Tuesday 24 March 2015

A Sumptuous Yummylicious Treat - Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta

A Yummy Hello to all my Awesome Readers!

An earnest confession to you today: despite being a big foodie, I have never been a passionate cook....probably being the youngest at home went in my favor always with my lovely mom and sissies, always fulfilling all my and my little brother's desires..of variety and taste....

Gradually with marriage, my opportunities to eat yummy and nutritious home cooked food prepared by them have reduced...so when I stumbled upon Kellogg's waale Guptaji who is quite famous for the rich variety of nutritious breakfasts (anaaj ka naashta) prepared at his home, as you can see from the lovely Kellogg's Video embedded below, I could not contain the desire to have Naashta at his place..Well the reasons are many :)

1. A Huge Variety : Kellogg's waale Guptaji's breakfast table is no less than a delicious sumptuous treat...with more than 100 power-packed recipes (in their kitty) from which they prepare some yummy ones each day, I'll have a huge variety to choose from right at the start of the day where I can eat like a king and have a relatively less strain on my calorie count...

2. Very Nutritious: Whole Grains are undoubtedly power-banks of energy giving carbohydrates and fibres and form a very essential part of a balanced diet...These whole grains are the main constituent of Kellogg's...Since all recipes at Guptaji's place are essentially based on Kellogg's, I can feast upon some highly nutritious breakfast dishes...

3. Served Hot with Love: I am also actually in love with Kellogg's waale Guptaji's adorable family which quite reminds me of my family and those lovely childhood days...I really love him, his wife Shalu, the admirable chef as well the two lovely kids....It would indeed be a pleasure to have a yummy breakfast served hot with their love and smiles....Lovely time together with the hotness and freshness of Kellogg's breakfast keeping the benefits of it's constituents alive...

4. A welcome change everyday: Kind of tired guys, having the same Milk and Kellogg's corn-flakes for breakfast while rushing for office...if I can have Kellogg's waale Guptaji ka Anaaj waala Naashta sometimes, it would be nothing less than pure ecstatic pleasure for a foodie like me....Something like a Peppy Papaya Shake from the Kellogg's Recipe Book would be an icing on the cake beyond doubt....Sorry If I am being too Greedy :)

5. Innovation like never before: I have heard of some of the dishes made at #KelloggsWaleGuptaji 's are par excellence in terms of innovation and Quality and am a lot excited to gobble them up..Another significant reason why I would love to have Naashta at his place...Would not at all like to loose the golden opportunity to be his guest atleast once and am actually dying at the moment to get an invitation from him..if that is how I am allowed in...Guptaji and his rocking family's any of the worth drooling categorization below entices me beyond comparison:

  • BFF wala nashta
  • LOL wala nashta
  • Date wala nashta
  • Best Family wala Nashta    
  • Celebration wala Nashta
  • Movie wala Nashta
  • Chup Karane wala nashta   
  • Guest ko impress karne wala nashta
  • Woh wala Nashta   
  • Tiffin wala Nashta 
  • Passing the parcel wala Nashta
  • Remote wala Nashta
  • First crush wala Nashta           
  • Nakhre wala Nashta 
  • Jagah banane wala nashta
  • Homework wala Nashta
  • Chugli wala Nashta
  • Smile wala nashta
  • Sanskar wala nashta
  • Kellogg’s wala nashta
  • Best tiffin wala nashta
  • Line pe lane wala nashta and the list goes on :)

                                      Are these not reasons enough for me going game to have the prestigious Anaaj Ka Naashta at Kellogg's Waale Guptaji's Home.....

                                      Well, while I wait for an official or an unofficial invite from them or even a nod would suffice and you queue up too for these mouth-watering nutritious dishes, let's check out some of the recipes of the wow-some Dishes in Kellogg's Recipes Web-link :) ....Thankyou Kellogg's Team for the wonderful offerings for enriching our lives and health in ways more than one and in such a delicious manner indeed :)

                                      Waiting to have Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta......Truly Yours Roma

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                                      1. I'm also a big foodie and this post made me more hungry now :)