Sunday 22 March 2015

My Definition of True Happiness: Little things that make me Happy, My Treasure of Pleasures

My Dearest Readers,

I vehemently believe that Happiness is a State of Mind and that Smiling is contagious...Life is beautiful and it's little joys enrich it even further...The reasons may be very small, but they make our life worthwhile..This is why I just loved this cute Happiness Video Of Coca Cola India <3

For me true happiness is pure contentment of heart and soul..... and thus I wisely choose to take decisions which enrich and satiate me and thus make me happy, apart from the ones which are beyond our control.

A. I love Smiling
To the best of my abilities I guide my actions bearing in mind the fact they eventually intend to make me and the people around me happy...After all this is the best thing I can spread in my loved ones that comes absolutely at a zero cost (pun intended)...This is the reason I always smile no matter how adverse the circumstances are...for my staunch belief is that the power of my smile can shoo away the biggest sorrows of my life...yes folks, it is this smile that prevents me from giving up, even under most difficult times...

Like knowledge increases on sharing so does happiness...and hence sharing below little things that make me happy and make my life beautiful and worth-living to the core...

B. My baby Smiling
1. My baby's smile: What gives my heart most joy and contentment is my little one's innocent priceless smile...No matter how tough life gets at any point of time, his smile does the trick of pleasing my heart and impart infinite happiness to it...This is my most priced possession, my power, my strength, my lifeline...I can go any distance to keep this smile like this forever...Seeing him coo and giggle tinkles my heart and soul with serine boundless joy...

C.Priceless Happiness
2. Lending a Helping Hand: If I can be of slightest help to the needy, it makes me break all shackles to go out of the way to help him or her to the best of my abilities and this makes me happy...Yes, My association with Mother Teresa's Child Care Homes over the past 2 decades gives me so much of mental peace and happiness that words fail me to describe... Spending time with the kids there every weekend has enriched my life multi-fold...If I am able to fulfill even a small wish of theirs and make them smile, my life gets a new meaning...

D. My Writings have give me Ecstatic Joy and Awards
3.Writing to my Heart's Content: My Blog is my childhood dream fulfilled... Writing straight from the heart empowers me, elates me and multiplies my confidence no matter what the subject is, if I have chosen to talk about it, I give it my most candid take...Giving wings to my creativity, my writings give me immense happiness...and it's an icing on the cake if my work is credited and felicitated with an award for the same....

E.Together times with Family
4.Together Quality Times with Family:Spending vacations with my big crazy family twice a year makes for a complete Happy Time which refreshes and rejuvenates my energy to go back to the everyday hustle bustle in life...During these together times, we celebrate festivals together thus feeling closer to our roots, we share jokes, watch movies and have loads and loads of fun....

F.Soft Music is pure Happiness

5.Listening Soft Romantic Old Songs:Listening to soulful songs, the old hindi ones mostly,  is the biggest stress-buster for me and gives me innate happiness...these songs drive me to a state of mesmerizing trance and no matter in what mood I am or where I am, my Ipod speakers mostly are always tucked in my ears and they have accentuated my mood for the good always and always, without fail....

G.We are Happy Happy Together
6.Going out on a candlelight dinner with Hubby Darling: Sometimes stealing some cozy moments with your partner adds loads of cheer, vigor and romance to your life...A heart to heart candle light tete-a-tete with your love comprises of some real moments of happiness and eternal bliss for me...These moments of pure contentment get stored in our hearts as sweet memories and give us the strength to sail smoothly in the tougher times of life...And hence I deliberately plan these lovely together times, whenever possible for both of us, out of our tight schedules....

H. Our eyes twinkle when we both are so happy
7. Striking the Right Balance is Life:As a multitasking working mom, the days I am able to strike a perfect balance between my work and taking care of my little angel, those days I truly bask in the glory of ecstatic joy...This is definitely easier said than done folks, as most of the times I am ripped of between the two, struggling hard to prevent any one from when my plannings yield results and I do achieve balance and catch up those priceless moments with my boy after work, my joy knows no bounds.

I. Pure Joy: The Power of Mother Nature
8. Gazing at Clear Blue Skies over a Cup of Coffee:Last but not the least, and undoubtedly the weirdest of them all, gazing at the unperturbed clear blue skies while sipping a cup of coffee, grants peace and inner satisfaction to my heart and soul and I get really really happy to feel it's calm and tranquility, the power, the purity of mother nature...Probably because this is exactly what I seek the most in my life...Absolutely love the clear blue skies, they are indeed my inspiration in life, in their own unique passive way.

So dears, these 8 are my small packets of immense joy, from where I drive most of my happiness from....It was indeed a pleasure pouring them out to you Straight From The Heart <3 ...Always keep smiling, smiling is the best natural makeup that adds great sheen and warmth to your personality and makes you and others truly happy ....and do treasure the Pleasure of small things that make you happy :)

Thankyou Team Coca Cola India for giving me this wonderful opportunity to revisit my real sources of true happiness in life which we so tend to take for granted otherwise.

J. Spreading Happiness the Coca Cola Way

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