Saturday, 30 April 2016

"Z"eal to turn the tide of time: Nothing could Stop Her😊

When I keep reiterating the fact that Women are epitomes of great inner strength and will power, I really mean it and today I take extreme pride in sharing with you the storyof one such adorable damsel and I bet you'll be awestruck to hear about how she never called it quits despite life's circumstances hitting her really hard...

Kashish was a happy go lucky girl with a ravishing smile which always lit her face... She was an architect by profession and her work gave her immense satisfaction...Back from work , she was always all ears to her big extended family and loved to socialise ...weekends were movie time and shopping with friends which made the young princess extremely happy...She was also a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and dancing was her passion....

She was doing extremely well on the professional front as well and felt that God has been really kind for rewarding her handsomely for all her hard work... That's exactly when Almighty decided to test her and her world shattered overnight...

As a reaction to a medicine that she had consumed, her world became silent forever...the very thought that she has lost her ability to hear perplexed her and she refused to believe it for days and as the feeling sank in, she felt all the more depressed with every passing day...She could neither hear, nor work , nor dance and felt so alone in a room full of family and friends!

She felt so lifeless but in her heart she never gave up...She felt that the outer silence cannot make her desires, her ambition, her zeal to live and to excel slient... Once she made up her mind, nothing could stop her πŸ˜Š

She consulted the best doctors and expressed to them how she wished to listen again and that she could do anything to get back her hearing ability, that's when she came to know about the Cochlear™ Implant which could fulfill her dream to hear again....

Cochlear™ Implant is a small device that is placed on the skull, and that coupled with an external device aids you to hear ... This surgery is normally done under general anesthesia but on account of the fact that general anesthesia didn't suit her for medical reasons, she got it done under local anesthesia and that too with the implant being placed surgically simultaneously behind both her ears... This unwavering brave girl could actually see everything that was going on....with her mind wandering across all possibilities of if and how she could hear ever again in future...But what she did was she held on the ropes of hopes firmly and her positive attitude assisted by the latest Technology from Cochlear™ made her win the battle and come back to life once again!

Kashish today is back to her work and her happy times with her family and friends...Her zeal to hear and bounce back in life made her turn the tide of time and I am so glad that nothing can stop her today πŸ˜Š!!

Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange

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"A"trocities in The Disguise of Tradition : The Shut Doors

Friday, 29 April 2016

My Accentuated Glam Quotient with Jabong's Summer SS'16 Collection

As is evident from my series of earlier posts on Jabong, you know it by now, it's undeniably one of my most favorite Fashion Websites and I value my long association with it ❤❤️genuinely !

Lately, I have found my love in their Wonderful Jabong Mobile App which has made my surfing and shipping a cakewalk with my favorite outfits and accessories just a swipe away πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ŠπŸ’• on my mobile and tab without the hassles of logging on to my desktop....

My excitement knew no bounds to know about the launch of their Spring Summer Collection '16 and thus the Hungary Fashionista in me, could not resist her immediate desire to take a sneak peak of the same and order her favorites...

Below I bring to you my personal picks  from the stupendously adorable and mind blowing, My all time Favorite, Vero Moda on Jabong Summer/Spring Collection'16 , which I am proud to have enriched my closet withπŸ’.....With it's origin in Denmark,  European Fashion Giant Vero Moda needs no introduction and leads the international scenario in Contemperory Fashion Designs and is best known for it's Variety and Quality:

1.Yellow Embroidered Blouse { Buy It here
πŸ’•} : This soothing lemmony Hollow out design stole my heart at the first glance...Ideal for shopping, vacations or even an evening hangout ...Pair it with Shorts or White Minis to accentuate the Summer Look❤!

2.The Chic Pink Striped Shift Dress Buy It hereπŸ’•} :This Multipurpose Glam dress can be worn with optimum ease anywhere and everywhere from a date, to a party..It's Colour and design would accentuate your feminine petite with perfect grace anywhere under the sun too❤

3.The Summerish Red Solid BlouseBuy It hereπŸ’•} :  Who said we cant paint the town red in Summers, Clad yourself in this Hot Red Sexy Blouse and look your voguish best..I would pair it with a printed short skirt to invoke the girlish charm in myself ❤

4.The Wowwie Orange Printed Jumpsuit { Buy It hereπŸ’•} : Some days you just wanna be your skin and not go overboard in dressing up...For such days, pick up this extremely trendy and cool attire from your closet and feel its comfort on your skin...not realizing how gorgeous it actually makes you appear to the world❤...I am in love with this one and can't wait for my order to arrive❤!

