Tuesday 6 August 2019

Mindfulness Meditation Beginners Guide

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meditation guide

No wonder we women are multitaskers which also means we almost perennially have a lot of mental clutter going on in our brains which often deprives us of our well deserved mental peace and equilibrium. Along with it are certain negative feelings that may arise of a particular situation and refuse to leave us or plain boredom culminating from the monotony of life. 

Sometimes venting out to a near and dear one helps but you may not always afford the luxury of having an earnest ear and a guiding light instead you may become your own guiding light, your own way to optimal peace in your life. I do so by practising Mindfulness Meditation. It has immense therapeutic healing power and I can’t express in words how wonderfully it has helped me. 

Wanting to share it with all of you, today I commence a series on ‘Mindful Meditation’ in which I talk about some really worthy, easy and useful techniques I adopt to meditate and rest my mind and soul and pamper it with all the calmness of the world. It also empowers me to take the most difficult situations in my stride.

When: I practice it early morn, you may choose any time of the day when you won’t be disturbed and it’s your own personal time. Try as much as possible choosing the same time everyday. It further aids in training our mind over a period of time and it automatically seeks this devotion time and space going forward, pacifying our mental pressures further. Even if you are able to do it thrice a week to begin with it is ok, I will urge you to take the first step.

Where: Choose a comfortable place, I do it in my balcony sitting on my Yoga Mat with the cool monsoon breeze caressing me and supporting me unnerve and free myself from the bothering thoughts which are adamant not to abandon us. However for the last one month after my Endometriosis surgery, I was practising it lying down with my spine straight and limbs relaxed. So sitting, may be with a cushion to comfort you, or lying down relaxed is your choice, choose the position which is most comfortable for you. 

Why: Because we wish to take care of ourselves, of our mental health, of our peace and to be mindful of having a meaningful life full of happiness and dreams. It is vital for us to take care of our mind and soul as much as we care for our body through physical fitness. Combining Yoga and Meditation is the most brilliant idea to attain both mental and physical good for oneself.

What: To meditate, gently close your eyes, join your hands to pray or put them on your knees or wherever you find it comfortable. Plug your ears with soft meditation music if possible or just the sound of waves or waterfall or rain, you can easily find them on web. Set alarm for how long you wish to be in meditative state starting from 10 mins to up to an hour depending upon how much time you can manage. I normally do it for 30-60 minutes.

How: Once you are ready start meditating taking deep breaths inhaling at the count of four and exhaling at the count of six. Concentrate on the gap between your inhaling and exhaling counting them aloud (I chant Om each time) or better still opening 10% of your eyes and focusing on the tip of your nose. Some thoughts will undoubtedly come drifting, let them flow out of you in colourful balloons as you see them eluding you and rising high up in the sky.

With regular practice, you will be able to visualise these balloons going out explicitly  leaving your mind calm and filled with peace and you become more and more mindful of the  moment soaking yourself totally into it. We make no effort to rid ourselves of these thoughts rather make them our companion.  In it I am mindful of my present and gradually attain the wisdom to accept and act the best. It is termed mindfulness meditation. This may at times transport you to a deep sleep and you may continue to be in a meditative state even when the music gets over. Stay there for an extra minute and then gradually get to your routine with a calm and composed, positive brain.

I strongly believe Meditation is something which will benefit you all irrespective of your gender and these simple steps will aid you take a right step in the right direction. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries on the same.

In the coming volumes of this series, I would love to discuss many other vital additions we can make to our meditation regime to let optimism and happiness flow in our lives like blood runs in our veins.

Truly Yours Roma

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