Middleman: Satiating the desires of middlemen and bribing bureaucrats has become a way of living in India and sadly so...who thrust upon you again and again that they have an "out of the way" easy solution for your problem...Have you ever given a thought what does this "out of the way" approach signify?? Well it signifies you are either paying for breaking of certain rules or laws or for molding them for you..But is there a need?? What E-governance can do is eradicate these middlemen completely...This is the power of E-Governance where each citizen has to digitally put up his requests and has to shun his habits of adopting the  "out of the way" path which I agree he did not willingly accept.

5.Wipe Off Corruption: With a central database, having a record of each and every person of a country, his details, different agencies can seamlessly function with technology and with least human intervention...No one can evade taxes, no one can steal electricity, no fraudulent guy an transfer money to his swiss accounts....in a nutshell, a digitally enabled functioning of the govt., would ensure that the Menace of Corruption would we wiped off Completely!And we will breathe is a CORRUPTION FREE INDIA, the best by-product of a Digital India!

6.Make people realize the significance of Education: Another By-product of E-Governance shall be people will realize the Power Of Education...With technology touching every nook and corner of the country, the necessity of getting educated to run the technology will undoubtedly seep in too, for, it will become the key enabler to use the technology....and as more and more people will get educated, our economy is bound to progress multi-fold....After all it is education whih has got the power to change the world...

7.Bring us at par with the developed Nation: It was beyond doubt some of the above enlisted issues that dragged our nation back and made it fumble on the path of development....But with correction of the above, using the powerful tool of E-governance, I am sure the day will not be far off, when India will be at PAR with the developing Nations of the World! What else an one ask for!

Kudos to the Government for envisaging this much needed Giant Step at probably the best possible time....believe to the core , materializing this vision shall change the fate of our Mother-Nation for the good, like never before! And the good news is , the project is running as per the timelines and the laying up of infrastructure for E-Governance has already commenced at a rapid speed...

Also, praiseworthy are the efforts of support agencies and technology partners like Intel in this regard which are extremely committed to the #DigitalIndia Vision of our Government....

Through it's fruitful initiatives like ‘Digital Skills for India’ and ‘Innovate for India’ initiatives, the intelligent Intel (as an be rightly said) has been fostering technology as the enabler for creating a digitized India...These initiatives can undoubtedly go a long way in fulfilling our dream of a united and strong Digital India...Intel is a name one can bank upon blindly and I trust E-Governance through Intel would work the same wonders too in weaving India together with the threads of Digitization<3

A "Digital India" will only be the Dream Come True of the Govt. but also of it's each and every Citizen like me who lives with his nation in his heart and who trusts that Equality and freedom from Corruption are key to build a "NATION OF PRIDE". I wish and Pray our Dreams materialize soon - Probably by 2019 - The Target Closure date of Project #DigitalIndia ! Amen!    

Dear Readers, this was my most candid take on a topic I loved so much to lend my voice to, straight from the heart....Trust you found it worth and would agree with me.........Truly Yours Roma

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Carry your little world in Printed Adorable Handbags - My Picks from Evergreen Trends


Continuing with my treat of awesomeness to you, today I bring to you a Glimpse of yet another priced possession of my Style Kitty <3

Okie , Tell me what is that most important accessory of yours without which you cannot leave home at any hour and which defines your personality ??? C'mon be quick...Yeah you guessed it right- Your Beloved Handbags :) ...We undoubtedly carry our little world in our Always Picked Meticulously Handbags and it does possess a very special place not only in our arms and in our hearts too!

It is almost as essential for us to be updated with the latest trends in Elite Handbags as updating our wardrobe with the Latest Fashion Clothing...Despite this fact , there are some Evergreen ones, like the Cotton Totes, which never go out of Trend and our most trusted partners in generic situations...

Below I bring to you a Glance of some of my personal favorite Adorable Evergreen  Printed Elite Handbags which are always in Fashion and can impart you a trendy, updated and desirable look always and thus Pamper your confidence and Soul <3

1. Among my first favorites, is this Neon Faced Classic Canvas Tote, extremely spacious and colorful enough to get along with most outfits and a perfect choice for everyday use ....This one can work wonders to make us stand out of the rest :)

2. Another Elite HandBag that I find quite Impressive is this Digital London print stylish cross body sling bag, with Royal Vintage Print....When paired with casuals it tends to accentuate your overall personality by expressing your classic choice....

