Saturday 27 September 2014

A BirthDay Wish For India's Pride : My Admiration Sachin Tendulkar

A rarely Spoken Relation is that with our Admiration..We may have never met him but idolize him/her deep within our hearts...Our emotions often go unexpressed, unheard though....

For me that Admiration undoubtedly is : SACHIN TENDULKAR.

Words fail me to express, what he means for me ...I am probably one of the most ardent  fans of SACHIN TENDULKAR on this earth...I can't even recall, for how many years, ever since I was a v tiny girl,I have worshiped him, collected his posters which covered the tiniest corner of my room, watched every single ball he played n every single word he muttered in an interview.....Astonishingly (Smile), I prayed for him each day, wept when he got out and wished he never retired...My unprecedented Passion and Dedication for him continues till the present day...

So when I was shortlisted as one of the three writers whose personalized Bday Wish will be sent to GOD himself directly , I was ecstatic...Probably I became a writer for this very day.... Sharing with you ,a Bday Wish for him, my poetic composition, for his birthday,on behalf of all Indians... 

 "So Blessed I feel today,
For I have long cherished the desire to express my heart out to you, for years and not days;
And now I would really not let this opportunity go in vain,
My Dearest Sachin Sir, here comes your way,
A Heartfelt Birthday Wish, For your Forever Wellbeing, come what may.
“Wish you a very very Happy Birthday”

May All the Years that come along,
Remain in your Heart Like a Song

With a respectful heart, Wish you this day,
May your Magic and Glory always prevail,
May you get all the love and happiness of the world, every way

With Failing words, I express our gratitude to you, on behalf of every person of our Mother Nation,
For the extreme proud and glory you have brought us , far beyond recognition.

And thus we, your fellow countrymen , today,
On your 41st Birthday,
To you, A promise we make,
“ Our heads will always bow in reverence to your strive,
And we will always stand for you and our Mother Nation’s Pride,
For you symbolise a true Patriot,

Wish you a Perfect  Birthday, today and ever, MASTER BLASTER “

Hope u enjoyed the Read....TrulyYoursRoma