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YES or NO to Pre-Marital SEX : The Verdict of a Cosmopolitan Indian Woman

Dear Readers,

Always known to you for my flair to write Straight from the Heart, this one is certainly not an easy pick for me and undoubtedly more so because despite of modern education, I am born and brought up in India, my roots very firmly grounded in the rich Indian Culture, I belong to a land where even talking sex is considered Taboo.....

Ever wondered why is it so?  And hey you have gone insane if you are gonna voice out your opinion on Pre-Marital Sex in India? Wake up man, this is India...So.... So what ? Well do Indians forbid from Sex ? If no, than why can't we talk about it ?When discussion generates the solution of every contentious argument, why can't we pour out our thoughts uninhibited on Pre-Marital Sex? Why are we such hypocrites?

Well I wanted to put an end to this constant pricking of my conscience and such hideous behavior..So when I heard of this sex debate by +IndiBlogger and one of the most impressive recent authors Poonaam Uppal, the Love Goddess , I deliberately chose this as a perfect platform to voice my opinion,the opinion of a  Considerable Mass Genre of modern day Indian Women.

So here's my Ans : We are such hypocrites probably because we have never taken out time to clarify to ourselves, what actually sex means to us .....Well for me, this powerful 3 letter word SEX is the most beautiful,vocal and passionate expression of  love, it is that accentuated love moment which further unites the two souls which are in love with each other..The satisfaction that generates from being in the arms of your partner, that warmth and belongingness, imparts a new meaning to your life...A reason to live, a new zeal ignites in your soul and happiness flows in your veins..thus sex is a subset of pure ecstatic love if......."but of course made to the true love/twinsoul of your life..."

Earnestly buddies, my opinion is so crystal clear to myself ... I am not against Pre-Marital Sex , n Pre or Post becomes immaterial, if your partner is the one who is undoubtedly your true love, your admiration ,your companion of good n bad times, and you are ready both physically and mentally to spend the rest of your life with him/her.Which means that your twinsouls have already united and a public tieup of Martimony remains...In such a scenario, Pre-Marital Sex would be spending together those special ecstatic moments your DIVINE LOVE , truly deserves, which is perfectly ok...... I know I might be under the societal scanner for making such a public statement ... But honestly, my intention is not to refute the parents' n elders' authority or the power of Society...I am just in unison with the thought- process of   "MAKING LOVE WITH YOUR TRUE LOVE" ...

On the Contrary, Pre-Marital Sex with multiple partners or unknown partner,is what is not love but lust,and in my eyes is immoral and unethical under all grounds...It is just to satiate our physical desires making your body a mere commodity and the beautiful natural phenomenon called sex, mechanical and dirty...Engaging in such a behavior has not one but umpteen number of negatives impacts on us knowingly or unknowingly both psychologically n physically,which we don't realie immediately in the wake of Sexual Pleasure....Firstly by doing so, we sabotage our honesty,our trust (the very foundation of any long-lasting relationship) to the one who would be our life partner later, we may end up not emoting passionately with him/her during those love moments as we may be comparing him/her with our Exs....Also, constant engagement in sex with different partners will make our search for our Twin-soul Die Off gradually and we may eventually end up not finding TRUE LOVE in life at all...... And of course it goes without saying, in doing so we are threatening our lives by becoming  prone to innumerable STDS...In the worst cases,when the desire to have Pre-Marital Sex culminates it gives rise to Heinous Crimes like Rapes and Murders,sadly not uncommon in India.... Is it worth the price paying for,just to quench your physical needs....Absolutely Not !!! 

I would rather recommend the youth of my generation,to give time to discover your true soul-mate,your true love, your TWIN-SOUL ,build a beautiful trust worthy relation and when you are absolutely certain that he/she is the right person for you and your family (you can't ignore this),you can be game for  Pre-Marital Sex as your loyalties are with each other  ...I might appear conservative in my thoughts, to you folks, but trust me ,this is how you would enjoy the most fruitful relations on this earth life long ...You will have to separate out love from lust...Sex would be the most beautiful NATURAL Expression of love to your Soul-Mate undoubtedly if capped by mutual love, respect and consent of both the partners....it will indeed mesmerize the world around you...for it will be lead by your heart n not your body....

