Thursday 6 November 2014

< Straight from the Heart Book Review of Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat > A beautifully crafted Surprise Package Love Story

Dear Readers,

My sincere Apologies for writing to you after a month's Hiatus!! Was home bound to my pious City Allahabad and as usual hung around with a book tucked under my arm for most part of the journey :)

And this time I was more sucked in, as it was one of my favourite Indian Writers Chetan Bhagat's new Release: Half Girl Friend !! Judgmental and Picky that I am, I have chosen this one meticulously and I am glad I did...I finished it one go an cud not resist expressing to you my opinion on the same, Straight From the Heart.

So here's a first hand review of this soulful engaging Love Story (or should I say "HALF LOVE STORY " ) of a Bihari Boy MADHAV and his love interest the very Gorgeous Modern Lady RIYA SOMANI who bonded over the game of Basketball.

To begin with I was hugely impressed with the way the story unfolds in the beginning, with the fact that the versatile writer brings himself in as a character himself,imparts it a genuine real feel, richness and flavour....Also, we are left spell bound and surprised at regular intervals as the story unfolds..Thank God, this one is not the typical drama or love triangle most stories march towards in the end...

You will undoubtedly fall in love with the two leading characters...While this book is a journey of a timid,quiet tally of Dumraon in Bihar and his evolution during stages of life, to a more confidant, never say die Achiever ( I am sure every small town guy will see a Madhav in himself), the character of RIYA has been kept very conspicuous with tit bit elements revealed at different stages,leaving us gasping for more.................But I loved RIYA..........being a modern day woman, who ferociously wanted to live life on her very own terms, I related to Riya really well....Once into the book, despite of many ambiguous decisions she took, you will not be able to resist loving this Nerd Geeky Character ....

I also visualize a new Big Bollywood Commercial Masala , movie in this one too as was the awesome fate of Chetan Bhagat's earlier writings!!

The best thing about the book is as always Chetan Bhagat has no negative characters...There are only flawed personalities which is human.....While Madhav love was explicit form day one it was so so difficult to gauge RIYA's feelings for him...Sounds Simple but the relationship actually goes thru' a whirlpool of ups n downs...You must read this to find out......Does their Love end up as "Half " as the title suggests or was there a most mysterious end to this heart-touching tale "HALF-GIRLFRIEND...I bet you would find it, definitely worth a Read !!
A word of caution, if you cant handle emotional upheaval peaks, this one is not the pick for you........

I Rate in 4.5 on a scale of 10!!! Trust you find this Book Review Useful .... TrulyYoursRoma

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