Sunday 28 September 2014

Blissful Motherhood: The Birth of a Mother( A Soulful Tale)

All you lovely People out there!!

Today, Sharing with you the most precious chapter of my life <3 <3

Some feeling are extremely special to us girls....

Such as the news of coming to know I am soon gonna be called "Mamma"....the moment I heard it,  it tinkled my soul, and my heart was swollen out of pure crazy happiness...I did not realize I was smiling but I actually was..."That day a Mother was born in Me"...many months before My baby was ...I felt so so beautiful that day...That day also started my sweet little fantasies of being a MAMMAMIA

Giving my baby within a Sunbath
Pouring out to you, those memorable moments, Straight From the heart...

Gradually I nurtured this delicate mom in me, with every passing day with tender care...I appeared hard outwardly at office and work, but I was v soft n gentle to the little life inside me...I spoke to the mom in me each day and made a promise to her that I will not let the cruel circumstances affect my devotion to the cutest soul developing within Me...

The Professional in me, made me travel more than a 100 kms each day to my suppliers, standing on the shop floor for hours, giving the toughest of the manufacturing decisions ....but the delicate mom in me,still had her heart in the little buddy inside her..she sat on pillows while travelling, to give her baby least jerks...ate at necessary intervals to keep my baby get timely adequate nourishment.

I always told my baby from Day One that her mamma would always give him/her the best but also communicated the circumstances she was in , for long hours....These interactions strengthened the mom in me and made the bonding between us so so strong, even before his/her birth...In My Womb, I carried my baby to Thailand, Sweden, Austria, Denmark and Germany for various meetings and so even before coming into the world, my child knew life is tough but how to stay strong, a trait I always wanted to pass on to my baby....

Despite of being extremely busy, I kept great care of the new mom in me..For like any other would be mom, she was extremely vulnerable as her amniotic Fluid was 2.5 times the Normal..Nevertheless, I kept her v Strong....I still remember once at 6.5 months of gestation, baby movement stopped and the gynae gave the harsh verdict that if the movement did not came back immediately, she will be left with no option but to conduct a C-Section ....But I did not panic and immediately chose to speak to my child inside me,running my hand over him(my tommy) with lots of love ..I told him, "Hey Kid! You are a Fighter, Mamma knows it, C'mon stop sleeping, Show Mom n dad how you dance" and in next few seconds he gave me a hard Kick and I knew my Rockstar has assimilated, whatever mamma has told him for so many months...I smiled with tears rolling down my eyes..Words fail me to describe that moment in words...It was my rebirth as a mom...
Pic taken when my baby has completed
4 months inside me

We shopped together, always stayed together and snacked together always obviously...Our last celebration before his birth was celebrating Valentine's day at Delhi-Haat on 14th Feb and chatting for long hours...Mommy n Baby continued with their awsum journey.....I kept inflating but always feeling more and more pretty inside working hard really hard even a few hours before his birth.....Yes, It was time for him to come into the world, a little Preterm Though....On my flight back from Frankfurt, my Water-Bag burst and I was Ambulance Lifted to Appolo Birthing Boutique in Gurgaon...It was around 7 in the morn...My Gynae was out of town and the other gynae their was of a different temperament...Her continuous screaming that she is not getting the heartbeat of the baby was enough to give me a nervous breakdown but no , the mom in me shouted out loud, that you go ahead and do the C-Section..

In minutes from than, I heard "Roma, it's a Baby Boy" perfectly hale and hearty...ohhhhh, how Ecstatic I felt....My face was washed by a mom's pure tears of divine joy...They draped my baby and showed him to me in the sunlight..He looked like an angel, my angel sent straight from God..The doc said, "You may now kiss the baby!" , I touched my tiny soul for the first time but felt I had known him for a lifetime..I was proud so proud to be a Mom...and still am...
Finally he arrived 

The Point that I wish to make is, it is absolutely on us, how to mould the most blissful period of your life...The fact is , it is all in your head Darling....What I believe in, are the Emotional Do's and don't s of pregnancy.....

In my Opinion, the Biggest Do is to remain emotionally strong and happy for your mental state gets exponentially transferred to your little buddy inside you...For those 9 months, you are his absolute world....Stay Positive for your panic can cause an emotional upheaval for the little soul too...Speak to him/her within you from very start and Remember to Pamper the sweet Mom in you and tell her she is the strongest Mom in the World..If you are working, adequate planning in advance is the key, my dears....A strict DON'T is Stress and Over-worrying about the things going wrong, which may happen sometimes, but you can work out a solution if you are emotionally stable..Enjoy the Motherhood every pence..Trust Your Motherly Instincts always and Stay Blessed.

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  1. Awesome words which made me remembered by motherhood memories

  2. Thankyou so much Ghun Jain, I am Glad you Liked it :)