So my dear Friends, here comes Straight From the Heart - 

The Verdict of a Modern Day Cosmopolitan Woman in Meee on Pre-Marital Sex :

Pre-Marital Sex with Multiple / Unknown partner to satiate Physical Desires/Lust: "Disgusting NO, uuntil you Find your TWINSOUL"

Pre- Marital Sex as a Subset of Pure Love made with your Soul-Mate for Life : "Absolute YES"

And that's because Life is Precious and Blissfully Beautiful and so is Ethereal Sex , Pre or Post Marital are man-made terminologies..... explain it's right meaning to yourself audaciously(don't hesitate) and enjoy it to the core but remember only when you discover True Genuine Love of your Life, yout "Twin-Soul" , as only he/she deserves you completely.............Till Than Say NO to PREMARITAL SEX.

 Thankyou Readers,for always giving my blog a piece of your heart...Hope you enjoyed this Mind-Flirting BlogPost...Do share with me your opinion on this Grey Debate....TrulyYoursRoma :)

This post is a part of the Indiblogger contest in association with Poonam Uppal's newly released book
A Passionate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical True Love Story                                              (Grab your copy on Flipkart Click Here)

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About Me

RCA’s founder, Roma Gupta Sinha has been passionately grooming six to sixty-year-olds for the last many years in her endeavor to give back to the society and aid in shaping the future of India. After a ten year successful stint of working in Tata Motors, Honda Cars and IKEA of Sweden in different parts of the world, she eventually embraced her first love of aiding people to bridge the gap between their intellect and expression. She is the brand ambassador of 21st Century Education and strongly advocates learning beyond books. Her art of aiding the little ones come out of their shells, learn on professional microphones and a pseudo stage, the play way is loved and adored by children.

She is also an acclaimed writer who has won the coveted ‘Woman of the Year’ Award in 2015 for her writings on Women Equality, Rights and Liberation and ‘Planet’s Pride Award 2018’ for her entrepreneurial venture RCA. She is an author of three published books and writing on her blog is like breathing to her. Apart from Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Speech and Drama, Elocution, she also takes Creative Writing, Vocabulary Enhancement, Blogging Basics and Monetization and Writing, Editing and Publishing Books Courses.

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Winner List of the Grand Octopie Share the Smiles Giveaway

Dear Readers!!

It was indeed the most difficult task for the STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART Team, to pick up the winners of this Love Spreading " Grand Octopie Share the Smiles" Giveaway, Most truly your each and every smile was most precious to us ....But as is the rule of the game, someone has to win it ..... 

We request you even if you dont win this one, Pls don't don't feel sad, it will hurt us.....We promise Straight From the Heart would reward all it's genuine fans thru' continuous Giveaways....
And so the LUCKY WINNERS are :




Congratulations Winners Straight From the Heart !! Email us your details at roma.shobhit.sinha@gmail.com or on our facebook page

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A song from a Mom's heart for her Child, her World

Most earnestly , Words fail me describe how special my little sonny is for me   I love him beyond all humanity   he has given my life a new meaning, a new dimension, from that very moment when I heard the news of my pregnancy   The moment I heard it, it tinkled my soul, and my heart was swollen out of pure crazy happiness...I did not realize I was smiling but I actually was...   "That day a Mother was born in Me"   ...many months before My baby was ...I felt so so beautiful that day and I am so glad my little sonny has today grew up to be such an adorable, loving and caring 5 year old today   he is indeed my best friend and God’s Best gift to me till date   Here are few lines for my Sonny Boy form the core of my heart  :

