Tuesday 30 July 2019

5 Vital Ways In Which Every Woman Can #ENSURE Her Good Health

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There is nothing as significant as our health and unfortunately it is the one thing we women often knowingly or unknowingly ignore the most. Do you agree that our sound health is closely related to our nutrition? The reality is a woman’s health is more nutrition than one can ever know. 

I am in my late thirties and I admit until just a couple of years ago, I have completely ignored my health and nutrition, probably because I was young and fit, so didn’t feel the need for it but the fact is, it is absolutely essential for us to be particular about our (women’s) health and nutrition throughout our lives for we undergo multiple internal changes as we first menstruate, to child birth to menopause and at every stage our body needs several vital nutrients in different proportions to cater to its requirements. I learnt it the hard way but now I remain vigilant and particular about it. Five vital ways each one of us can ENSURE we stay strong and healthy forever are:

1. Eat a healthy nutritious diet: Mindful eating is most vital for all of us. As you plan your diet make sure you consume your daily requirement of proteins, calcium, iron and other essential vitamins and minerals. Gauging them through an app is a good idea. It also keeps you in check from eating junk. Personally for me consuming fresh fruits and vegetables works wonders, I make them into yummy salads with my choice of dressing and a garnish of sesame and flax seeds.

2.Maintain a healthy weight: I firmly believe in maintaining a healthy weight neither too thin not too fat it good for a woman. Balance is the key always. A healthy lifestyle is the best gift we can give ourselves. It is the best preventive medicine we choose for ourselves and thus for our families. Isn’t this a great motivation?

3.Include health supplements like ENSURE: Lately I took the #StandForStrength Challenge with my near and dear ones and was aghast at how many of us could not actually do it and it speaks volumes about our fitness. As we age we start loosing our muscles and at times it becomes vital for us to include health supplements like Ensure Powder from  Doctors’ No.1 Favourite Brand Abbott which is a source of complete balanced nutrition usually for supplemental use with or between meals. Enriched in proteins and twenty six other essential vitamins and minerals, ‘ENSURE’ ensures healthy weight gain and aids in building muscle strength for adults and the elderly. 

4.Take long nature walks in sun: Our body synthesis vitamin D from the food that we consume in the presence of sunlight, thus apart from good nutrition we must ensure we take good long strolls or brisk walk in morning sunlight preferably in the vicinity of Mother Nature which will further assist in our good physical and mental health.

5.Regular exercise without fail: Last but not the least, complement an apt nutrition with sufficient physical activity of your choice like yoga, swimming, gymming or whatever you prefer.Three or four or five days a week, totally depends upon you but maintain a strict routine and indulge and engage all your body muscles to move around and remain active and healthy for a long happy life.

So dear women, don’t ever compromise in your adequate nutrition  and activity no matter what age bracket you are in and stay healthy, happy, positive and smiling always. 

Truly Yours Roma

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