Wednesday 12 November 2014

A song from a Mom's heart for her Child, her World

Most earnestly , Words fail me describe how special my little sonny is for me   I love him beyond all humanity   he has given my life a new meaning, a new dimension, from that very moment when I heard the news of my pregnancy   The moment I heard it, it tinkled my soul, and my heart was swollen out of pure crazy happiness...I did not realize I was smiling but I actually was...   "That day a Mother was born in Me"   ...many months before My baby was ...I felt so so beautiful that day and I am so glad my little sonny has today grew up to be such an adorable, loving and caring 5 year old today   he is indeed my best friend and God’s Best gift to me till date   Here are few lines for my Sonny Boy form the core of my heart  :

To you Sonny Boy, today Mamma Wants to say !
My little Angel you are to me God’s Gift Bestest  
My life is so beautiful with you!!
Thankyou for always showering on me your innocent love true  
I am absolutely incomplete without you!
N by your cute unstoppable talks, my heart forever is wooed  
And you may know not,
But even when are away for a little while, Mamma misses you a lot  
My heart swells with pride and awe,
At your achievement Tiniest  
Do remember my little genius !!
Always and always, keep working hard to achieve Success  
And if ever you need to look back,Come what may!!
Rest Assured, your mom will always be there for you, any which day  

I trust all you dear mommies feel the same for your little worlds, n you related n liked to this post .....trulyyoursroma

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