Thursday 7 March 2019

The Rising Era of Barbecues in India: Comparative Review of Barbeque Nation, Absolute Barbecues and the Local Barbecue Restaurants

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Best Barbecue Restaurants In India

So I begin with a confession today, the chubby cheeks that you see in all my pictures are all thanks to my accentuated taste buds. Poor Me! Can’t help it! Early in my life, God gifted me with the best cook in the world, my mom and so I succumbed to the mesmerizing aroma to the exotic delicacies she prepared and satiated the drooling me, her chubby-cheeked baby. 

Fast forward to when I grew up, now this was the time to shed my chubby cheeks and flaunt the jawline (teeth within) as I loved my dimple chin and rosy lips (Remember the nursery rhyme, Chubby cheeks, dimpled chin)...So was on a diet and a strict gym routine and for some months I did look perfect but God you know, I am his most favorite child. He once again gifted me a husband whose culinary skills were at par with my mum and so the chubby cheeks came back with all that super yum food served with so much love. Phew 😅!

Now Mr. Husband ‘S’ not only had the love to cook for you but to also take you on a date to the best restaurants in town. So in Dilli ki Sardi we sat on his bike and traveled far and wide to satiate the foodies in us. We had varied experiences ranging from romantic to hilarious but we also had a lot of surprise finds, which became our favorites for years♥️. 

That was the time the concept of Barbecue has just begun evolving in India and like most Indians, we too loved curries while dining out. There is no denying to the fact that food made in a perfect blend of Indian spices can truly be heaven. But ‘S’ insisted that he would like to host the anniversary dinner at Barbeque Nation and so here were we, discovering our forever favorite Adda for a lifetime.

Earnestly I owe my love for grills and Kebabs to them. So yes Barbeque Nation has been a family for over a decade now and we feel at home there for most of our celebrations and otherwise too. BN was founded in 2006  by Mr. Sajid Dhanani and brought together the concept of good health with great taste coupled with unparalleled hospitality. Yes, of course, I love their food, their Barbeque, their main course, their desserts, and their pan kulfi but what I love the most is the love with which they serve. Such warmth, such customization to your taste, sincere attempts to make your occasions special. all of them have always stolen my heart. So yes I really owe my love for Barbeque to them.

Barbeque Nation Review
A file photo of us at Barbeque Nation

They did such a fantastic job for years that many in the business decided to follow suit and in today’s times, there are so many of them that you may often get confused which one is a hit and which is a miss. So I decided to aid you to make an informed choice through this comparative study based on my own experiences.

I would say, for the barbeque industry in India, old is gold is what serves them right. Barbeque Nation owned by Sayaji group maintains their impeccable standards and undoubtedly they are the most successful multi-city barbeque venture in India. The second chain which comes close in perfection to it and also innovates a little more in terms of the diversity in the menu is Absolute Barbecues again started by an ex-partner of Barbeque Nation - Prosenjit Roy Choudhary.  I like their diverse variety and also the joyful dance which the serving staff performs for you with utmost zeal. In my visits to them over the last 2 years, I can surely say, they have worked on their flaws and upped their game superbly.

Absolute Barbeque Review
Me Happy Happy at Absolute Barbeques

So for me, a barbecue craving is thoroughly satiated by only either of these two only and I let me tell you why? The reason is though there are umpteen other barbecue restaurants like Universal Barbeque, Barbeque Ville etc. which have opened in every corner of the city but somehow they have missed the boat by an inch. I feel a restaurant of this stature should have sufficient homework done right before the launch. I am glad they are generating so much employment but there are things like training of your staff which should not be overlooked. Today when a family books a Saturday dinner with them, they not only look for great food but for the overall package, the ambiance, the service and some entertainment to weave some sweet memories with their loved ones. Tell me if you don’t agree? A simple excuse or a shortage of staff or for any reason not being able to cater to the guests' requirements can ruin their happy moments. So guys, gear up, work on it and up your game until I forget what you did this time and visit you again. 

So this was an earnest take by a foodie customer to various barbeque across several cities, hope it will aid you to make the correct choice.

P.S. This is a justified apple to apple comparison because the price per person in all these restaurants are almost the same. Also, obviously I only attach a happy picture from the two who have appeased my heart :)

Truly Yours Roma

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