Wednesday 27 April 2016

X-ray Print of the desires of an Indian Woman: She deserves them❤

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Think for a moment what a girl or a woman desires...Does she desire to simply grow up, marry and have children .. No she desires this because knowingly or unknowingly this is what is force fed in her brains since she is tiny ....she is often told directly or through stories that her Prince Charming will come on a horse and take her along..amidst all this she forgets her freedom to desire....But this is not always the case! There are mothers in our society who contrary to the generic attitude above and thought to do vice versa and be the face of change no matter how hard a fight they have to put up.This is a heartwarming tale of one such mother....

Sunita didi who was my mom's domestic help, had stood firm on the repeated argumentatively strong testimonies of time...She lost her dad to fire at home and her mom had sustained 75% burns when the burden of the household which had 3 other children younger to her, fall on her..All of 11, that was the day she started working...She did every kind of job and was a quick learner... With every passing year her income increased, their life stabilized.

When her brothers started earning she got married and was soon blessed with a son and a daughter...But destiny decided to test her further on..when her daughter was 10 months old, she lost her husband! But no circumstances could break her, giving away her sorrows she once  again became the primary bread earner of her family....and was employed with a security agency..In her free time, she worked in our house and took a few stitching assignment too..

She toiled 22 hours a day but gave best and similar education to her son and daughter...When her friends from the slums, married off their daughters, she empowered her with the power of education and gave her the freedom to follow her dreams and desires of life....Never once she forced her to give up studies or start working to make them financially little better of...Infact, she could clearly see and feel in her heart, the X-Ray print of her extremely brilliant and hardworking daughter's dreams of making big in life, as a tribute to her mom!

Today our heart is filled with immense pride to see Sunita didi 's kids doing so well in life... while her son Prateek has joined Army 6 years back,  you won't believe her daughter Kajal is an IPS officer today! Her hard work,unbiased love for her children, optimism and a clear vision to let her children , especially her daughter, follow their hearts' desires has made her a proud and content mom today...❤

With my mom resting in the heavenly abode, Sunita Didi still comes to meet me sometimes as she has been instrumental in rearing me up with my mom and loves me immensely ... Never once she forgets to bring for me the Moong Dal Halwa, made by her Hands, that I love ❤️...The more I look at her, more my head bows in reverence to her humility and determination 😊 Our nation undoubtedly needs more moms like her!
Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange

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