Sunday 1 September 2019

Mindful Meditation with Positive Affirmations

Life undoubtedly is the greatest teacher we have around always keeping a strict watch on us and being savvy of the fact that when we start enjoying the vanity it has granted us and seek pleasure in our stability it plans to put us in our next test.

In fact frankly that’s what we call life. This phenomenon, we call life, is highly unpredictable and volatile. The moment you start enjoying the roots, it uproots you for a new challenge. 

But wisdom lies in not succumbing to it but training our mind to face the challenge affirmatively. 

In this context,  today I bring to you the second  volume of my Mindfulness Meditation Series which is Meditation with Positive Affirmations. You will recall last month I commenced this series with an earnest aim to aid everyone reduce their mental clutter and attain peace and calmness. The first volume was - Mindfulness Meditation Beginners Guide which talked about why, what, where, who and how of meditation from a common man’s perspective. If you are a beginner at it, I recommend you to do read it once and embrace this divine practice. Today we talk of a very beautiful form of meditation which helps us unleashing the great power of our mind in our favour.

It is a well known scientific fact that our body behaves as per the signals it receives from our brain. Mindful Meditation with Positive Affirmations is a strong tool to keeps repeating to our mind each day all that we wish to happen as something which has already happened. Saying loudly or in our mind all the positive things we wish to happen while we are meditating as if they had already happened. It will rid us of all fear and uncertainties and gradually our mind will register what it keeps hearing everyday with so much conviction, to be true. It will send signals to our body accordingly and thus turn all the energy of the universe in our favour. We will thus experience divine healing and our soul shall be free or will learn to manage all the worldly clutter. 

This is also a perfect way to cleanse our mind of all the negative thoughts which surround us thanks to the human nature’s attraction to everything negative around and constantly live in one fear or the other.

Everyday meditate ten minutes to one hour depending on the time you have, the techniques for it are written in the previous volume of this series and if you have only ten minutes, I recommend you give your mind a positive uplift by meditating with positive affirmations. For e.g. you can commence with repeating the ten below simple thoughts or any others out aloud or in your mind with your eyes closed, body relaxed, breath deep and a beautiful smile on your face😊:

I am extremely happy today

I am experiencing great health today

All is extremely fine and beautiful in my world

I feel I am inching towards my goals today and the universe is helping me to achieve them 

I am gifted and I shall use it to aid someone and make this world a better place 

My challenges in life will aid me connect to the higher purpose of my being 

My heart is full of gratitude for all and I give out love and gratitude in abundance 

Nothing will evade my smile today 

No negative thoughts have the power to enter my mind, they will be repelled by my Positive Aura around me I create everyday with the power of my meditation 

I believe in the power of today and will make my today the best 

You can delete or add as many POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS to this list as you wish and as you will awaken from your deep meditative state which you can achieve by regular practice for around a month, you will experience a different calm and wonderful world around you free from fears and all negativities, full of acceptance and strong enough to embrace life as it comes. 

I send your way lots of healing vibes and abundant love. Do write to me if you have any queries related to Meditation and I will love to help you to my ability best🌸.

Truly Yours Roma

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