Tuesday 24 March 2015

Proud to #ChooseToStart a Brand New Digitally Efficient Life with the new Moto E in my Stride!

A Warm Hello to all my Esteemed Readers!

First things first, with failing words, I express my heartfelt gratitude to you for always appreciating my work and being my strength in this adorable journey as a blogger..which always keep me on toes to give you a genuine sumptuous read, expressed most candidly, Straight From the Heart <3

Life indeed is precious,very precious and I really love further enriching it by weaving beautiful memories each day for years now...A meticulous planner that undoubtedly I am, I have ardently planned and captured most of the firsts in my life not only in my heart but also in my web-space....Whether it was my first day to college, my first job, my first car, my first baby's birth or my first Woman of the Year Award won recently, all these priceless moments are forever imprinted on my heart and as more and more years of my life will come along, they will forever dwell in my heart like a song....and also be a significant part of my Digital Collection...

But with each passing day and with so many things in my kitty, I definitely have started to face a severe time crunch and I really need to make a new smarter start indeed...So today I #ChoosetoStart with the new Moto E ,inspired by Motorola Mobility President and COO Rick Osterloh's saying that a Smart Phone should not be a luxury, it must be a choice available to everyone....And thus this 

M - Motorola's

O  - Opulent

T - Technological Marvel

O - Of

E - Excellence

attracted me beyond compare, for reasons more than one.... So folks, I enumerate below why the all new Moto E became my perfect partner in Pioneering this change for the good :)

1.Multitasking tool of a working mom: Being a multi-tasking working mom, I am always on the run..If in such a scenario, if I will possess a capable tool like the new Moto E whose 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU and advanced graphics bestows me with the comfort to seamlessly switch between different applications....I can reply urgent office mails, keep a track of my blogging assignments as well as even surf for some educational videos on you-tube for my little sonny simultaneously, while on the move and save my precious time along with being efficient.

2.My Ideal Digital Diary: My second biggest necessity is having loads of storage space in my mobile for I love clicking pics and videos with my family, friends and most importantly for my passion - My Blog "Straight From the Heart"...This is exactly where my gadget buddy Moto E's 8GB internal Memory expandable upto a whooping 32 GB will add to my ease beautifully...Not only that, the icing on the cake is that my all new Moto E will transform into a camera at the twist of my wrist and click beautiful pics or capture videos with the 5 MP primary shooter while the front camera will be ideal for selfies (which I so so much love to click always <3)......all stored at one place, as a perfect Digital Diary.

3.My Sole Interface with the Social World: Crazy work pressure may often take a toll on our physical and mental health...And so it becomes absolutely imperative to take breaks in between and take a sneak peak to our FB or Twitter Handles or other social networking platforms....Catching a glimpse of my loved ones and occasionally even sharing my pics and selfies at just 3 clicks through my New Moto E may not only divert, relax and soothe my heart undoubtedly but also aid a great deal in keeping me updated...It Boasts of the sharpest display in its class, images and thus text appear crystal-clear on the 4.5" qHD screen and thus doesn't strain my eyes at all.

4.My Potent Shopping Aid:  No wonder I am an online shopping addict....and window shop for hours like any other girl before finally zeroing down to a purchase...This is where my choosing to start with the new Moto E becomes ideal as it's 2390 mAh battery is designed to last all day long...what else would I want, it rids me of all the inconvenience to keep recharging my device multiple times a day...

5.My Powerful Gadget to catch Hubby Darling on Skype: 
My day is not complete without catching a glimpse of my love, who is mostly touring and having a heart to heart rendezvous with him each day on Skype is as important for me as my daily breakfast :)...My new Moto E is a perfect interface to have a face to face Tete-a-tete with him through it's rocking front camera and super connectivity.....all thanks to it's fresh Android Lollipop operating system which enables me to experience the best of Android on my smartest of the smart Moto smartphone. Also, with my new Moto-E, Woohoo,I can do this several times a day, even on the move...no need to fix hours and cling to my desktop at restricted hours. Wow! This is what we call pure awesomeness...

6.My utility bill payment partner:
:My new digitally efficient life style with the 3G enabled much Speedier Moto E would save me from the hassles of waiting in queues for the umpteen number of bills to be paid each month or wait to be on my desk and find spare time to pay them through my desktop and enables me to pay them almost instantaneously by using my finger tips wherever I am and whenever I want...This definitely marks a significant first for me as I #ChoosetoStart a Smarter Life with my Smarter phone Moto E

7.Impeccable Aesthetics, Design and Durability: As a girl, I will definitely want to flaunt a worthy phone in my hands all the time and so for me apart from the sober and desirable looks, a firm grip in my hand is an absolute must and even if it falls it must not break... but all my worries vanish as I #ChoosetoStart with my new Moto E..... it's ergonomically curved design makes it very comfortable to hold in hand while the front facing speaker accentuates my music experience with it to a higher level. Also, it's water-repellent coating and Corning Gorilla Glass protect it from damage and the anti-smudge coating on it's screen keeps the fingerprints away.All these qualities make my Moto E, so damn impressive...

8.Value for Money, Absolutely Affordable:Last but not the least, my 2nd generation new Moto E by Motorola, a Global name you can blindly bank upon, comes at a surprising affordable price of 6,999 INR Ideal to suit the Middle Class Indian Pockets who still believe in the balancing act of possessing the best and the latest as well as saving for the grey days...My New Moto E is an absolute Steal Deal for me at this price for the fully-loaded stylish phone...

And hence Folks, my Moto E seems to be a Wow-some "BLESSING IN DISGUISE"  for me, my miraculous partner who drives away my worries and renders perfect support... 

These were precisely the reason why I #ChooseToStart a smarter Life with a trust-worthy companion - MOTO E....I trust the journey would be immensely pleasurable as we move forward and take the world in our Stride together, Smartly and Efficiently!!

" To Be a Perfect Companion, 
   In my life's  important events and Firsts,

   I #choosetostart with My New Moto E,

   the gadget Smartest,

   Always with me in thick and thin,
   It is undoubtedly my superpower,most capable,

   which always gives me the confidence and comfort,

   To forget all worries and live SMART and  Perfect! "

How about you???    
Heading for the Start......you have a perfect choice here :) 
Truly Yours Roma

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  1. Wow. Moto E has so many special features. Really awesome !!!
    Enjoy :)

  2. Cooool ...... that's something worth celebrating !! Explore (y)

  3. Super cool....
    started loving Moto E....

  4. Super cool....
    started loving Moto E....

  5. Quite interesting & creative writing ...
    Loved each & every bit of the stuffs. Moto E has been always my favourite.... thnx