Tuesday 12 November 2019

5 Reasons which transform a heart full of gratitude in an asset

A gratitude post for umpteen reasons has been doing rounds to my mind frequently for the past few days and though I have not been able to write, I have been contemplating it for a while now. So today I thought is the day because counting your blessings often gives you a high in otherwise not so congenial times and I have always done that to keep my happiness and sanity alive. May be it rubs on you and spread a positive vibe, my solemn aim here😊.

So, I am very grateful today because:

1. I am able to practice what I have preached: You would recall that I had been penning a mindfulness meditation series post my endometriosis surgery. This meditation has helped me immensely for years and so I had shared the same with all of you. But the recent relocation has subjected me to a lot of indiscipline and I had not meditated for over a month. Yesterday I stumbled upon these pieces while scrolling through my Instagram feed and I immediately got back to it. I began meditation and today I resumed my morning walks here in Delhi too. Felt good that my own articles inspired me to get back the rhythm of my life. Will you believe if I tell you that today morn when I meditated I saw my bestie sitting under our favourite tree with me and that’s when she pinged me to say she is sitting under that tree and missing me. That’s the kind of connect I experience with my inner self upon meditating and can I be any less grateful.

2. The sun shines the brightest after the darkest night: It seems I will be able to resume my career soon and join my husband’s entrepreneurial venture. Glad an experienced automobile engineer won’t be wasted anymore. Many years of experience can now be put to our own use if the need be. Keeping my finger crossed and giving S all the support he needs as of now satiates me and keeps me merry. I am grateful to the Almighty that he has made me the custodian of his dreams.

3. Your oldest best friends are gold: Instead of cribbing about having left most of my best friends in Pune, I have carried some of them in a carton here and spend a lot of time with them, yes they are my books. I am curating a personal library these days in my home.. a very personal corner of mine where I can read and write in my own creative space. I am a very happy and content person even if I can read one hour a day, it makes me feel light and all smiles. I often discuss the gists and lessons of my books with my family inspiring them to read as well. No wonder my sonny is a bigger bibliophile than I am. Again big reasons for feeling grateful for.

4. I am able to devote quality time to family: Shifting from Pune has reduced the number of sessions I am taking in my academy thus I am able to focus more on family and give A the right guidance and time he deserves at this tender age. This break is vital for both of us. I understand he will soon outgrow my arms and so I want to steal as many moments with him as possible. This doesn’t mean I have a lesser vision for my academy, it shall see some stringent goals soon too. The online sessions will never cease to take place at the designated time. The women empowerment related batches will continue to be free.

5. I am able to revisit a lot of memories: I have written before how I came to Delhi as a new bride and it embraced me with open arms. Coming back to the same city after eight long years and visiting so many places with which we have fond memories associated with, is beautiful. Though we are trying to be mostly indoors due to pollution level being hazardous here at the moment but whenever we cross such a place, I feel a soft tickle of happiness in my heart as if I have known these streets forever and I giggle in joy. Am so grateful for it.

Also, I am able to realign with my dreams and goals in life: There comes a point in each one’s life where he or she wishes to sit and retrospect what he or she has done right or wrong so far and from here on what are their dreams and goals. This is extremely vital and important. Need I say this is the best time I can do so, before hitting 40 in a few years, I want to make sure what else I wish to do in my life and make a foolproof sure shot plan to fulfil the wishes. Some parallel life goals like world travel which subsided for some years need to come up strongly too. I am the kind of parent who wishes to pass on to my progeny, not millions of wealth but loads of wisdom acquired through experience, one by globe trotting and other by embracing the world of books. Aligning his studies with these goals appropriately is no less a humongous task especially when I love to groom him myself. I wish to stay on the right path and need meticulous planning to the tee. Grateful that I now have some time for the same and also to plan my 5th book, if at all that has to see the light of the day.

I am glad I wrote this post today for it gives me the inspiration to set my next year's goals more explicitly and that should perhaps be the next time, I will be writing to you.

One more thing, I want you to embrace this practice or at least try it once if you feel it’s worthwhile, whenever you feel low. Take a piece of paper and pen and write down five things you are more grateful for that day and suddenly you will realise how blessed you are. All the sadness and sulking will thus diffuse away, giving way to the aroma of hope and faith. That’s what I have preached and practised for decades and is a magical talisman which has always worked for me. A heart full of gratitude undoubtedly is your biggest asset, it will show you the path of optimism always no matter how tough gets the going!

Truly Yours Roma

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