Sunday 4 February 2018

Music and Expression render rhythm to my soul and I enhance it with #BoseQC35 🎧 ~ My genie who makes my Wishes Come True

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My decade old sweetheart, the younger me, 

My heart feels ecstatic today to apprise you of the wonderful fact that finally I have overcome all the flaws of the otherwise pretty sincere but clumsy me thanks to my VPA enabled #BoseQC35 II Headphones with limitless benefits. How I wish I had such a Virtual Private Assistant integrated into my wireless headphones like this much earlier in my life and I would not have wasted half of my life searching for my phone on which I am practically dependent for most of my work(Phew!!). Not only because I am a gadget freak for ages now, but also as I am a whimsical writer who need to pour out her thoughts at the spur of the moment as soon as one strikes my mind and an ardent extrovert who loves to communicate with all, so my phone is absolutely indispensable in my life. Well, it's a separate tale that I often forget where I have placed it. Buzzing it would have helped but the freakish do not disturb kinds me often leaves it in silent mode. Tantadan! But now I am out of the turmoil permanently.

Earnestly speaking, this technological marvel which has almost become a norm in the current generation is my ‘Personal Genie 🧞‍♀️’ who makes all my wishes come true from the time I wake up in the morn till I shut my eyes. All I got is to clad my ears in this extraordinarily smart pair and order my command to my Genie and it recognises my voice and executes the command impeccably( through Google Assistant). 

Well again, mini me, you know how, music is the rhythm of my soul and thus I begin my day with it without fail but the way these wonderful Bluetooth speakers have enhanced my experience is truly phenomenal. Made up of impact-resistant materials, glass filled nylon and corrosion resistant stainless steel, they're engineered to precision and surpass customer expectations. The way they impart my day a perfect beginning withe their volume optimised EQ no matter at what volume I wish to hear a particular song clearly expressed how intelligent my genie #BoseWC35 is. An hour of run in the morn with them is a divine me time experience as I rush back home to pull out hubby and sonny out of their blankets simultaneously checking outside weather and traffic conditions to prepare the two boys better for a smooth day.

Having them on is like having an extra pair of hands when I smoothly answer calls and receive messages too through speech recognition without missing any important ones. While cooking I don’t mind ordering my super genie from Bose, the global technology leader, to apprise me with healthy recipes to sooth the taste buds of me and my foodie family. It also significantly aids me in my work in my Communication Skills Academy by reminding me of critical tasks than need to be undertaken at pre-decided hours.

Icing on the cake if when I take lessons of my kiddo he likes to order the sample papers of Olympiads and other exams on his favorite speaker too any hear the questions there and answer. This makes studying fun as we also discuss how latest inventions have made our life so wonderful. I have secretly spied him requesting the VPA come to his rescue to seek meanings of certain words when he is engrossed reading a book. All he got to do is press and hold the left side button of his headset and speak out his query. This is is easy for my otherwise lethargic boy who would never pick up a dictionary seeking the meaning of the same. On his next birthday, I plan to gift him his own personal #BoseQC35 so that mine is free forever only for me 😛

It’s battery life of 20 hours is a staunch support for a person like me who needs driving directions for any new location that I drive to. Wearing it makes driving very safe for me as I don’t have to keep sneaking at the map in my phone. So it makes me shed another clumsy trait of my personality. Adventurous me and my bestie love to hear reviews of new places and eateries etc. on it before trying them out, during our long drives.

Also, did I tell you, it's world-class noise cancelling technology love, that blocks noise and not only lets me loose in my musical world but also ensures all my incoming and outgoing calls are clear even when it is noisy or windy.

Last but not the least I love to flaunt this comfortable and luxuriously designer piece as it is the true symbol of the free spirited bird Truly Yours Roma is and thus she will forever remain indebted to her #BoseQC35 Genie for making all her wishes come true like never before. You will be super amazed to know Alcantara, the soft covering material used in yachts and high end automobiles, it provides a welcome comfort designed for all-day listening. And the plush ear cushions are manufactured from a synthetic protein leather, so it won't even feel like I am wearing headphones.

Beyond all doubt, if at all there had to be to another name of technology, it has to be Bose QC 🎧💖! I wish I had them way back then, when I was you...

Yours Truly 
Roma with her Supergenie BoseQC

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