Thursday 26 March 2015

My First Post on Men's Fashion : How to pick graphic tees for yourself, why should girls have all the Fashion Fun!

A Warm Hello to all of you Straight From the Heart,

Tantadan! Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! For all my wonderful male buddies who thought I am biased towards the lovely ladies, I bring to you a profound proof of the fact that I am not, through my First Post on Global Men's Fashion exclusively for you!

Yes, I believe , Fashion, Global Fashion or Latest Fashion can no way be associated with a particular sex....And so after doing so many posts of best global fashion trends for women from around the globe, it became almost imperative for me to bring a sneak peak to the Fashion for Men from around the globe today....Well, why should only girls or only boys have all the fun....everyone should have fun :)

Looking Cool and Standing out of the rest entices each one of us and pleases our heart beyond compare...When we are clad in something really extraordinary our confidence automatically boosts up...Also what we are wearing gives our first impression, not only about our personality but also about how updated are we....Do we walk with times and don't shy away from breaking  stereotypes or we are the ones who are scared to embrace the change....Beyond any doubt, the former are appreciated....

So today I bring to you the latest cult among the global masses - The Wow-some Graphic Tees which will not only render you the Cool Guy look but also aid you in styling your personality.Bringing to you below, some of my favorite ones along with styling tips for them, from my style Kitty....You can feel free to pair them alternatively..

1.Style this CityLights Print Graphic Tee with three-fourths and loafers and I bet you will steal all hearts by your impressive look...This perfect look is ideal for a day at beach or mastii with it's regular fit imparts both comfort and elegance whole day long...I simply loved this one. 

2.Here's Another favorite of mine, a hawk print Blue Graphic Tee depicting Freedom and Aggression, the best representatives of Youth...Pair this Graphic Tee with blue denims and Sneakers on any day of your choice and I promise all heads would turn around...

3.If you wanna portray a cool and blissful look on a day you are feeling relaxed and content, here's a Graphic Tee for you, showcasing mother nature at it's greenest...pair it with Khaaki 6 Pockets and Crocs and you complete the third perfect look for this summer season...flaunt it in style and make the world go crazy for your Impeccable choice :)

4.How about becoming a Fashion Icon among your friends, than here's a pick for you, an adorable Express Window Graphic Tee with a perfect V-Neckline and cross-color sleeves hemline,to impart you a trendy up-to-date look...yes, my styling tip for it....wear your most comfortable bottoms preferably black with it and your friends are bound to wonder the secret of all the style and ease...

5.Gone are the days when a pink was considered a taboo for men and it ought to be because it was a norm without a logic ..the next Graphic Tee in my style kitty is a Smart Pink FreeCultr Powder Play one which I believe when paired with a pair of Jeans is enough to lend you a noticeable look undoubtedly :)

and aah my list would go on and on......

Trust you loved the peek-a-boo to some of my favorites...So what's holding up you guys, grab your phones or tabs now and explore the world of mesmerizing Graphic Tees and order one today...and undergo a complete makeover of your personalities!

The Cool New You in the New Avatar, would thus indeed be ready to perfection, to take the World in your Stride!!