Tuesday 30 September 2014

A Writer's most significant Tool: A First Hand Review of Matrikas Paper Products

Good Morning Folks,

As a Writer of 15 years, It is absolutely imperative for me to have my tool kitty as most User-friendly and Impressive...I am that way,nothing less than perfect can please me....Specially about my Pens and my Paper Stationary....

So Recently when my eyes fell upon, some lovely paper Products from MATRIKAS especially, some Lovely diaries, I couldn't resist trying out a couple or more of them...Though I was initially spell bound by it's aesthetic appeal, over it's usage for a couple of months' span , I figured out they were of exceptional Quality too...Definitely Worth an expression Straight From the Heart....

 My Dairy is undoubtedly my World and MATRIKAS Team, have ensured they keep my world beautiful and Compact...

Aesthetic/Attributes/Product Quality

Yes, the first product I tried, is called a Mahatma Gandhi Journal (JRNL-STD-GANDHIJI), and it is absolutely adorable in all respects...I loved the overall embossed outer cover which stole my heart, as I am a die-hard Fan of Bapu..The Eye Soothing Colour Textures are Impressive beyond Doubt...It's Simplicity inside gave my heart the freedom to let my thoughts ooze out unperturbed, without getting disturbed by any Flashy print... It's Thickness and Height are just apt to fit my Port-Folio Bag Perfectly...All in all I found this product extremely recommendable for writers, fellow Bloggers and intellectuals of Similar Genre...

The second Product , is an admirable Multipurpose Premium Notebook(CW-RB-A5-YELLOW), which can be used across all age groups, By all Groups of People, with equal ease...It is in a catchy yellow colour and shall be perfect for the Style Kitty of Current Generation Fashionistas and even for Students as it appealed hugely to my son, who jumped over it at it's  First Glance...It is optimally Sized, compact, ethereal in overall Design and has a Mass Appeal..It's matty Finish is Hard-laminated and bound with a Matching Black Spiral..Full Marks again on aesthetic Appeal.

Another Cute Pick of mine, from the Matrikas Kitty is a small Compact Coral Green Planner called (CW-P-JRNL-A6+ -GREEN), which is an ideal fit for all my Handbags and purses , to contain all the information desired on the move, at one safe place.As a multitasking working mother, I am often on my run for time and this little diary will be my most important tool to jot down all important information, while moving from one place to Another In a Haste...whether it be my account summary, or important contacts, my too list to help me priotise, or a write quick note, as creative thoughts appear in my head, often at awkward moments...As a writer, it is my mini world of thoughts, where I cam scribble my heart away an which makes an absolutely indispensable part of my Style Kitty...It's Simple looks n unique colour blends so perfectly with my persona, I really loved this one too..

Pricing and Durability

The Prices of the above three Products are as follows:
JRNL-STD-GANDHIJI - Rs.215.00 CW-RB-A5-YELLOW - Rs.110.00
CW-P-JRNL-A6+-GREEN - Rs.270.00
While this may appear to be slightly overpriced, I discovered through their usage for about a couple of months, that the extraordinary durability of the product justifies the cost eventually.Also,they use Hi-Brite Maplitho paper which is again the best in class indeed!


These awesome products are listed on Flipkart and you will soon find them there, Till than you can access www.matrikas.co.in and 
 to get in touch with the always ready to help Team.

I trust you found the holistic review of the above three awesome products of Matrikas useful. All these 3 Premium products from Matrikas also make an Ideal Gifting Choice...As I believe presenting this to your Friends and Loved Ones will silently advocate your love n faith in their Progress....All in all, they are,brilliantly conceptualized and designed Products from Matrikas of Excellent Quality, definitely worth a Try ....
                     I rate them 4.5 on a scale of 5....TrulyYoursRoma

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