Sunday 7 April 2019

Grit, perseverance and determination will be your tools to achieve Success #WomenEmpowerment

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women empowerment

Life is a beautiful journey where you get to meet so many people and you get to learn so many things from them even if you are the coach. This is how each one of us grows and evolves. Sometimes some of them leave a great impact on your heart and there is something remarkable about them which stays with you.

I met Shaleen (name changed) every day when we went to pick our kids from school, she was always dressed in a traditional Indian suit with her hair tied up as simply as possible. We never spoke and there could be several reasons for it. One, God knows why I am always pressed for time and am in a hurry or I have my earphones plugged in. Second, they were a group of 4-5 Marathi ladies who loved conversing in their mother tongue. Since I didn’t know the language I could obviously never pitch it. But once we two struck the conversation struck, it continued, she is broken Hindi and me trying my hands at combining all Marathi words I ever knew with Hindi and English. 

As we grew closer I came to know she had a post-graduate degree in Finance...I learned her simplicity is her beauty. All her education has been in Marathi board and her inability to converse in English was now becoming a stumbling block both in her personal and professional life. Her daughter is now nine years old and she wants to talk with her in English as well she wishes to resume her career after a hiatus of ten years. The long gap means she has to work extra hard and also has to work towards her holistic personality development and communication skills.

What I liked about her was her focus. For all these years so that she didn’t lose touch of the subject, she has been an ardent share market freak and has earned prowess over it. She knew exactly where to invest and how much to, to make a profit, so we were secure from that front. 

Regarding her communication skills, her current skill set needed exhaustive modules and crazy labor from her, for us to be able to reap at least some tangible fruits. My assessment said that she will take a while to reach the mark but she proved me wrong with her extraordinary ability to work hard. I mean she was unbelievable in how sincere and hardworking she was. Every single suggestion I made she did a detailed homework on it every single day before her next session and showed it to me. She never missed a class and was very very sorted in her thoughts. What a great mom and wife she would have been and the efforts were both sided, her daughter practiced at home rigorously with her.

Based on her efforts purely, I fast-tracked her class, despite a lot of ascent issues and she never gave me a reason to complain though it took double the efforts from both of us. It was her will to stand on her own feet at the earliest and set an example for her daughter and she fairly succeeded too, thanks to her sheer grit, determination, and perseverance. 

Today she takes share market sessions in an institute and speaks decent basic English. She holds her shoulders high and smiles and replies back beautifully to your messages and my heart swells with pride. I love it when she tells me that what she loves the most is when I tell her- ‘Jaa Simran Jaa, Jeele Apni Zindagi’ as I wished her to open up to her dreams. She says she now keeps repeating the same to her daughter and give her wings to fly. Like I always say, empowered women, empower women...

English doesn't empower a woman, her will to overcome all the obstacles in her path does.

This is my seventh post for my 4th consecutive Global #AtoZChallenge and #BlogchatterA2Z. You can read my earlier post in this Women Empowerment Series here: ABC.DE, F

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