Thursday 18 June 2020

Inspiration Doses from Yours Truly Roma

Life is never a cakewalk. No matter how big a smile we flaunt, it is a bigger challenge to keep ourselves motivated because in the end, we are alone with our thoughts. There is so much going around us these days which breaks my heart for I know the pain, I myself keep hidden within and so I know why you didn’t speak up. No, I don’t share it often but it isn’t easy being an orphan with mum leaving fourteen years ago for the heavenly abode and dad remarrying and having a new family...It’s not that I don’t miss them for they will always be the larger part of me, I am their flesh and blood. I miss putting my head in my mother’s lap and I miss being my dad’s princess but the fact is that I have learned to move on positively ahead of all the dark situations that blur me for some stifling moments which make me weak. 

People say seek help but for me, it has always been about standing up for myself. I had to quit the job I loved in Ikea of Sweden because of the theft conducted by my kid’s nanny in our home when again I thought I was sinking for I saw my dreams shattering but I stood up for myself. Commenced blogging and started a small communication skills academy to give a purpose to my life, to set some goals for myself. It isn’t easy to earn big money in MNCs and then suddenly give up on something you have always wanted to do for the rest of your life and still remain happy and cheerful, the face I always put forth.

Whether it is battling a chronic disease for a decade or being stranded in a faraway unknown state for around three months, it is the self-belief and the power of setting small goals and finding a purpose has helped me immensely and I have strongly stood up for myself.

I just wanted to share it all today as I felt the inner power to fight it, is all in us, if we want to live we need to discover it. Whether we wish to spend this life cribbing or smiling is a personal choice. Tough situations advent in each one’s life. 

I choose to smile and find a purpose in everything good or bad happening around me. Try it, if you will not stand for yourself who will and if, at all you need an ear, I am right here.

I promise you will see the same smile, the day I  will leave for the heavenly abode because spreading happiness gives me ultimate happiness. Whatever little I learn and practice, I find great pride in sharing it with all of you. Whether I am writing a book or am on a healthy weight loss journey, I share it all with you, you are my extended family and I find extreme solace in pouring out to you. It’s just that I hide my pain because I feel if I keep talking about it, I will amplify it and if I get engaged in something more creative and productive I will totally forget it and get absorbed in something that brings internal joy and satisfaction. So, I have deeply believed in being my own guiding light. 

Mindfulness Meditation and Gratitude have kept me grounded and aware of what is possible and what is not, because false expectations can make you crumble. They have helped me immensely in the past years and I have put it all together in the below articles for you all. They will get you a lot of peace and calmness as they have brought to me over the years. 

Mindfulness Meditation Beginners Guide (Vol1)

Mindful Meditation with Positive Affirmations (Vol2)

Mindfulness Meditation for Deep Relaxation, the Cleansing Wind Way (Vol 3)

5 Reasons which transform a heart full of gratitude in an asset

I hope you find them useful and be your own guiding light.

Truly Yours Roma

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