Tuesday 6 February 2018

Please Find Someone Else : Food For Thought Series Vol-14

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If pure love would have a name it wouldn’t be better than Meet-Kavya. They indeed were made for each other and true love reflected not only in their eyes but in their every single expression, every single move towards each other. People swore by their love and by God’s grace their friendship of multiple years did culminate into a perfect wedding. All was merry in their paradise and the soon the birth of their tiny princess Tia further strengthened their priceless bond.

Not very materialistic people, they were happy in their tiny world with Meet doing well in his career and his lady love taking care of their princess and running a small business from home to satiate her creative instincts.

Not only everyone around but she herself has forgotten what an ambitious girl she once was. With threads of love, sincerity and utmost dedication she has weaved her little nest, she had presumed to be unbreakable and the happiness of the two lives of her life were what made her happy too. She never considered giving up a flourishing career at its peak a sacrifice...after all, their and eventually her happiness is all she wanted. Meet loved her immensely and their relationship saw many little ups and downs but has only grown stronger and more mature with each passing day. The way they trusted each other through thick and thin was an example and that’s where lied their strength.

Another aspect of both of their personalities was the goodness(a trait that has initially bound them together) of their hearts, helping the ones in need was their innate nature and their urge to help knew no limits. I know how good or bad this trait was but their was someone in Meet’s office who apparently needed him or for that matter anyone...she was a colleague, a divorcee and a single mom to a tiny tot. Meet always helped her to the best of his abilities as was his nature probably as he would have helped any other colleague in need. 

Then what really went wrong in Meet-Kavya’s paradise? The fact that the other person needed an emotional anchor if not a financial or a physical one for her life made her assume that because someone else left her for somebody else, she has all rights to steal Meet from Kavya. She deliberately invented ways to spend more and more time with Meet veiling all her moves under the name of friendship. Kavya saw this all but her trust on Meet was infallible. 

All her advances proved that she craved for the same love for herself and her child as Meet showered on his family. It breaks my heart to own that probably was right in aspiring for some love for herself( the complexity of human emotions is too deep to fathom)...the fact that she desired it at the cost of ruining a wonderfully happy family made her really bad.

Kavya is my bestie so my heart undoubtedly goes out to her but if you ask me, it undoubtedly has to be Meet who must resist all friendly advances and gestures from this person for undoubtedly it might be Meet’s helping hand or act of kindness is what is misread as something else (I so much wish she spares my Kavya and finds some other single man). Spending so much time together in the name of the other person being needy may be breaking some real loved one’s heart back home, who still places all her trust in you and so is quiet despite of friends and neighbours pointing it out  to her in random discussions. 

I don’t know if Meet is attracted towards her or but if maintaining distance from such a colleague is essential for someone back home to whom and to only whom you belong to and who deserves you every which way, Meet must take such a step. Not only for her but for the little one who calls her dad.No one has a slightest idea how this would not only ruin his present but to a greater extent his future with his spouse too for he would loose the ability to trust.

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