3. And here's my perfect Girlie partner for an hangout with Friends, my Stop Scanning My Bag Tote to flaunt the Cool Side of Me ..Carrying this bag on my shoulder almost instantaneously transforms me to a Diva and the confidence starts oozing out....As I undoubtedly love standing out of the rest, this one is truly my favorite....

4.This Camera Print Bold Camera Sling Bag is a fantastic choice for the Newness and Uniqueness craving Fashionistas in us....Forget about boring blacks and greys, step out of boxes and try to make a statement by going for this crazy printed bag .The eye-pleasing pattern and print on this bag, promises to add a cheerful vibe to our monotonous outfits....It's Quirky print and  faux leather trims adds on to the beauty of the bag and comfortable handles for the sling or the cross-body style up, look super-cool too. Nice and elegant bag indeed!

5.Last but not the least is the most elegant Postcard Print Shoulder Bag, which I really love to  the core on account of it's timeless look of stripes with the vintage European postcard print, crafted to perfection...This is thoroughly a multi-purpose bag which can go well with all dress types and all occasions...

All these elite handbags are extremely easy to clean.....just rub surface with slightly damp cloth to remove dust and dirt...I also love them as they are made of 100% cotton and thus are Eco-friendly and express my love for my Environment :)

I trust sweets you enjoyed the tour of my personally picked Adorable Printed handbags... and this post shall aid you in picking up one classic piece for yourself <3  You can buy these mesmerizing totes online easily and make a welcome addition to your style kitty indeed.............Truly Yours Roma

Thursday, 26 March 2015

My First Post on Men's Fashion : How to pick graphic tees for yourself, why should girls have all the Fashion Fun!

A Warm Hello to all of you Straight From the Heart,

Tantadan! Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! For all my wonderful male buddies who thought I am biased towards the lovely ladies, I bring to you a profound proof of the fact that I am not, through my First Post on Global Men's Fashion exclusively for you!

Yes, I believe , Fashion, Global Fashion or Latest Fashion can no way be associated with a particular sex....And so after doing so many posts of best global fashion trends for women from around the globe, it became almost imperative for me to bring a sneak peak to the Fashion for Men from around the globe today....Well, why should only girls or only boys have all the fun....everyone should have fun :)

Looking Cool and Standing out of the rest entices each one of us and pleases our heart beyond compare...When we are clad in something really extraordinary our confidence automatically boosts up...Also what we are wearing gives our first impression, not only about our personality but also about how updated are we....Do we walk with times and don't shy away from breaking  stereotypes or we are the ones who are scared to embrace the change....Beyond any doubt, the former are appreciated....

So today I bring to you the latest cult among the global masses - The Wow-some Graphic Tees which will not only render you the Cool Guy look but also aid you in styling your personality.Bringing to you below, some of my favorite ones along with styling tips for them, from my style Kitty....You can feel free to pair them alternatively..

1.Style this CityLights Print Graphic Tee with three-fourths and loafers and I bet you will steal all hearts by your impressive look...This perfect look is ideal for a day at beach or mastii with friends....as it's regular fit imparts both comfort and elegance whole day long...I simply loved this one. 

2.Here's Another favorite of mine, a hawk print Blue Graphic Tee depicting Freedom and Aggression, the best representatives of Youth...Pair this Graphic Tee with blue denims and Sneakers on any day of your choice and I promise all heads would turn around...

3.If you wanna portray a cool and blissful look on a day you are feeling relaxed and content, here's a Graphic Tee for you, showcasing mother nature at it's greenest...pair it with Khaaki 6 Pockets and Crocs and you complete the third perfect look for this summer season...flaunt it in style and make the world go crazy for your Impeccable choice :)

4.How about becoming a Fashion Icon among your friends, than here's a pick for you, an adorable Express Window Graphic Tee with a perfect V-Neckline and cross-color sleeves hemline,to impart you a trendy up-to-date look...yes, my styling tip for it....wear your most comfortable bottoms preferably black with it and your friends are bound to wonder the secret of all the style and ease...

