Tuesday 16 December 2014

YES or NO to Pre-Marital SEX : The Verdict of a Cosmopolitan Indian Woman

Dear Readers,

Always known to you for my flair to write Straight from the Heart, this one is certainly not an easy pick for me and undoubtedly more so because despite of modern education, I am born and brought up in India, my roots very firmly grounded in the rich Indian Culture, I belong to a land where even talking sex is considered Taboo.....

Ever wondered why is it so?  And hey you have gone insane if you are gonna voice out your opinion on Pre-Marital Sex in India? Wake up man, this is India...So.... So what ? Well do Indians forbid from Sex ? If no, than why can't we talk about it ?When discussion generates the solution of every contentious argument, why can't we pour out our thoughts uninhibited on Pre-Marital Sex? Why are we such hypocrites?

Well I wanted to put an end to this constant pricking of my conscience and such hideous behavior..So when I heard of this sex debate by +IndiBlogger and one of the most impressive recent authors Poonaam Uppal, the Love Goddess , I deliberately chose this as a perfect platform to voice my opinion,the opinion of a  Considerable Mass Genre of modern day Indian Women.

So here's my Ans : We are such hypocrites probably because we have never taken out time to clarify to ourselves, what actually sex means to us .....Well for me, this powerful 3 letter word SEX is the most beautiful,vocal and passionate expression of  love, it is that accentuated love moment which further unites the two souls which are in love with each other..The satisfaction that generates from being in the arms of your partner, that warmth and belongingness, imparts a new meaning to your life...A reason to live, a new zeal ignites in your soul and happiness flows in your veins..thus sex is a subset of pure ecstatic love if......."but of course made to the true love/twinsoul of your life..."

Earnestly buddies, my opinion is so crystal clear to myself ... I am not against Pre-Marital Sex , n Pre or Post becomes immaterial, if your partner is the one who is undoubtedly your true love, your admiration ,your companion of good n bad times, and you are ready both physically and mentally to spend the rest of your life with him/her.Which means that your twinsouls have already united and a public tieup of Martimony remains...In such a scenario, Pre-Marital Sex would be spending together those special ecstatic moments your DIVINE LOVE , truly deserves, which is perfectly ok...... I know I might be under the societal scanner for making such a public statement ... But honestly, my intention is not to refute the parents' n elders' authority or the power of Society...I am just in unison with the thought- process of   "MAKING LOVE WITH YOUR TRUE LOVE" ...

On the Contrary, Pre-Marital Sex with multiple partners or unknown partner,is what is not love but lust,and in my eyes is immoral and unethical under all grounds...It is just to satiate our physical desires making your body a mere commodity and the beautiful natural phenomenon called sex, mechanical and dirty...Engaging in such a behavior has not one but umpteen number of negatives impacts on us knowingly or unknowingly both psychologically n physically,which we don't realie immediately in the wake of Sexual Pleasure....Firstly by doing so, we sabotage our honesty,our trust (the very foundation of any long-lasting relationship) to the one who would be our life partner later, we may end up not emoting passionately with him/her during those love moments as we may be comparing him/her with our Exs....Also, constant engagement in sex with different partners will make our search for our Twin-soul Die Off gradually and we may eventually end up not finding TRUE LOVE in life at all...... And of course it goes without saying, in doing so we are threatening our lives by becoming  prone to innumerable STDS...In the worst cases,when the desire to have Pre-Marital Sex culminates it gives rise to Heinous Crimes like Rapes and Murders,sadly not uncommon in India.... Is it worth the price paying for,just to quench your physical needs....Absolutely Not !!! 

I would rather recommend the youth of my generation,to give time to discover your true soul-mate,your true love, your TWIN-SOUL ,build a beautiful trust worthy relation and when you are absolutely certain that he/she is the right person for you and your family (you can't ignore this),you can be game for  Pre-Marital Sex as your loyalties are with each other  ...I might appear conservative in my thoughts, to you folks, but trust me ,this is how you would enjoy the most fruitful relations on this earth life long ...You will have to separate out love from lust...Sex would be the most beautiful NATURAL Expression of love to your Soul-Mate undoubtedly if capped by mutual love, respect and consent of both the partners....it will indeed mesmerize the world around you...for it will be lead by your heart n not your body....

So my dear Friends, here comes Straight From the Heart - 

The Verdict of a Modern Day Cosmopolitan Woman in Meee on Pre-Marital Sex :

Pre-Marital Sex with Multiple / Unknown partner to satiate Physical Desires/Lust: "Disgusting NO, uuntil you Find your TWINSOUL"

Pre- Marital Sex as a Subset of Pure Love made with your Soul-Mate for Life : "Absolute YES"

And that's because Life is Precious and Blissfully Beautiful and so is Ethereal Sex , Pre or Post Marital are man-made terminologies..... explain it's right meaning to yourself audaciously(don't hesitate) and enjoy it to the core but remember only when you discover True Genuine Love of your Life, yout "Twin-Soul" , as only he/she deserves you completely.............Till Than Say NO to PREMARITAL SEX.

 Thankyou Readers,for always giving my blog a piece of your heart...Hope you enjoyed this Mind-Flirting BlogPost...Do share with me your opinion on this Grey Debate....TrulyYoursRoma :)

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  1. Awesome As always …you always come with big Boom with your blog ..

  2. Thnx Dear Rachna Sharma, I am glad you could relate to my work

  3. Thankyou Shabana, readers like you my dear, keep me going n help me express my radical side <3

  4. I liked your perspective and audacity to speak your heart out ...

  5. I agree with the way you think and this is a great perspective. But in India, finding a soulmate does not guaranty that you can marry him/her. Times are changing, but still there are some families which do not allow their children to marry someone just because a difference of surnames. I want to ask such parents, "Does happiness of your child really matters to you?" This makes me hate my own society. My generation rarely asks parents before taking such important decisions of life; and those who do, often suffer because of the disapproval of the parents. What should they do in such situation? Find another soulmate?

  6. Dear 4yearoldadult, I can relate to your viewpoint completely my dear but someone had to bear the brunt of being the face of the change :)

  7. i can resonate with your thought process here.. ur post has come out beautifully without invoking any biases and/or judgements.. i believe that indulgence with multiple partners whether pre-marital or post-marital is immoral in every sense, because then we are just trying to experiment for the sake of it and not really involved or in love with the person..

    1. Thankyou so so much Supriya :) Can't agree with you more.....