Tuesday 2 April 2024

Beyond Love ( Pages From the Diaries of Indian Women-Chapter2)

Love is the purest feeling. How cliched and how untrue. It took a lifetime to realize this. I loved him with all my heart for as long as I can as much as I can. I was so naive. I was so smitten by his intellect as a teenager and kept falling for him blindly. His narcissistic behavior was concealed in his warmth. I never looked beyond his love neither when he asked me not to do my post-graduation nor when I accepted his every wish as my command. I don’t blame him completely. He is a typical Indian man brought up exactly like this and I have been conditioned to give up everything to keep my loved ones happy and safe.

Excessive love is harmful and detrimental. It has prevented me from thinking straight. For years my thoughts have swayed between black and white always believing that he was right when he raised his voice to cut my point. I thought he was bringing out the good in me. I thought love is to change for your partner to become someone he can be proud of. That was love for me which is where I was flawed. I could never think beyond love, beyond my love for him. 

But today I feel there are so many things beyond love like the complete societal system that can influence your life more than you can anticipate. You can weave a beautiful world inside the home but can you weave pure beautiful thoughts in the minds of the people who inhabit it. I tried and I will not give up. 

For my own sanctity, my home my world will remain a happy place albeit I will be more pragmatic in my approach, this time I intend to build a positive fort with perfect balance and the right intentions. I have to weave a world beyond love which is more right and practical because pure unconditional love is a construed phenomenon.

Every single thing, every single man-made relationship is a give and take rather than a settlement for mutual benefit and now I see no harm in it, in fact, I now surrender myself to the fact that this is how the world has seamlessly functioned so far. I am amazed that couples who have been together for five decades also vouch for this. Eventually, we all need to weave a world beyond love. I am Ashima and I have learned this the hard way and now I will deploy these facts in my favor.


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