5.Gone are the days when a pink was considered a taboo for men and it ought to be because it was a norm without a logic ..the next Graphic Tee in my style kitty is a Smart Pink FreeCultr Powder Play one which I believe when paired with a pair of Jeans is enough to lend you a noticeable look undoubtedly :)

and aah my list would go on and on......

Trust you loved the peek-a-boo to some of my favorites...So what's holding up you guys, grab your phones or tabs now and explore the world of mesmerizing Graphic Tees and order one today...and undergo a complete makeover of your personalities!

The Cool New You in the New Avatar, would thus indeed be ready to perfection, to take the World in your Stride!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Proud to #ChooseToStart a Brand New Digitally Efficient Life with the new Moto E in my Stride!

A Warm Hello to all my Esteemed Readers!

First things first, with failing words, I express my heartfelt gratitude to you for always appreciating my work and being my strength in this adorable journey as a blogger..which always keep me on toes to give you a genuine sumptuous read, expressed most candidly, Straight From the Heart <3

Life indeed is precious,very precious and I really love further enriching it by weaving beautiful memories each day for years now...A meticulous planner that undoubtedly I am, I have ardently planned and captured most of the firsts in my life not only in my heart but also in my web-space....Whether it was my first day to college, my first job, my first car, my first baby's birth or my first Woman of the Year Award won recently, all these priceless moments are forever imprinted on my heart and as more and more years of my life will come along, they will forever dwell in my heart like a song....and also be a significant part of my Digital Collection...

But with each passing day and with so many things in my kitty, I definitely have started to face a severe time crunch and I really need to make a new smarter start indeed...So today I #ChoosetoStart with the new Moto E ,inspired by Motorola Mobility President and COO Rick Osterloh's saying that a Smart Phone should not be a luxury, it must be a choice available to everyone....And thus this 

M - Motorola's

O  - Opulent

T - Technological Marvel

O - Of

E - Excellence

attracted me beyond compare, for reasons more than one.... So folks, I enumerate below why the all new Moto E became my perfect partner in Pioneering this change for the good :)

1.Multitasking tool of a working mom: Being a multi-tasking working mom, I am always on the run..If in such a scenario, if I will possess a capable tool like the new Moto E whose 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU and advanced graphics bestows me with the comfort to seamlessly switch between different applications....I can reply urgent office mails, keep a track of my blogging assignments as well as even surf for some educational videos on you-tube for my little sonny simultaneously, while on the move and save my precious time along with being efficient.

2.My Ideal Digital Diary: My second biggest necessity is having loads of storage space in my mobile for I love clicking pics and videos with my family, friends and most importantly for my passion - My Blog "Straight From the Heart"...This is exactly where my gadget buddy Moto E's 8GB internal Memory expandable upto a whooping 32 GB will add to my ease beautifully...Not only that, the icing on the cake is that my all new Moto E will transform into a camera at the twist of my wrist and click beautiful pics or capture videos with the 5 MP primary shooter while the front camera will be ideal for selfies (which I so so much love to click always <3)......all stored at one place, as a perfect Digital Diary.

3.My Sole Interface with the Social World: Crazy work pressure may often take a toll on our physical and mental health...And so it becomes absolutely imperative to take breaks in between and take a sneak peak to our FB or Twitter Handles or other social networking platforms....Catching a glimpse of my loved ones and occasionally even sharing my pics and selfies at just 3 clicks through my New Moto E may not only divert, relax and soothe my heart undoubtedly but also aid a great deal in keeping me updated...It Boasts of the sharpest display in its class, images and thus text appear crystal-clear on the 4.5" qHD screen and thus doesn't strain my eyes at all.

4.My Potent Shopping Aid:  No wonder I am an online shopping addict....and window shop for hours like any other girl before finally zeroing down to a purchase...This is where my choosing to start with the new Moto E becomes ideal as it's 2390 mAh battery is designed to last all day long...what else would I want, it rids me of all the inconvenience to keep recharging my device multiple times a day...

