Thursday, 25 June 2015

"The Power Hug" : The Silent Gesture of Gratitude for My DAD Precious

A Pleasant Morning Buddies!

Is there a heart which does not ooze out of gratitude for his/her beloved dad...or are there words which would be enough to express our gratefulness towards him for not only conferring life to us but also teaching us how to make it worthwhile <3 ...undoubtedly not...

I remember always hanging around my dad's neck when I was small...whether it was when he left for work when I impulsively hugged him almost everyday urging him to be back on time and play with me....similar was the custom in the evenings when a huge hug welcomed him on the door...This hug was enough to rejuvenate my tired dad and he was all smiles as he entered inside and for me these hugs meant the world...Being in my dad's arms made me feel most secure and elated my heart beyond compare...we thus fondly called it "The Power Hug" to "Charge our Batteries"....Life was almost like a fairy-tale and I grew up being my dad's princess, most loved, pampered and well taken care of...but as time elapsed, though the significance of my dad did not diminish in my life, what diminished was the number of hugs ! This I did not realize than, getting entrapped in the vicious circle of life and getting busy in it's everyday hustle bustle.....

But Today as I sat back to zero -down on the most perfect gift for my dad, this Father's Day....I at once remembered our "Power Hugs" and the Giggles and Masti which engulfed those priceless moments....So Folks, I have decided  to flow in the uncontrollable  stream of emotions  for my dad and on this father's day go and give him a "Tight Bear Hug" and let my eyes and smile express and do all the recreate the same magical moments all over again! And yes why only on father's day would do so everyday from what if we have grown up, so what if the roles are reversed! I am glad I got this realization and will resort to "The Power Hugs" again to "Recharge our batteries" and will ensure giving papa dearest a cozy love-ful hug as I leave for work in the morn and when I come back atleast for the number of days I am with him... This truly would be my best Father's Day Gift to him, Straight From the Heart!!

After-all, My dad undoubtedly deserves all these hugs and much more....

" For all that he has ever done for me so lovingly and selflessly....

For all those sleepless nights when I had fever and he could not resist keeping me on his lap whole night..

For all those long walks, where he lifted me in his arms, when I got tired...

For that single tear in your eyes, when I fell from my bicycle for the first time...

For being my bestest friend ever and sharing my deepest secrets, without judging me...

For having faith in my decisions, no matter, how unconventional they initially sounded..

For letting me learn thru' experience but always being there to hold me, whenever I fell...

For giving up all his pleasures of youth to save money for me to be able to fulfill my dreams when I grow up...

And for being m Silhouette all thru' my life which did not even abandon me in darkness!! "

And my list is endless...on a more personal note, giving daddy dearest a warm hug will mean I get one the most coveted one from him too :)....And that hug, which is symbolic of his love and blessings, means the world to me! And am sure, it would mean nothing less to you too...

                                                              -Truly Yours Roma

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A Crafted to Perfection Sartorial Tribute for my Oh-So-Handsome #DandyDad on Father's Day

Hola Fashionistas!!

Buckets of love to you, Straight From the Heart !!

Today on the occasion of Father's Day, my heart is going out to each and every precious dad, who have left no stone un-turned to provide nothing less than the best to their kids, almost always unconditionally <3 and with failing words I express my gratitude towards all of them on behalf of the entire mankind.....and Wish them a "V V Happy Father's Day" !!

My daddy too, dear readers, is a real darling...he is genuinely a very very generous soul....I love him beyond all eternity for his simplicity,which has always stayed with him, despite of him rising to become one of the top bankers of the country today....For me he has forever been my best buddy, I have confided my deepest secrets to and who has not judged me on them...who has not taught me how to live , but lived himself for me to look and learn...

There is no end to enumerating my priceless memories with my dad..he had to leave my granny's home when I was born a girl child and my grand-mom ordered him to abandon me on a dustbin...which he denied and walked out forever with his angel in his arms..The arms who have been my cradle thereafter always...the arms in which I still feel most secure in..the arms whose hug means the world to wonder he is my life and with his hand on my head, I have never looked back in life...He has laid a very strong foundation of self reliance and independence in me and for which I bow my head in reverence to him...
Thankyou dear Dad,
For not only giving me life,
But also teaching me, how to make it worthwhile...
For not only teaching me how to walk,
But also, how to tred life's most difficult paths...
For not only inculcating in me my first thoughts,
But also, the deep strength to fight no matter what circumstances befall...
For not only hugging me whenever I fall,
But also for the unconditional love which is still filled in my heart...
Whatever I am today is only because of you,
Dear Dad, thankyou!!

Yes, undoubtedly,, a mere thankyou is a very small word for the unfathomable care and warmth my dad has conferred on me forever unconditionally......whether it was to choose the unconventional career of an Automobile designer or to marry the man, I was deeply in love with..he trusted my instincts and decisions...and always nodded to them in  affirmative!! His unshakable faith in me, made me a very balanced, mature and responsible person and taught me the biggest lesson of parenting...Hats Off , Darling Dad!!

