Tuesday 13 February 2018

This Valentine’s Day we bring to the fragrance of true love straight from Paris♥️ (Enchanteur Paris Perfumes Review and Giveaway)

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No matter what people say of it, Valentine’s Day is a festival in my home and we celebrate it in a little special way each time reliving the old priceless memories and weaving the new precious ones. While it is very easy to choose a gift for the more flamboyant me, it isn’t that easy to pick one for the choosy and classy hubby. Probably good watches and mesmerising fragrances are the two things he loves the most. While I was contemplating what to gift him to enrich his already rich collection, some exotic beauties straight from Paris landed at my door. They were the French Perfumes from Enchanteur, a global leader in Perfume Industry which has created its mark in more than 50 countries all over the world and is now in India. There website is www.enchanteur.in and in case you wish to purchase one, I have a little something for you this Valentine’s Day...you may use coupon code - ROMA to avail a flat 20% off on all their products.

Could if get better♥️? Though I wasn’t sure if these elegant packs held perfumes which were for men or were feminine, I thought I must quickly review them for all of you right here, this valentine season. The products I review in this post are their new enchanting range known as ETDs (Eau De Toilette) ~ Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour and Mon Amie Fragrances for you.

These beauties were truly love at first sight for me.

First things first, the packaging of these products is pretty chick and soothing and makes it not only ideal for self use but also a perfect gifting option no matter what the occasion is. The inside cute rectangular bottles with a bow at the neck and Eiffel Tower at the top stole my heart at the first glance and I decided not to gift it to hubby but keep it for myself (grin :D), so you know how adorable they are. Also there size is just right to fit in my handbag which is such a necessity in me.

Another significant point which leaves me impressed(as I am a pretty environment conscious person) and so I am mentioning the same right at the start is that all these perfumes are ozone friendly.

Out of the two, Belle Amour which means Beautiful Love in French is my favorite. It’s lovely blend of Apple Melon, Blackcurrant and Parisian Pink transports you to a different world or course with your love. The fragrance is extremely soothing and captivating and enthrals you. Much to what I really prefer, it isn’t very sharp or staunch and is gentle and serene. This beauty from Enchanteur Paris is definitely going to remain my priced possession for a long time.

On the other hand if you love fruity smells, Enchanteur Paris’ Mon Amie meaning My Friend is absolutely for you or to gift to your best friend as a unique gift of true friendship. The fragrance is strong, attracting and fresh citrusy and also has smells of Red Apple and Pink Peonies...this fragrance surely can make heads turn on. So go paint the town red and leave your mark with it.

Now comes their pricing. Unbelievably, both the above products are priced at only 750 INR each which is a fair price in my eyes for this perfume and like I told you above you can avail a further 20% off if you use coupon code - ROMA on their website. So what are you waiting for, grab one now. You can as well win them from us, by participating in our contest below.

Yes, ♥️we present to you the Mega #EnchanteurIndiaGiveaway on Truly Yours Roma here, this Valentine’s Day♥️...The simplest ever contest to win priceless exotic perfumes from  our sponsors ~ Enchanteur. All you got to do is check their website here: www.enchanteur.in and let us know your favourite perfume that you would love to present to. your valentine.

Also, don’t forget to share this post tagging 10 of your friends because this valentine’s season we are spreading the fragrance of true love through Enchanteur 🌹. This contest in open for our blog(g+) , Facebook(Truly Yours Roma) , Instagram(@TrulyYrsRoma) and Twitter(@RomaGuptaSinha) handles’ followers only so you must be following us on all of them♥️ 

And did we say we have not one, not two but three winners in this mega #giveaway ♥️so get going.

Please aid us track your entries on all channels by using the compulsory hashtags: #TrulyYoursRoma #EnchanteurIndiaGiveaway.

Happy Valentine’s Day my precious Readers and Friends this contest is open for you all thru’ Feb♥️♥️♥️♥️

Love you all!!

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