Thursday 28 April 2016

"Y"outh Power: The only way to mitigate Gender Disparity and related Crimes

This is my penultimate post buddies of this enriching journey of 26 True Tales of Indian Women from all across India...and after hours and days of assimilation what I gather is if there is something that can uplift the plight of the Indian Women in our stagnating patriarchal society, it is the power of the Youth!!!

It's only we each one of us can bring about the difference, a difference in our thought process and actions which reflect equality and mutual respect...n lead by example can we spread the wave and nurture a healthier society in our children...😊

Alpana and Akshat, both were blessed with the gifts of jab and were quite famous writers/bloggers in the writing community, when they tripped over each other's writings and they found it quite similar ... The fact that they thought alike and loved to pen their thoughts in the similar fashion brought them close and their friendship soon culminated into love...When the parents met to take the wedding decision ahead and discuss other related matters.. Akshat refused politely but firmly, to accept a single gift in cash or kind...When Alpana's parents insisted that she was their only daughter and that they have amassed loads for her, Akshat said that they may give the same if they thought their daughter is inferior to him and needed to be sent to him with money and gifts...and thus he and his parents accepted the love of his life in a dress she was clad in....Akshat also silenced his parents that they may take gifts if they had no faith in his abilities and really wanted to hurt him!He has dared to be the face of change and the world was sure to follow as his goodness truly was contagious👌

Alpana's heart swell with pride for her  decision of having chosen the right man, for whom she and he are equal human beings💕...She felt so blessed every moment of life and basked in respect and confidence on her love💁

Akshat was truly not only a man of great words but also great deeds...When Alpana was requested bed rest for 9 months due to a complicated pregnancy, he kept her in arms...Right from managing the household cores and instructing the cook , to giving a pep talk to her love before leaving to work , he managed it all and that too without a frown😇
They were soon blessed with a little Prince Charming who made their world all the more beautiful❤️ and all thanks to Akshat's care and warmth both mom and baby were absolutely healthy....Alpana could thus resume her career nicely after the maternity break and always made it a point she was complementing Akshat's love and vision and is with him in all his dreams and endeavours 😊

Their son is nine now and has grown up to be an absolute gem...He assists mom and dad in everything and understands nothing what is called Gender Inequality for he has never seen anything of that sort in his house for so so many years!

I am sure tomorrow he sure will become as great a husband and dad as his father because his dad had yearned hard to lay the foundation right!!He will not be the one who indulge in the crimes against women , rather would be the one who'll stand for her rights nad equality!! More Power to such Young Man as Akshat who are determined to correct the patriarchal course of our society and make it a beautiful and worthy place to live in 🙏

Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange

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