To you Sonny Boy, today Mamma Wants to say !
My little Angel you are to me God’s Gift Bestest  
My life is so beautiful with you!!
Thankyou for always showering on me your innocent love true  
I am absolutely incomplete without you!
N by your cute unstoppable talks, my heart forever is wooed  
And you may know not,
But even when are away for a little while, Mamma misses you a lot  
My heart swells with pride and awe,
At your achievement Tiniest  
Do remember my little genius !!
Always and always, keep working hard to achieve Success  
And if ever you need to look back,Come what may!!
Rest Assured, your mom will always be there for you, any which day  

I trust all you dear mommies feel the same for your little worlds, n you related n liked to this post .....trulyyoursroma

Thursday, 6 November 2014

< Straight from the Heart Book Review of Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat > A beautifully crafted Surprise Package Love Story

Dear Readers,

My sincere Apologies for writing to you after a month's Hiatus!! Was home bound to my pious City Allahabad and as usual hung around with a book tucked under my arm for most part of the journey :)

And this time I was more sucked in, as it was one of my favourite Indian Writers Chetan Bhagat's new Release: Half Girl Friend !! Judgmental and Picky that I am, I have chosen this one meticulously and I am glad I did...I finished it one go an cud not resist expressing to you my opinion on the same, Straight From the Heart.

So here's a first hand review of this soulful engaging Love Story (or should I say "HALF LOVE STORY " ) of a Bihari Boy MADHAV and his love interest the very Gorgeous Modern Lady RIYA SOMANI who bonded over the game of Basketball.

To begin with I was hugely impressed with the way the story unfolds in the beginning, with the fact that the versatile writer brings himself in as a character himself,imparts it a genuine real feel, richness and flavour....Also, we are left spell bound and surprised at regular intervals as the story unfolds..Thank God, this one is not the typical drama or love triangle most stories march towards in the end...

You will undoubtedly fall in love with the two leading characters...While this book is a journey of a timid,quiet tally of Dumraon in Bihar and his evolution during stages of life, to a more confidant, never say die Achiever ( I am sure every small town guy will see a Madhav in himself), the character of RIYA has been kept very conspicuous with tit bit elements revealed at different stages,leaving us gasping for more.................But I loved RIYA..........being a modern day woman, who ferociously wanted to live life on her very own terms, I related to Riya really well....Once into the book, despite of many ambiguous decisions she took, you will not be able to resist loving this Nerd Geeky Character ....

I also visualize a new Big Bollywood Commercial Masala , movie in this one too as was the awesome fate of Chetan Bhagat's earlier writings!!

The best thing about the book is as always Chetan Bhagat has no negative characters...There are only flawed personalities which is human.....While Madhav love was explicit form day one it was so so difficult to gauge RIYA's feelings for him...Sounds Simple but the relationship actually goes thru' a whirlpool of ups n downs...You must read this to find out......Does their Love end up as "Half " as the title suggests or was there a most mysterious end to this heart-touching tale "HALF-GIRLFRIEND...I bet you would find it, definitely worth a Read !!
A word of caution, if you cant handle emotional upheaval peaks, this one is not the pick for you........

I Rate in 4.5 on a scale of 10!!! Trust you find this Book Review Useful .... TrulyYoursRoma

Friday, 10 October 2014

The Grand #OctoPIE #SharetheSmiles International Giveaway

Hey My lovely Friends and Readers of Straight From the Heart !

 " Love you tons  " 

Birthdays are undoubtedly the most special days of our life, where with each passing year, we realize we are shouldering a bigger responsibility, maturing and building on on our experiences each day.....and this Beautiful Journey called Life becomes all the more Beautiful with Friends n Well-wishers like you...So here I am  Raising a Toast to all of you my wonderful Friends n Readers !!! With failing Words, I express my sincerest gratitude to all of you for sparing your precious time for me and making my Bday so so special    I felt so special every moment thnx to your love....

Yes , I am so grateful to you for the overwhelming Love you showered on me On my Birthday, And I felt so incomplete without sharing the celebrations with you through a 

   The Grand ‪#‎OctoPIE‬ #SharetheSmiles International Giveaway   .

