Tuesday 31 March 2015

A Candid Take on how Technology shall Truly be the Key Enabler to realize the "Digital India" Vision

My Dearest Readers,

Last night I had a Dream, a beautiful Dream of my Nation , free from the clutches of menaces like Poverty and Corruption which have weakened it's roots from within... 
and it's equality and contentment that's prevailing all around...What a win-win situation! I got up rubbing my eyes, too pleased with myself...

....for the last couple of days have been really heart-wrenching, where I along with the members of my NGO, have toured some interior villages for a health camp...and so I wondered, what thoughts in my passive brain, lead me to such an optimistic dream....in all probabilities it was the news telecast of our government's vision envisaging a #DigitalIndia to empower and unite it's masses, the preceding night, that struck the right chords of my heart and echoed my thought-process...How much the materialization of this Dream means to me, can't be expressed in words...The Digital India of my Dreams undoubtedly would be a :









And I firmly believe that E-Governance  is the right modus-operandi for the upliftment and development of our deeply corruption-striken country....Below I enumerate the reasons of why I feel the same and my candid opinion how a Digital India can free us from the strong hold of many anomalies currently prevalent in our society.

1.Creation Of Awareness: E-Governance shall prima-facie and most importantly create awareness among the people, awareness about the public services available to them, awareness about reforms and and be the platform for seeking the facilities that are provided to them by the government, as now they will not live an isolated life in far flung villages..It would be a lovely scenario when a drought-striken poor farmer, in place of committing suicide, would log on to high speed internet and find the best solution for his problems...or a laborer would check online what are the minimum wages set for him by the Government.

2.Establish Connectivity: India is a vast country, with 70% of it's citizens still residing in villages, some of it even without basic amenities like electricity and walk many miles each day to get drinking water...It is a sure fact that India will not be able to develop until the focus is on developing these villages and e-governance shall ensure these villages are connected appropriately on the same platform as the people residing in the cities to the government agencies and service-providers so that initially atleast the basic amenities will be made available to them immediately.....I understand, the digitization of these far flung tiny villages with absolutely no means of communication, will in no way be an easy task but is undoubtedly possible, innovation shall be the key...I truly believe, a Dedicated Team and Advanced Technology like Intel topped up with Meticulous Planning are indeed capable of carrying out this Humongous Task with utmost Precision!

3.Ensure Equality between different Strata of People: Unfortunately, there are umpteen number of inequalities that are prevalent in our society today, despite of being one of the richest ancient cultures of the world...There is gender inequality, Economic Inequality, Inequalities based on caste,culture,creed and the list goes on and on....A common platform to collaborate with the government online, independent of your caste, color, gender,creed or any other bias will bestow on the Common Man the confidence that he exists and exists with equal significance and value as that of anyone else....Trust me folks, if we can free ourselves from the poisonous stings of all these nasty inequalities through E-Governance and Govt's Vision of a Digital India sees dawn, we will breathe in a 5 times better, developed and prosperous India!

4.Eradicate Middleman: Satiating the desires of middlemen and bribing bureaucrats has become a way of living in India and sadly so...who thrust upon you again and again that they have an "out of the way" easy solution for your problem...Have you ever given a thought what does this "out of the way" approach signify?? Well it signifies you are either paying for breaking of certain rules or laws or for molding them for you..But is there a need?? What E-governance can do is eradicate these middlemen completely...This is the power of E-Governance where each citizen has to digitally put up his requests and has to shun his habits of adopting the  "out of the way" path which I agree he did not willingly accept.

5.Wipe Off Corruption: With a central database, having a record of each and every person of a country, his details, different agencies can seamlessly function with technology and with least human intervention...No one can evade taxes, no one can steal electricity, no fraudulent guy an transfer money to his swiss accounts....in a nutshell, a digitally enabled functioning of the govt., would ensure that the Menace of Corruption would we wiped off Completely!And we will breathe is a CORRUPTION FREE INDIA, the best by-product of a Digital India!

6.Make people realize the significance of Education: Another By-product of E-Governance shall be people will realize the Power Of Education...With technology touching every nook and corner of the country, the necessity of getting educated to run the technology will undoubtedly seep in too, for, it will become the key enabler to use the technology....and as more and more people will get educated, our economy is bound to progress multi-fold....After all it is education whih has got the power to change the world...

7.Bring us at par with the developed Nation: It was beyond doubt some of the above enlisted issues that dragged our nation back and made it fumble on the path of development....But with correction of the above, using the powerful tool of E-governance, I am sure the day will not be far off, when India will be at PAR with the developing Nations of the World! What else an one ask for!

Kudos to the Government for envisaging this much needed Giant Step at probably the best possible time....believe to the core , materializing this vision shall change the fate of our Mother-Nation for the good, like never before! And the good news is , the project is running as per the timelines and the laying up of infrastructure for E-Governance has already commenced at a rapid speed...

Also, praiseworthy are the efforts of support agencies and technology partners like Intel in this regard which are extremely committed to the #DigitalIndia Vision of our Government....

Through it's fruitful initiatives like ‘Digital Skills for India’ and ‘Innovate for India’ initiatives, the intelligent Intel (as an be rightly said) has been fostering technology as the enabler for creating a digitized India...These initiatives can undoubtedly go a long way in fulfilling our dream of a united and strong Digital India...Intel is a name one can bank upon blindly and I trust E-Governance through Intel would work the same wonders too in weaving India together with the threads of Digitization<3

A "Digital India" will only be the Dream Come True of the Govt. but also of it's each and every Citizen like me who lives with his nation in his heart and who trusts that Equality and freedom from Corruption are key to build a "NATION OF PRIDE". I wish and Pray our Dreams materialize soon - Probably by 2019 - The Target Closure date of Project #DigitalIndia ! Amen!    

Dear Readers, this was my most candid take on a topic I loved so much to lend my voice to, straight from the heart....Trust you found it worth and would agree with me.........Truly Yours Roma

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