5.My Powerful Gadget to catch Hubby Darling on Skype: 
My day is not complete without catching a glimpse of my love, who is mostly touring and having a heart to heart rendezvous with him each day on Skype is as important for me as my daily breakfast :)...My new Moto E is a perfect interface to have a face to face Tete-a-tete with him through it's rocking front camera and super connectivity.....all thanks to it's fresh Android Lollipop operating system which enables me to experience the best of Android on my smartest of the smart Moto smartphone. Also, with my new Moto-E, Woohoo,I can do this several times a day, even on the move...no need to fix hours and cling to my desktop at restricted hours. Wow! This is what we call pure awesomeness...

6.My utility bill payment partner:
:My new digitally efficient life style with the 3G enabled much Speedier Moto E would save me from the hassles of waiting in queues for the umpteen number of bills to be paid each month or wait to be on my desk and find spare time to pay them through my desktop and enables me to pay them almost instantaneously by using my finger tips wherever I am and whenever I want...This definitely marks a significant first for me as I #ChoosetoStart a Smarter Life with my Smarter phone Moto E

7.Impeccable Aesthetics, Design and Durability: As a girl, I will definitely want to flaunt a worthy phone in my hands all the time and so for me apart from the sober and desirable looks, a firm grip in my hand is an absolute must and even if it falls it must not break... but all my worries vanish as I #ChoosetoStart with my new Moto E..... it's ergonomically curved design makes it very comfortable to hold in hand while the front facing speaker accentuates my music experience with it to a higher level. Also, it's water-repellent coating and Corning Gorilla Glass protect it from damage and the anti-smudge coating on it's screen keeps the fingerprints away.All these qualities make my Moto E, so damn impressive...

8.Value for Money, Absolutely Affordable:Last but not the least, my 2nd generation new Moto E by Motorola, a Global name you can blindly bank upon, comes at a surprising affordable price of 6,999 INR Ideal to suit the Middle Class Indian Pockets who still believe in the balancing act of possessing the best and the latest as well as saving for the grey days...My New Moto E is an absolute Steal Deal for me at this price for the fully-loaded stylish phone...

And hence Folks, my Moto E seems to be a Wow-some "BLESSING IN DISGUISE"  for me, my miraculous partner who drives away my worries and renders perfect support... 

These were precisely the reason why I #ChooseToStart a smarter Life with a trust-worthy companion - MOTO E....I trust the journey would be immensely pleasurable as we move forward and take the world in our Stride together, Smartly and Efficiently!!

" To Be a Perfect Companion, 
   In my life's  important events and Firsts,

   I #choosetostart with My New Moto E,

   the gadget Smartest,

   Always with me in thick and thin,
   It is undoubtedly my superpower,most capable,

   which always gives me the confidence and comfort,

   To forget all worries and live SMART and  Perfect! "

How about you???    
Heading for the Start......you have a perfect choice here :) 
Truly Yours Roma

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A Sumptuous Yummylicious Treat - Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta

A Yummy Hello to all my Awesome Readers!

An earnest confession to you today: despite being a big foodie, I have never been a passionate cook....probably being the youngest at home went in my favor always with my lovely mom and sissies, always fulfilling all my and my little brother's desires..of variety and taste....

Gradually with marriage, my opportunities to eat yummy and nutritious home cooked food prepared by them have reduced...so when I stumbled upon Kellogg's waale Guptaji who is quite famous for the rich variety of nutritious breakfasts (anaaj ka naashta) prepared at his home, as you can see from the lovely Kellogg's Video embedded below, I could not contain the desire to have Naashta at his place..Well the reasons are many :)

1. A Huge Variety : Kellogg's waale Guptaji's breakfast table is no less than a delicious sumptuous treat...with more than 100 power-packed recipes (in their kitty) from which they prepare some yummy ones each day, I'll have a huge variety to choose from right at the start of the day where I can eat like a king and have a relatively less strain on my calorie count...

2. Very Nutritious: Whole Grains are undoubtedly power-banks of energy giving carbohydrates and fibres and form a very essential part of a balanced diet...These whole grains are the main constituent of Kellogg's...Since all recipes at Guptaji's place are essentially based on Kellogg's, I can feast upon some highly nutritious breakfast dishes...