This contest is just meant to "Spread The Smiles" this festive season....You just need to post your pics of lovely smiles, it could be your photo, your kids, friends, near and dear ones...The More the merrier, let us spread maximum loves all around us :)

You can rush your entries on https://www.facebook.com/pages/STRAIGHT-FROM-THE-HEART/274468616096533 or  https://twitter.com/STRAITFRMDHEART

Also Pls drop by your name in the comments section below, to indicate your participation in the Smiley Giveaway.... Truly Yours Roma

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Trauma of a Orphan: The Heart-touching Inspirational Tale of an abandoned Child

Dear Readers,

My association with Mother Teresa's Child Care Homes (as the Orphanages are called) dates back to my childhood....And as I have grown up my connection to the lovely kids out there has grown Fonder and Deeper..

I clearly remember, for umpteen number of years now, my heart has been filled with empathy for all those lovely damsels, whose so called near and dear ones abandoned them on the path of life...It is so heartbreaking that they just leave their tiny tots outside the child care centre and flee,sometimes even dump them on garbage bins and so many other pathetic places..I dont doubt the circumstances in which they chose to throw away the most beautiful part of their life but I do believe them have possessed the most dis-compassionate hearts...I have felt a streak of pain deep in my heart for how they have mauled and ruined the childhood and innocence of their little one Forever...

This Blogpost is about the true story on one such abandoned little Girl, on whom the biggest atrocity of fate was that she knew the reason why parents have left her alone in this cruel world...

Yes,Her name is Miara....And at a tender age of 5 her mom and dad (I dont know if it is right to call them so ) have left her on the roads of Agra City, Mercilessly. And dear Readers can you guess for what grave Fault of my tiny darling.................................... ??

Her gravest crime in her parents' eyes was that she stammered and so they will not be able to marry her off some day...What Pity, when in India they would stop considering a Girl Child a burden to be meant to transferred to someone else thru' marrying...Anyways , I never found my Mira problematic, I rather felt her parents were sick,really sick .... For My sweet Miira, was such an adorable child, she always hid all her sorrows in a locked corner of her heart and kept smiling gloriously...She had a beautiful smile which was enough to wash away all sorrows of the world....She was a real darling of everyone in the orphanage always ready to help others.

My little Miara, loved studying and she was undoubtedly a sharp kid...and so the Child Care Centre authorities ensured she was  given a fair chance in the means of what was possible for them...Though I always felt like family in this Mother Teresa Centre in Agra, with all the awesome kids out there...I always felt a little more closer to Miira....She was a few years younger than me, but the harsh world, has made her grow up prematurely....As far as I was concerned at that point of time, I always saved all my Pocket Money to buys Gifts for them on Diwali and Holi....And my Dearie Miira always informed me in advance what she really needs, as she knew her means and resources were really limited.Our Fondness for each other soon culminated into a sweet and deep Friendship of a lifetime.

My Friend Miara,was extremely nice and caring definitely worth an expression Straight from the Heart...I have never seen her uttering a word of complaint to the Almighty or to her parents...But I knew she was extremely traumatized behind her beautiful smile, as wide as river Nile... Every Single Moment she worked towards her Sole Ambition of overcoming her Weakness of Stammering, which she considered a curse of a lifetime on herself...She read a lot of books on speech therapy and wanted to become a Doctor...She wud often tell me she wanted to set an example to others and give a lesson to fellow parents that they should not be playing with a Child's emotions for a Trifle cause like this....She was not able to forgive her parents.

But her road was tough extremely tough, tougher than anyone would believe for an orphaned girl.As she turned 14 she had to move out of the Child Care Centre to a Charitable Trust's Girl Hostel...In sometime she figured out that this place was nothing short of a hell..This was a totally corrupt place with unending atrocities on abandoned Adolescent Girls...My Miira really did not know what to do and where to go....until one day, realizing that all her dreams were dieing an unnatural death, she ran away from the hostel..............ran with all her might.