5.The Talk of the Town Black Shift Dress { Buy It hereπŸ’•} : This extremely stylish PartyWear Bodycon is the Current most happening Trend on Red Carpet across the Globe...and is an absolute must have to satiate the style Diva in you...Depending upon the occassion, it can be best paired with heels and delicate accessories to let your X-Factor ooze out ❤!

Hope you lost your heart to my Vero Moda favorites while surfing through by aboue Rendezvous with Jabong's Hot and Happening SS'16 Collection ❤❤ Check them out!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

"Y"outh Power: The only way to mitigate Gender Disparity and related Crimes

This is my penultimate post buddies of this enriching journey of 26 True Tales of Indian Women from all across India...and after hours and days of assimilation what I gather is if there is something that can uplift the plight of the Indian Women in our stagnating patriarchal society, it is the power of the Youth!!!

It's only we each one of us can bring about the difference, a difference in our thought process and actions which reflect equality and mutual respect...n lead by example can we spread the wave and nurture a healthier society in our children...😊

Alpana and Akshat, both were blessed with the gifts of jab and were quite famous writers/bloggers in the writing community, when they tripped over each other's writings and they found it quite similar ... The fact that they thought alike and loved to pen their thoughts in the similar fashion brought them close and their friendship soon culminated into love...When the parents met to take the wedding decision ahead and discuss other related matters.. Akshat refused politely but firmly, to accept a single gift in cash or kind...When Alpana's parents insisted that she was their only daughter and that they have amassed loads for her, Akshat said that they may give the same if they thought their daughter is inferior to him and needed to be sent to him with money and gifts...and thus he and his parents accepted the love of his life in a dress she was clad in....Akshat also silenced his parents that they may take gifts if they had no faith in his abilities and really wanted to hurt him!He has dared to be the face of change and the world was sure to follow as his goodness truly was contagiousπŸ‘Œ

Alpana's heart swell with pride for her  decision of having chosen the right man, for whom she and he are equal human beingsπŸ’•...She felt so blessed every moment of life and basked in respect and confidence on her loveπŸ’

Akshat was truly not only a man of great words but also great deeds...When Alpana was requested bed rest for 9 months due to a complicated pregnancy, he kept her in arms...Right from managing the household cores and instructing the cook , to giving a pep talk to her love before leaving to work , he managed it all and that too without a frownπŸ˜‡
They were soon blessed with a little Prince Charming who made their world all the more beautiful❤️ and all thanks to Akshat's care and warmth both mom and baby were absolutely healthy....Alpana could thus resume her career nicely after the maternity break and always made it a point she was complementing Akshat's love and vision and is with him in all his dreams and endeavours πŸ˜Š

Their son is nine now and has grown up to be an absolute gem...He assists mom and dad in everything and understands nothing what is called Gender Inequality for he has never seen anything of that sort in his house for so so many years!

I am sure tomorrow he sure will become as great a husband and dad as his father because his dad had yearned hard to lay the foundation right!!He will not be the one who indulge in the crimes against women , rather would be the one who'll stand for her rights nad equality!! More Power to such Young Man as Akshat who are determined to correct the patriarchal course of our society and make it a beautiful and worthy place to live in πŸ™

Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange

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"A"trocities in The Disguise of Tradition : The Shut Doors

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

X-ray Print of the desires of an Indian Woman: She deserves them❤

Image Courtesy
Think for a moment what a girl or a woman desires...Does she desire to simply grow up, marry and have children .. No she desires this because knowingly or unknowingly this is what is force fed in her brains since she is tiny ....she is often told directly or through stories that her Prince Charming will come on a horse and take her along..amidst all this she forgets her freedom to desire....But this is not always the case! There are mothers in our society who contrary to the generic attitude above and thought to do vice versa and be the face of change no matter how hard a fight they have to put up.This is a heartwarming tale of one such mother....

Sunita didi who was my mom's domestic help, had stood firm on the repeated argumentatively strong testimonies of time...She lost her dad to fire at home and her mom had sustained 75% burns when the burden of the household which had 3 other children younger to her, fall on her..All of 11, that was the day she started working...She did every kind of job and was a quick learner... With every passing year her income increased, their life stabilized.

