Monday 17 October 2016

Some Wounds Never Heal (Food For Thought Series Vol 6)

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"I am sorry dad I will not be able to forgive you in this lifetime. For all your love for me, for making me your princess, though I will remain indebted. But for that one grave mistake of yours which stole away mom from me, I will not be able to forgive you. I try hard every time, even take a step towards you but my inner voice pulls me back. Why did you do this dad?"

Dear Readers, bringing to you a true tale of a wonderful person Shweta, who continues penning below, her last letter to her dad.

"Do you remember those days when me, lucky, mum and you lived a dream like perfect life with our two pups? How happy were eyes still get moist with the ecstatic joy of those precious moments when you went on long walks or gardening with me always tucked with you. My heart use to swell with pride when you spoke about my achievements among family and friends though I knew all that was because of the brilliant genes I have inherited from you. You were my handsome dad, my Hero.

Remember how we both used to hoot at gorgeous mamma clad in your favorite yellow sari and our shopping sprees together. You always bought us the world and gave us a wonderful childhood dad. I always thought you loved mom dearly though you two were poles apart from each other in almost everything but I thought that's what attracted you to each other.

Remember our home sweet home you and mom so lovingly christened ASHIANA, how it made up for our perfect abode. You guys weaved our nest with so much love then dad why did you let it fall apart. Just a mere attraction to another girl made you ditch the woman who lived only for you and who always  gave up all her desires do that all three of us can fulfill ours. This was not what mum deserved for all her goodness. 

No words can describe the agony and mental trauma she faced for the rest of her life which killed her gradually and forced her to die an unnatural death at such a young age. While you were busy in your new love interest she embraced silence so that your respect is not ruined. She was punished for an offense she didn't commit and she willingly accepted it all so that her children are not called children of a broken family.
While she gave up her job as a professor because you wanted her to take care of me, it was a pity in the later life she has to bear the ignominy of continuing with a unfaithful man so that her young ones can complete her education.

Why did you do that dad? Why my hero abandoned us on the path of life? With time I have given myself several excuses in your favour like you had no control over the events but somehow unfortunately my heart could not accept any of them. There is no excuse for my mom's death including my repentance for not pushing her harder to break free.

So please stop making failed attempts to talk to me or get me back into your life. I shall not be able to forgive you in this lifetime. Some wounds never heal, dad!
                                                              -Its Me Shweta" 

The plight of the families broken by extra marital affairs is often heart wrenching. More often than not the first wife fails to walk out of her failed marriage due to social stigma or financial dependence on the spouse. It's high time they break the inertia and walk out and be an example to million other. Wish Shweta could save her mother....and would have been a face of change.

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