She knew her friend was always there for her....She came to stay with us...This is when for the first time, I saw her going own on her knees both emotionally and physically, under severe pressure engulfing her from all directions and burying her in deep despair and vehement unbearable torture...I was so hurt by my dear Friend's Plight that I seeked my dad's intervention..My dad fetched her a decent job in an All Women's Cooperative Society and with this began a new chapter in the life of my dearest Miira.

She started to work extremely hard both at her job and in studies...Her hardwork did not go in vain...In due course of time she got selected in the medical entrance examination...There was no looking back...On account of her merit, her fees was borne by the Birla Education Trust...Step my Step she now achieved various Well-deserved Milestones in her life...

Today several years later, she is a leading Speech Therapist of Appolo Chain of Hospitals and A leading Social figure fighting for Female Child Rights...My best Friend till date and a lesson to infinite others, she is a remarkable woman...Her extreme will and determination became her profound weapons to achieve her goals in life...

I salute the Woman Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did my Miira Left you inspired, do let me know in the comments below...Truly Yours Roma

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Writer's most significant Tool: A First Hand Review of Matrikas Paper Products

Good Morning Folks,

As a Writer of 15 years, It is absolutely imperative for me to have my tool kitty as most User-friendly and Impressive...I am that way,nothing less than perfect can please me....Specially about my Pens and my Paper Stationary....

So Recently when my eyes fell upon, some lovely paper Products from MATRIKAS especially, some Lovely diaries, I couldn't resist trying out a couple or more of them...Though I was initially spell bound by it's aesthetic appeal, over it's usage for a couple of months' span , I figured out they were of exceptional Quality too...Definitely Worth an expression Straight From the Heart....

 My Dairy is undoubtedly my World and MATRIKAS Team, have ensured they keep my world beautiful and Compact...

Aesthetic/Attributes/Product Quality

Yes, the first product I tried, is called a Mahatma Gandhi Journal (JRNL-STD-GANDHIJI), and it is absolutely adorable in all respects...I loved the overall embossed outer cover which stole my heart, as I am a die-hard Fan of Bapu..The Eye Soothing Colour Textures are Impressive beyond Doubt...It's Simplicity inside gave my heart the freedom to let my thoughts ooze out unperturbed, without getting disturbed by any Flashy print... It's Thickness and Height are just apt to fit my Port-Folio Bag Perfectly...All in all I found this product extremely recommendable for writers, fellow Bloggers and intellectuals of Similar Genre...

The second Product , is an admirable Multipurpose Premium Notebook(CW-RB-A5-YELLOW), which can be used across all age groups, By all Groups of People, with equal ease...It is in a catchy yellow colour and shall be perfect for the Style Kitty of Current Generation Fashionistas and even for Students as it appealed hugely to my son, who jumped over it at it's  First Glance...It is optimally Sized, compact, ethereal in overall Design and has a Mass Appeal..It's matty Finish is Hard-laminated and bound with a Matching Black Spiral..Full Marks again on aesthetic Appeal.

Another Cute Pick of mine, from the Matrikas Kitty is a small Compact Coral Green Planner called (CW-P-JRNL-A6+ -GREEN), which is an ideal fit for all my Handbags and purses , to contain all the information desired on the move, at one safe place.As a multitasking working mother, I am often on my run for time and this little diary will be my most important tool to jot down all important information, while moving from one place to Another In a Haste...whether it be my account summary, or important contacts, my too list to help me priotise, or a write quick note, as creative thoughts appear in my head, often at awkward moments...As a writer, it is my mini world of thoughts, where I cam scribble my heart away an which makes an absolutely indispensable part of my Style Kitty...It's Simple looks n unique colour blends so perfectly with my persona, I really loved this one too..

Pricing and Durability

The Prices of the above three Products are as follows:
JRNL-STD-GANDHIJI - Rs.215.00 CW-RB-A5-YELLOW - Rs.110.00
CW-P-JRNL-A6+-GREEN - Rs.270.00
While this may appear to be slightly overpriced, I discovered through their usage for about a couple of months, that the extraordinary durability of the product justifies the cost eventually.Also,they use Hi-Brite Maplitho paper which is again the best in class indeed!