When her brothers started earning she got married and was soon blessed with a son and a daughter...But destiny decided to test her further on..when her daughter was 10 months old, she lost her husband! But no circumstances could break her, giving away her sorrows she once  again became the primary bread earner of her family....and was employed with a security agency..In her free time, she worked in our house and took a few stitching assignment too..

She toiled 22 hours a day but gave best and similar education to her son and daughter...When her friends from the slums, married off their daughters, she empowered her with the power of education and gave her the freedom to follow her dreams and desires of life....Never once she forced her to give up studies or start working to make them financially little better of...Infact, she could clearly see and feel in her heart, the X-Ray print of her extremely brilliant and hardworking daughter's dreams of making big in life, as a tribute to her mom!

Today our heart is filled with immense pride to see Sunita didi 's kids doing so well in life... while her son Prateek has joined Army 6 years back,  you won't believe her daughter Kajal is an IPS officer today! Her hard work,unbiased love for her children, optimism and a clear vision to let her children , especially her daughter, follow their hearts' desires has made her a proud and content mom today...❤

With my mom resting in the heavenly abode, Sunita Didi still comes to meet me sometimes as she has been instrumental in rearing me up with my mom and loves me immensely ... Never once she forgets to bring for me the Moong Dal Halwa, made by her Hands, that I love ❤️...The more I look at her, more my head bows in reverence to her humility and determination πŸ˜Š Our nation undoubtedly needs more moms like her!
Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange

You may also like to read the earlier True Tales of Indian Women in this series, some heart wrenching while some truly inspirational but each giving a genuine lesson...

"A"trocities in The Disguise of Tradition : The Shut Doors

Indian Jewelry: An Integral accentuation of our Beauty and Tradition

Jewelry in India is not merely a piece we adorn, it is a synonym of our sentiments... The sentiments that a mom passes on to her daughter or daughter-in-law generation on generation...We always mark every occasion of our lives with jewelry whether we are blessed with a baby or a marriage, what jewelry we put on matters really high on significance for us...In-fact it won't be an exaggeration to state that an Indian woman is incomplete without having the weapons of traditional as well as designer pieces of jewelry in her Armour πŸ˜Š.

There are actually various types of jewelry in India, like the
-Antique Jewelry which helps us adorn the old world charm..

-Beads jewelry, comprises of beads made of gold , silver, Ivory, copper, colorful stones etc which are woven into state of an art jewelry...

-Gold jewelry , which holds a special meaning in weddings and is considered auspicious when adorned by new brides...Platinum is also catching up in this trend...

-Then there are multiple other diverse styles of jewellery like Kundan Jewelry, Lac Jewelry, Meenakari jewelry, Jadau jewelry, silver jewelry , stone jewelry etc the latest being a perfect blend of all this conveniently and rightly called Fashion Jewelry...And Yes there is Customized jewelry too to suit our specific needs and outfits of special occasions.

Earnestly speaking the jewelry arena today is ruled by the Fashion Jewelry which can be changed upgraded or used over several permutations and combinations with different outfits as per the latest trends...

If you ask my personal favorites , though I cannot deny my love for fashion jewelry , I also find some exquisite designs of our traditional jewelry too adorable to be ignored... And thus my choices often zeroes down on the fusion of the two forms! And now I am addicted it too thanks to a perfect place I have found for all my fashion and fusion needs...and that is Craftsvilla πŸ˜Š

No matter what occasion I need to shop for , without a second thought I hop to it and till date it hasn't dissatisfied me...It's crazy variety and  extremely pocket friendly prices bowl me over in sheer happiness ad admiration to it...

It's extremely cool and user friendly website boggles me with myriad options even if I have to simple pick an adorable piece of earrings for my dressπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

I particularly love Mangalsutra sets as it is customary for us to always clad into one , thus am always on a lookout for new and most stylish patterns of the same in traditional black necklace and mostly I find a good one here....

Talking about necklaces, if you wish to accentuate your feminism and Indian dresses are your forte, do check out the varied necklaces available online in this worthy portal... I have shopped a couple of them and I especially am in love with their Kundan sets...and their Quality extremely fine and trustworthy.

Thus dear readers, here was a peep into Indian Jewelry, my personal favorites and their hunting grounds online ... Do explore them and I am sure you're Gonna land up on something you will absolutely love !!