Monday 11 February 2019

Why you must watch Kunal Khemu's debut web series Abhay?

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Change is the only consistent thing in life. Times have changed, and so have we. Right from our looks to our very own preferences have changed in the last couple of years. This also stands true to how we view our content. Back in the days, we used to watch it on TV, but now with the arrival of the Internet, we can finally watch, any show, anywhere. To please the diverse tastes of audiences, online streaming services are constantly making top-notch content that is binge-worthy.

Though there are a good number of web series being made in India, there are hardly some that touch the genre of police procedural thrillers, which if you ask me is quite honestly confined to movies. But that did not stop ZEE5 from venturing into the untouched genre with their original series ‘Abhay’ featuring Kunal Khemu.

Shot extensively in Lucknow, the buzz around Abhay has many things working in his favour, making it a highly promising show. Taking a glimpse into all that buzz, let’s find out why Kunal Khemu’s debut web series Abhay deserves a watch.

The format of the story: As we mentioned above, the series follows a police procedural or inverted detective format where the criminal’s identity is revealed and the episode follows the chase to nab the criminal. While there have been many popular international shows in the genre like Luther, Elementary etc, Abhay is the Indian web series to venture into this genre.

The Creators: The series is being produced by BP Singh’s Fiction Factory Productions. B.P Singh is well-known as the creator and producer of the famous TV show ‘CID’. On the director’s chair is Ken Ghosh who is known for movies like Ishq Vishk, Fida, Chance Pe Dance and has also ventured into the web space before.

Kunal Khemu: Known for his comedic roles in the Golmaal series, Kunal Khemu sheds his comic image to become an investigator in Abhay. As Abhay Pratap Singh, he is tasked to solve gruesome crimes by trying to understand the criminal mind. Going by the trailer, this method does have a toll on the character as he goes about investigating gruesome crimes. Overall, Abhay seems to possess all the ingredients necessary for a complex protagonist.

You can watch the trailer here: 

Delving into a fresh genre with renowned names from the industry, ZEE5’s Abhay gives you all the reasons to get your ZEE5 subscription right away to catch the show online. The eight-episode series premieres on 7th February on ZEE5.

So, are you excited about Abhay? Let me know your thoughts about the show in the comments section.

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