These awesome products are listed on Flipkart and you will soon find them there, Till than you can access www.matrikas.co.in and 
 to get in touch with the always ready to help Team.

I trust you found the holistic review of the above three awesome products of Matrikas useful. All these 3 Premium products from Matrikas also make an Ideal Gifting Choice...As I believe presenting this to your Friends and Loved Ones will silently advocate your love n faith in their Progress....All in all, they are,brilliantly conceptualized and designed Products from Matrikas of Excellent Quality, definitely worth a Try ....
                     I rate them 4.5 on a scale of 5....TrulyYoursRoma

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BEST BARGAIN HUNTING WEBSITE : A First hand Review of FreeKaaMaal.com

Heya My Lovely Readers,

As I have always promised you, I only write to you when something is really worth an expression Straight From The Heart...

In my latest Blog-Post, bringing in to you a First Hand Review of undoubtedly my most Favorite Bargain Hunting Website called FreeKaaMaal.com ,again,  Straight From the Heart ....

As a Multitasking Working Mom and a busy blogger,  I am often on a run for time.In such a scenario, it gets physically very taxing to go out and Shop and so I have become an ultimate Online Shopping Fanatic but a SMART one indeed..

And SMART because I love to spend my earnings wisely in the best deals across different online retail chains and so I am proud to be associated with the ultimate BARGAIN HUNTING Website for last 4 years..Yes Ladies and Gentleman, I take pride in introducing you to FreeKaaMaal.com , an INCOMPARABLE online ONE STOP Destination for the Best Offers, Deals, and Discounts, about Contests, Giveaways and Freebies at 450+ E commerce Chains...You name it dears and they have partnered it, May it be Flipkart, Myntra, Yatra.com, Dominos or any other of your choice...They are all here.
Isn't this thus the SMARTEST OPTION in our E-World....

This saves me Crazy amount of time in visiting different portals and hunting one by one.An icing on the cake is , you can earn cashback while shopping from your favourite site thru' the Coupon Store at this lovely destination.. So what are you waiting for , log on to  FreeKaaMaal.com, sign in and get started with the best online Portal for all your Bargain Needs...

They have a very very wide gamete of Categories and include almost everything in their Product Kitty..Right from Travel to Mobiles, to books, to apparels to health and beauty products etc..You can easily navigate through their drop-down menus to reach the product of your choice..

Tantadan, and if you think, that is all about it, you are mistaken friends, they have a BIGGER SURPRISE in store for you.You can earn FKM Reward Points from the FKM Reward Store by posting relevant Contests/ Freebies/ Deals etc related information in their Forums...You may than shop using the points thus earned from FKM Reward Store from your favourite E-Chain ABSOLUTELY FREE !!

Based on my experience I Know they are a v approachable Team, you may contact them through the contact us category of their Website  FreeKaaMaal.com

Or through their Most Interactive Facebook Page

Or Through Their Admirable Twitter Handle

Or Add Them them to your Google Circles

I assure you you will undoubtedly get the best answer with them...And if you want to get informed about the excellent discount and offers in your inbox, subscribe to DEAL ALERT from their Home Page..This way I save a lot of my valuable time, to spend it with mt 4 year old little boy..What else can we Desire Folk...We practically get every single leverage from them...No wonder they have more than 62 lakhs hits on their website in a month.

My most Favourite Website recently turned 4 and here is a sweet note of Gratitude for them from their most Ardent Fan in Me..

Dear  FreeKaaMaal.com Team,

Here is a  honest 4th Birthday Wish to you,  undoubtedly from my heart deep,

You are Indeed my Admiration and pride of our nation,

I am touched by the  extreme Hardwork, you put in your website n  extraordinary passion,

Words fail me to express what an ardent Fan I am of yours,

Always aiding me  to pick best dealsand freebies ,for my loved ones, one and all,

You genuinely deserve this  Adulation,

Today as you Turn 4,

Deep Appreciation Oozes out for you from my heart’s core,

That Dear FreeKaaMaal Team,

Like yesterday, today n tomorrow, 

May you Forever Rock !!!!

