Wednesday 25 September 2019

Mindfulness Meditation for Deep Relaxation, the Cleansing Wind Way (Vol 3)

I am a banker’s daughter, we were transferred to a new city, mostly a new state too, every three years, so adaptability came easy to me as a kid but I always missed my friends and the home which we left behind. Till the present day I have fond memories of each of the places I grew up in whether it was Trichy in TamilNadu or Makrana in the interiors of Rajasthan or several others.. every place has added to whatever I am today and has enriched me.

When I grew up the scenes were similar, first I travelled for my education then for my job both nationally and internationally but one fine day I settled in Pune some eight years ago. This precious city which has my heart has been home since. I love everything about it and it really hurts to leave it behind.

These days are difficult thus, though I am crazily busy with a million things which come up while relocating yet my love for this serene simple city often wells up in my eyes. If you have been reading me you know how much I love my morning nature walks everyday in the picturesque suburbs. So this morning setting aside my todo list I sat out for a long walk with a meditation break in between under my favourite tree but my heart was heavy. The beautifully falling raindrops caressed my face and asked me to cheer up. The tree under which I sat, took me in it’s warm embrace and I felt it smiled to me. I closed me eyes to meditate and after a lot of cajoling my mind attained peace and calmness soaking in the moment. 

I was mindful of my today, of the moment, of the cool breeze that touched me, of the chirping of the birds, of the sunlight that played peek a boo with the clouds who smiled in happiness and showered occasional rain. There was nothing else I remembered between my deep breathing and soon I was lost in a beautiful world. Several minutes later when I opened my eyes, I felt deep peace and immense positivity that I still have three more days in this gorgeous city and that I will surely come back to it some day, my home is here and I am also leaving a piece of my heart here.

So this is the power of meditation I keep stressing to all of you. Remember I have written the Mindfulness Meditation Beginners Guide as well as Meditation with Positive Affirmations in my previous volumes of this series. Today the kind of mediation I talked about is called Mindfulness Meditation for Deep Relaxation, the Cleansing Wind Way where you let your thoughts to wander and meander and then gradually drift away in your sub-conscious conferring in you acceptance of whatever situation you are and is bothering you. It prepares your mind to embrace optimism and look positively towards what is coming and thus living your today to the best. 

At no point we must forget that mind is the centre of all the activities our body performs. If you don’t train it well and keeps it on your control then it is powerful enough to take control over you and in a big way. Depressive thoughts, sadness, pain are all situations when we are not able to exercise our control over our brain and train it adequately. Thus every human being must ensure good health of our brain too and make it prone to least stress edict looks so impracticable in today’s era, thus it is good to relax it, calm it, train it and aid it achieve peace by meditating everyday at least for fifteen minutes. 

All those who has written to me that they find it very difficult to practice, I would say it is pure inertia and it doesn’t happen over night. Start practice for 2 minutes first then gradually increase by son minutes each time, sit or lie down at the most comfortable place and choose a time when you won’t be disturbed. Play some soothing music, refer to the first volume of this series for step by step guidance. If you still face difficulty send we a message, will be extremely happy to aid.

Truly Yours Roma

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