Thursday 14 March 2019

Empowered Women Empower Women

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I  commenced my career in 2003 and after globe-trotting for around a decade in 3 jobs at Tata Motors, Honda Siel Cars India and Ikea of Sweden which enriched me immensely, I decided to tread the entrepreneurial path, while simultaneously embracing the maternal bliss.

Ever since I was tiny, I had passionately accepted and worked on my love for writing and public speaking though I had no clue I will end up making them my profession but with time I realized they were my true calling. I decided to take up my so far a hobby of grooming six to sixty-year-olds especially women in a professional way and co-founded my communication skills academy. Around the same time in 2011, I bought a home for myself on the web, my blog, Truly Your Roma, a place where I can be the voice of the long-oppressed Indian women.

It was a paradigm shift for me from Corporate to the literary and creative world but I enjoyed it every way. Though it didn’t pay me as handsomely as my job, the kind of satisfaction I got what truly out of the world. It got me addicted and I left no stone unturned to better myself in the craft. I not only groomed children and adults in my academy but also in orphanages, women shelters, old age homes or wherever I got the opportunity. Karma has always been high on my mind.

With time I evolved, honed and polished my skills and also authored three different books of three different genres all fundamentally on Women Empowerment, which received genuinely worthy reviews. Two highs of my entrepreneurial journey were being felicitated with Woman of the Year Award in 2015 and Planet’s Pride Awards 2018 which made it sure that I was sailing in the right direction

Of course, I have had my gloomy moments and bad days but I have sailed through sometimes soaking my pain in my writings while on other occasions forgetting it in my back to back sessions with my students.

I love my work, it is my heart, it is my identity, I am so proud being a full-time coach, author, and blogger and touching as many lives as possible means the world to me. Every day I get up to work with the same zeal and enthusiasm and in the process also get to learn so much new, like yesterday I in invited by Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism, Pune for a shoot of a special interview for a purpose. This invite was extra special to me for the discussion was on a topic closest to my heart, a cause with which I deeply associate myself with and which is also one of the major goals of my academy and my 3 books released so far(the video is currently on the editing table, will be sharing it with you all soon). 

How I believe ‘Women Empowerment’ should be the key global agenda of present times. So, what is ‘Women Empowerment’? Let me quickly touch upon it for you. Women Empowerment is enabling women to stand for themselves, be their own voice against what they have suffered for generations and still are. It is about breaking the shackles of patriarchy around them and become financially and emotionally self-reliant. Women empowerment is about uplifting women to the level that they can contribute to all the decisions with equal right. Gender Equality is the eventual goal for Women Empowerment. God didn’t create this inequality it’s we who have created this mess and it’s we who have to clean it. Apart from a revolutionary change desired in the thought process of society, I have always firmly believed that EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER WOMEN. It's we who can be the face of positive change, think about it women, be the ray of hope to the women in need next to you and it will mean the world to her. To me, it feels the journey has just begun and I have miles to go before I sleep..more on this in my next post on the subject ♥️

Truly Yours Roma

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