3. Served Hot with Love: I am also actually in love with Kellogg's waale Guptaji's adorable family which quite reminds me of my family and those lovely childhood days...I really love him, his wife Shalu, the admirable chef as well the two lovely kids....It would indeed be a pleasure to have a yummy breakfast served hot with their love and smiles....Lovely time together with the hotness and freshness of Kellogg's breakfast keeping the benefits of it's constituents alive...

4. A welcome change everyday: Kind of tired guys, having the same Milk and Kellogg's corn-flakes for breakfast while rushing for office...if I can have Kellogg's waale Guptaji ka Anaaj waala Naashta sometimes, it would be nothing less than pure ecstatic pleasure for a foodie like me....Something like a Peppy Papaya Shake from the Kellogg's Recipe Book would be an icing on the cake beyond doubt....Sorry If I am being too Greedy :)

5. Innovation like never before: I have heard of some of the dishes made at #KelloggsWaleGuptaji 's are par excellence in terms of innovation and Quality and am a lot excited to gobble them up..Another significant reason why I would love to have Naashta at his place...Would not at all like to loose the golden opportunity to be his guest atleast once and am actually dying at the moment to get an invitation from him..if that is how I am allowed in...Guptaji and his rocking family's any of the worth drooling categorization below entices me beyond comparison:

  • BFF wala nashta
  • LOL wala nashta
  • Date wala nashta
  • Best Family wala Nashta    
  • Celebration wala Nashta
  • Movie wala Nashta
  • Chup Karane wala nashta   
  • Guest ko impress karne wala nashta
  • Woh wala Nashta   
  • Tiffin wala Nashta 
  • Passing the parcel wala Nashta
  • Remote wala Nashta
  • First crush wala Nashta           
  • Nakhre wala Nashta 
  • Jagah banane wala nashta
  • Homework wala Nashta
  • Chugli wala Nashta
  • Smile wala nashta
  • Sanskar wala nashta
  • Kellogg’s wala nashta
  • Best tiffin wala nashta
  • Line pe lane wala nashta and the list goes on :)

                                      Are these not reasons enough for me going game to have the prestigious Anaaj Ka Naashta at Kellogg's Waale Guptaji's Home.....

                                      Well, while I wait for an official or an unofficial invite from them or even a nod would suffice and you queue up too for these mouth-watering nutritious dishes, let's check out some of the recipes of the wow-some Dishes in Kellogg's Recipes Web-link :) ....Thankyou Kellogg's Team for the wonderful offerings for enriching our lives and health in ways more than one and in such a delicious manner indeed :)

                                      Waiting to have Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta......Truly Yours Roma

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                                      Sunday, 22 March 2015

                                      My Definition of True Happiness: Little things that make me Happy, My Treasure of Pleasures

                                      My Dearest Readers,

                                      I vehemently believe that Happiness is a State of Mind and that Smiling is contagious...Life is beautiful and it's little joys enrich it even further...The reasons may be very small, but they make our life worthwhile..This is why I just loved this cute Happiness Video Of Coca Cola India <3

                                      For me true happiness is pure contentment of heart and soul..... and thus I wisely choose to take decisions which enrich and satiate me and thus make me happy, apart from the ones which are beyond our control.

                                      A. I love Smiling
                                      To the best of my abilities I guide my actions bearing in mind the fact they eventually intend to make me and the people around me happy...After all this is the best thing I can spread in my loved ones that comes absolutely at a zero cost (pun intended)...This is the reason I always smile no matter how adverse the circumstances are...for my staunch belief is that the power of my smile can shoo away the biggest sorrows of my life...yes folks, it is this smile that prevents me from giving up, even under most difficult times...

                                      Like knowledge increases on sharing so does happiness...and hence sharing below little things that make me happy and make my life beautiful and worth-living to the core...

                                      B. My baby Smiling
                                      1. My baby's smile: What gives my heart most joy and contentment is my little one's innocent priceless smile...No matter how tough life gets at any point of time, his smile does the trick of pleasing my heart and impart infinite happiness to it...This is my most priced possession, my power, my strength, my lifeline...I can go any distance to keep this smile like this forever...Seeing him coo and giggle tinkles my heart and soul with serine boundless joy...

