Wednesday 27 April 2016

Indian Jewelry: An Integral accentuation of our Beauty and Tradition

Jewelry in India is not merely a piece we adorn, it is a synonym of our sentiments... The sentiments that a mom passes on to her daughter or daughter-in-law generation on generation...We always mark every occasion of our lives with jewelry whether we are blessed with a baby or a marriage, what jewelry we put on matters really high on significance for us...In-fact it won't be an exaggeration to state that an Indian woman is incomplete without having the weapons of traditional as well as designer pieces of jewelry in her Armour 😊.

There are actually various types of jewelry in India, like the
-Antique Jewelry which helps us adorn the old world charm..

-Beads jewelry, comprises of beads made of gold , silver, Ivory, copper, colorful stones etc which are woven into state of an art jewelry...

-Gold jewelry , which holds a special meaning in weddings and is considered auspicious when adorned by new brides...Platinum is also catching up in this trend...

-Then there are multiple other diverse styles of jewellery like Kundan Jewelry, Lac Jewelry, Meenakari jewelry, Jadau jewelry, silver jewelry , stone jewelry etc the latest being a perfect blend of all this conveniently and rightly called Fashion Jewelry...And Yes there is Customized jewelry too to suit our specific needs and outfits of special occasions.

Earnestly speaking the jewelry arena today is ruled by the Fashion Jewelry which can be changed upgraded or used over several permutations and combinations with different outfits as per the latest trends...

If you ask my personal favorites , though I cannot deny my love for fashion jewelry , I also find some exquisite designs of our traditional jewelry too adorable to be ignored... And thus my choices often zeroes down on the fusion of the two forms! And now I am addicted it too thanks to a perfect place I have found for all my fashion and fusion needs...and that is Craftsvilla 😊

No matter what occasion I need to shop for , without a second thought I hop to it and till date it hasn't dissatisfied me...It's crazy variety and  extremely pocket friendly prices bowl me over in sheer happiness ad admiration to it...

It's extremely cool and user friendly website boggles me with myriad options even if I have to simple pick an adorable piece of earrings for my dress👌👌

I particularly love Mangalsutra sets as it is customary for us to always clad into one , thus am always on a lookout for new and most stylish patterns of the same in traditional black necklace and mostly I find a good one here....

Talking about necklaces, if you wish to accentuate your feminism and Indian dresses are your forte, do check out the varied necklaces available online in this worthy portal... I have shopped a couple of them and I especially am in love with their Kundan sets...and their Quality extremely fine and trustworthy.

Thus dear readers, here was a peep into Indian Jewelry, my personal favorites and their hunting grounds online ... Do explore them and I am sure you're Gonna land up on something you will absolutely love !!

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