Sunday 4 August 2019

Does PediaSure Really Work: A Mother’s First hand Verdict #GrowRight

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I am often asked by moms - How do I ensure my child gets all the nutrients  vital for his growth and does a health drink like PediaSure really work for him? In this blog post, I address all these questions of yours.

 Motherhood undoubtedly has been the most beautiful chapter of my life. It has touched my heart and tickled my soul like nothing else. Saying that it has also been the most difficult one, for despite being an instinctive mom, I have feared making grave mistakes which may adversely affect the growth of my little precious. It also perhaps stems from the fact that I had a preterm baby born at 32 weeks of gestation, though his birth weight was quite heartening.

But as my child grew up into becoming a playful toddler, he became an extremely fussy eater to the extent that he started looking extremely thin and lanky. So I decided to seek a Paediatrician’s help. Gem of a guy that he is, the doctor taught me four nutritious tricks that really worked for me in fortifying essential nutrients in my child’s diet.

He taught me to take him vegetables and fruits shopping with me and make him pick a lot of colourful ones. This really excited him back home to taste them and thus his intake of fruits and vegetables increased, gradually yet permanently.

He also asked me to include Ragi in his diet in the form of sweet porridge with jaggery or as laddoos with powdered nuts. I gave them in his school lunch box every day.

Based on his suggestion, I also made multigrain aata at home so that even if he had one chapatti, it would cater to many of his nutrient needs. I normally made a roll out of it, with vegetables and ghee added into it and we had it in the balcony watching birds or stars.

Most importantly, he also recommended PediaSure for him. It has 37 vital nutrients extremely essential to provide complete and balanced nutrition of the kiddo as it is almost impossible to fortify them all in a little kid’s meals. It did wonders to my kid’s growth. He had told me that it will surely help him in his growing years increasing his height and weight and help develop his immunity and brain True to the word, there has been visible growth in 90 days. It has high quality protein so is very good for bone growth too. 

I really understood that a shortfall in his growth today may impact his future and knew the importance of nutrition in his foundation years. So along with the above, I kept giving him PediaSure every day in milk, or in shakes religiously alternating between its different flavours, to keep my little angel’s taste buds appeased. By building in variety and choices, I was able to combat my fussy eater’s tantrums and was proud when he showed visible signs of grow right.

So yes, PediaSure did work for my kiddo and made me a happy mom. I still give it to him once a day and he happily devours it because of its yum flavour. Especially in summer months, when the kids’ diet goes down drastically, adding a health drink like PediaSure, to his/her diet can work wonders in giving them perfect nutrition. As a mom, I strongly recommend it!

Truly Yours Roma

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