This was truly meant for FreeKaaMaal.com Team, Straight From my Heart.

 Below is a Sneak Peak of how this Admirable Portal Looks Like, It's awesome features, User-Friendly Navigations and wide Range of Categories..

The Ultimate Bargain Hunting Destination

The Awesome Coupon Store

MY Den for Free Shopping thru' FKM Reward Store

Crazy List of Shopping Categories

Easy Contact Access/Also Present on All Social Media

The Time Saver Deal Alert

Yes, most truly, In my opinion, FreeKaaMaal.com is a unique Amalgamation of offers n discount info on All our Needs under one roof...An ULTIMATE DESTINATION for all of us, SMART ONLINE SHOPPING ENTHUSIASTS...As a critical reviewer and Blogger and also as it's long-time user, I recommend you this awesome website...You will surely Love it beyond doubt. Do take a Glance Once and I am sure you will get addicted to it like I am, for the last 4 years!!! ...TrulyYoursRoma

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Blissful Motherhood: The Birth of a Mother( A Soulful Tale)

All you lovely People out there!!

Today, Sharing with you the most precious chapter of my life <3 <3

Some feeling are extremely special to us girls....

Such as the news of coming to know I am soon gonna be called "Mamma"....the moment I heard it,  it tinkled my soul, and my heart was swollen out of pure crazy happiness...I did not realize I was smiling but I actually was..."That day a Mother was born in Me"...many months before My baby was ...I felt so so beautiful that day...That day also started my sweet little fantasies of being a MAMMAMIA

Giving my baby within a Sunbath
Pouring out to you, those memorable moments, Straight From the heart...

Gradually I nurtured this delicate mom in me, with every passing day with tender care...I appeared hard outwardly at office and work, but I was v soft n gentle to the little life inside me...I spoke to the mom in me each day and made a promise to her that I will not let the cruel circumstances affect my devotion to the cutest soul developing within Me...

The Professional in me, made me travel more than a 100 kms each day to my suppliers, standing on the shop floor for hours, giving the toughest of the manufacturing decisions ....but the delicate mom in me,still had her heart in the little buddy inside her..she sat on pillows while travelling, to give her baby least jerks...ate at necessary intervals to keep my baby get timely adequate nourishment.

I always told my baby from Day One that her mamma would always give him/her the best but also communicated the circumstances she was in , for long hours....These interactions strengthened the mom in me and made the bonding between us so so strong, even before his/her birth...In My Womb, I carried my baby to Thailand, Sweden, Austria, Denmark and Germany for various meetings and so even before coming into the world, my child knew life is tough but how to stay strong, a trait I always wanted to pass on to my baby....

Despite of being extremely busy, I kept great care of the new mom in me..For like any other would be mom, she was extremely vulnerable as her amniotic Fluid was 2.5 times the Normal..Nevertheless, I kept her v Strong....I still remember once at 6.5 months of gestation, baby movement stopped and the gynae gave the harsh verdict that if the movement did not came back immediately, she will be left with no option but to conduct a C-Section ....But I did not panic and immediately chose to speak to my child inside me,running my hand over him(my tommy) with lots of love ..I told him, "Hey Kid! You are a Fighter, Mamma knows it, C'mon stop sleeping, Show Mom n dad how you dance" and in next few seconds he gave me a hard Kick and I knew my Rockstar has assimilated, whatever mamma has told him for so many months...I smiled with tears rolling down my eyes..Words fail me to describe that moment in words...It was my rebirth as a mom...
Pic taken when my baby has completed
4 months inside me

We shopped together, always stayed together and snacked together always obviously...Our last celebration before his birth was celebrating Valentine's day at Delhi-Haat on 14th Feb and chatting for long hours...Mommy n Baby continued with their awsum journey.....I kept inflating but always feeling more and more pretty inside working hard really hard even a few hours before his birth.....Yes, It was time for him to come into the world, a little Preterm Though....On my flight back from Frankfurt, my Water-Bag burst and I was Ambulance Lifted to Appolo Birthing Boutique in Gurgaon...It was around 7 in the morn...My Gynae was out of town and the other gynae their was of a different temperament...Her continuous screaming that she is not getting the heartbeat of the baby was enough to give me a nervous breakdown but no , the mom in me shouted out loud, that you go ahead and do the C-Section..