                                      C.Priceless Happiness
                                      2. Lending a Helping Hand: If I can be of slightest help to the needy, it makes me break all shackles to go out of the way to help him or her to the best of my abilities and this makes me happy...Yes, My association with Mother Teresa's Child Care Homes over the past 2 decades gives me so much of mental peace and happiness that words fail me to describe... Spending time with the kids there every weekend has enriched my life multi-fold...If I am able to fulfill even a small wish of theirs and make them smile, my life gets a new meaning...

                                      D. My Writings have give me Ecstatic Joy and Awards
                                      3.Writing to my Heart's Content: My Blog is my childhood dream fulfilled... Writing straight from the heart empowers me, elates me and multiplies my confidence no matter what the subject is, if I have chosen to talk about it, I give it my most candid take...Giving wings to my creativity, my writings give me immense happiness...and it's an icing on the cake if my work is credited and felicitated with an award for the same....

                                      E.Together times with Family
                                      4.Together Quality Times with Family:Spending vacations with my big crazy family twice a year makes for a complete Happy Time which refreshes and rejuvenates my energy to go back to the everyday hustle bustle in life...During these together times, we celebrate festivals together thus feeling closer to our roots, we share jokes, watch movies and have loads and loads of fun....

                                      F.Soft Music is pure Happiness

                                      5.Listening Soft Romantic Old Songs:Listening to soulful songs, the old hindi ones mostly,  is the biggest stress-buster for me and gives me innate happiness...these songs drive me to a state of mesmerizing trance and no matter in what mood I am or where I am, my Ipod speakers mostly are always tucked in my ears and they have accentuated my mood for the good always and always, without fail....

                                      G.We are Happy Happy Together
                                      6.Going out on a candlelight dinner with Hubby Darling: Sometimes stealing some cozy moments with your partner adds loads of cheer, vigor and romance to your life...A heart to heart candle light tete-a-tete with your love comprises of some real moments of happiness and eternal bliss for me...These moments of pure contentment get stored in our hearts as sweet memories and give us the strength to sail smoothly in the tougher times of life...And hence I deliberately plan these lovely together times, whenever possible for both of us, out of our tight schedules....

                                      H. Our eyes twinkle when we both are so happy
                                      7. Striking the Right Balance is Life:As a multitasking working mom, the days I am able to strike a perfect balance between my work and taking care of my little angel, those days I truly bask in the glory of ecstatic joy...This is definitely easier said than done folks, as most of the times I am ripped of between the two, struggling hard to prevent any one from suffering..so when my plannings yield results and I do achieve balance and catch up those priceless moments with my boy after work, my joy knows no bounds.

                                      I. Pure Joy: The Power of Mother Nature
                                      8. Gazing at Clear Blue Skies over a Cup of Coffee:Last but not the least, and undoubtedly the weirdest of them all, gazing at the unperturbed clear blue skies while sipping a cup of coffee, grants peace and inner satisfaction to my heart and soul and I get really really happy to feel it's calm and tranquility, the power, the purity of mother nature...Probably because this is exactly what I seek the most in my life...Absolutely love the clear blue skies, they are indeed my inspiration in life, in their own unique passive way.

                                      So dears, these 8 are my small packets of immense joy, from where I drive most of my happiness from....It was indeed a pleasure pouring them out to you Straight From The Heart <3 ...Always keep smiling, smiling is the best natural makeup that adds great sheen and warmth to your personality and makes you and others truly happy ....and do treasure the Pleasure of small things that make you happy :)

                                      Thankyou Team Coca Cola India for giving me this wonderful opportunity to revisit my real sources of true happiness in life which we so tend to take for granted otherwise.

                                      J. Spreading Happiness the Coca Cola Way

                                      © [Roma Gupta Sinha][Straight From The Heart][2014]Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

                                      Monday, 16 March 2015

                                      Flaunt your Curves with the Best Prom Dresses and Accentuate your Femininity

                                      Hey all you Rocking Fashionistas Out There!

                                      Trust you had a awesome Women's Day and enjoyed to the core...And here's a treat for you from my side too...and this one is special indeed..Ask why? Because my treat is tailor-made for you <3

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