In minutes from than, I heard "Roma, it's a Baby Boy" perfectly hale and hearty...ohhhhh, how Ecstatic I felt....My face was washed by a mom's pure tears of divine joy...They draped my baby and showed him to me in the sunlight..He looked like an angel, my angel sent straight from God..The doc said, "You may now kiss the baby!" , I touched my tiny soul for the first time but felt I had known him for a lifetime..I was proud so proud to be a Mom...and still am...
Finally he arrived 

The Point that I wish to make is, it is absolutely on us, how to mould the most blissful period of your life...The fact is , it is all in your head Darling....What I believe in, are the Emotional Do's and don't s of pregnancy.....

In my Opinion, the Biggest Do is to remain emotionally strong and happy for your mental state gets exponentially transferred to your little buddy inside you...For those 9 months, you are his absolute world....Stay Positive for your panic can cause an emotional upheaval for the little soul too...Speak to him/her within you from very start and Remember to Pamper the sweet Mom in you and tell her she is the strongest Mom in the World..If you are working, adequate planning in advance is the key, my dears....A strict DON'T is Stress and Over-worrying about the things going wrong, which may happen sometimes, but you can work out a solution if you are emotionally stable..Enjoy the Motherhood every pence..Trust Your Motherly Instincts always and Stay Blessed.

Trust you enjoyed the Read, Incase you have any queries, you may write to me at roma.shobhit.sinha@gmail.com
                                                                                                               ....Truly Yours Roma

Saturday, 27 September 2014

A BirthDay Wish For India's Pride : My Admiration Sachin Tendulkar

A rarely Spoken Relation is that with our Admiration..We may have never met him but idolize him/her deep within our hearts...Our emotions often go unexpressed, unheard though....

For me that Admiration undoubtedly is : SACHIN TENDULKAR.

Words fail me to express, what he means for me ...I am probably one of the most ardent  fans of SACHIN TENDULKAR on this earth...I can't even recall, for how many years, ever since I was a v tiny girl,I have worshiped him, collected his posters which covered the tiniest corner of my room, watched every single ball he played n every single word he muttered in an interview.....Astonishingly (Smile), I prayed for him each day, wept when he got out and wished he never retired...My unprecedented Passion and Dedication for him continues till the present day...

So when I was shortlisted as one of the three writers whose personalized Bday Wish will be sent to GOD himself directly , I was ecstatic...Probably I became a writer for this very day.... Sharing with you ,a Bday Wish for him, my poetic composition, for his birthday,on behalf of all Indians... 

 "So Blessed I feel today,
For I have long cherished the desire to express my heart out to you, for years and not days;
And now I would really not let this opportunity go in vain,
My Dearest Sachin Sir, here comes your way,
A Heartfelt Birthday Wish, For your Forever Wellbeing, come what may.
“Wish you a very very Happy Birthday”

May All the Years that come along,
Remain in your Heart Like a Song

With a respectful heart, Wish you this day,
May your Magic and Glory always prevail,
May you get all the love and happiness of the world, every way

With Failing words, I express our gratitude to you, on behalf of every person of our Mother Nation,
For the extreme proud and glory you have brought us , far beyond recognition.

And thus we, your fellow countrymen , today,
On your 41st Birthday,
To you, A promise we make,
“ Our heads will always bow in reverence to your strive,
And we will always stand for you and our Mother Nation’s Pride,
For you symbolise a true Patriot,

Wish you a Perfect  Birthday, today and ever, MASTER BLASTER “

Hope u enjoyed the Read....TrulyYoursRoma