Apart from his passions for Arts and Creative Writing, no doubt, my dad loves to dress up to perfection and I am often impressed by his impeccable sense of style today <3

But this was not the scenario when I was small....Far back then, I guess his Dressing Sense stayed dormant amidst the infinite responsibilities he held on his firm shoulders....Back them I have to nudge him stating that his trousers are really worn out and he have to set out for some shopping...or that he should get his combinations right which he always welcomed with a smile...For years, he used the same footwear, though always meticulously polished and maintained ( thanks to his unending urge for perfection) , but ensured his princess always wore the best....Perhaps all this sacrifice and why perhaps, indeed all this sacrifice was to save money for his children's education....

And I am glad all his hard-work, selflessness and devotion paid off eventually and we were able to fulfill the dreams he has seen for us..And I truly believe, it would be really wonderful if me and my little bro, can pamper him as much and let him satiate the desires, he has suppressed for long, today and so this is what we secretly planned to present him this Father's Day...Since he adores dressing up, we decided to Restyle his Closet <3...Who could have done it better for him than his Fashion Blogger Daughter....Glad my passion for blogging had eventually paid off :)

Hence keeping in mind his choices and preferences and his physique, I have tried to craft to perfection the below 3 looks for my Oh So Handsome #DandyDad to gift it to him this Father's Day along with immense heartfelt gratitude <3 with the intention that he can actually  make a choice as to which look, to clad himself in, for his special day!! "Itna to banta hai" and it is absolutely nothing in front of all that he has been doing for us for umpteen years :) :)

Look1 : FORMAL Look for Daddy Darling

Since my dad frequents for several high tea and board room meetings and conferences..his formal looks require utmost precision to render both elegance an style..I have thus picked up a Arrow Newyork Navy Blue Slim Fit Shirt to go along with a perfect Peter England Black Formal Trouser..The reason behind choosing the dark colours, it makes the orah on his face even more distinctive and prominent :) ...The shoes are the classy Steve Madden Designer Formal ones along with a Hugo Boss Black Chronograph Watch and a Gucci Aviator to accentuate the impression at first glance... The USP of this look is it would be ideal for any other event and occasion too and can be flaunted with immaculate Comfort as well as Poise anywhere and everwhere....even on Father's Day, you know...!!

Look2: CASUAL Look for Dad Bestest

My dad's ability to carry even neons and pastels with utmost flair has inspired my casual look for him, this father's day where I have chosen him for him a Orange casual fit shirt from United Colours of Benetton to be paired up with Izod's Biege Solid Chinos to add simplicity and grace to some colours...Accessorize this outfit with an awesome  CASIO Analog Watch on the wrist and colourful Joe Aviator for his eyes...and oh how can we miss his so firmly grounded feet...For this look I have chosen a lovely pair of Comfort Loafers from Phosphorus , for my daddy darling...Picture -Perfect! Catch a glimpse! No points for guessing that my daddy would look so cool, in this new avatar <3

Look3: Dada's Look  for Party or Family Gathering

An extremely social person that he is, my dad is the lifeline of parties in our social arena and family I thought this lovely Value for Money Astoundingly beautiful Wintage Solid Biege part Wear Blazer pair up with Black Straight Fit Trousers From Van Huesan will be the most ideal choice for him , to be the show stealer:) ...It would be a further icing on the cake to couple the lovely outfit with a marvelous Casio Edifice Chronograph Watch and Casual Shoes from Buckaroo which shall be a perfect indicative of his oozing confidence always <3

I sincerely hope daddy darling, you liked your restyled Closet this Father's Day and am dying to here from you, your reactions and which out of the three you will prefer to go out with me for Dinner!!! Folks, will upload his comments on the look in the comments section below, as he gives them to me :)...You are most welcome to express your views too folks, as you are the life of "Straight From The Heart"!

It was indeed sheer delight to dress up my wonderful "#DandyDad " in different styles, this Father's day, and I am extremely grateful to my all time favorite Team, for giving me this excellent opportunity, to walk back in the memory lane and relive those precious moment again and than create with rejuvenated energy, some Awsomazing looks for dad dearest <3 , weaving together Emotions and Fashion!!


[You can find all the impressive products showcased in the looks I created above at , Men's Section]

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Aromatic Secret to Make Home Sweet Home Smell Forever Pleasant - My #SmellytoSmiley Story

Wishing all of you, a Pleasant Morning, My esteemed Readers!!

In my Heart to Heart Tete-o-tete today, I am gonna jot down to you about the most worrisome and bothering Odours, yes the umpteen number of smells so commonly found in my rather our households...I may sound a little unpleasant or weird though, touching all your wrong chords...but the fact is, they cast a deep impact on our everyday lives and getting rid of them is no easy task whatsoever.....

But since I did manage, felt it would be worth to share with you my #SmellytoSmiley Story :)...

I am a cleanliness freak to the extend that the tiniest waver from precision bothers me immensely whether it be about the styling of the flower vase or the fresh air of my home , sweet home... and hence the advent of monsoons, each year, are the worst times that drive me crazy...there's just not one but multiple contributing foul odours that act as a disruptor to my peace, mainly the below 5, are most gruesome to my family :

1.The Yuck Smell of wet Clothes which refuse to dry:With the balconies turning redundant for the purpose of drying clothes in natural air and sun, we are left with no option but to leave them to dry indoor, which seems to take ages owing to the moist air even on the inside...leaving a pathetic smell, for us to bear with!For years , I have struggled with this one and tried almost everything my friends and relatives recommended...but they never really turned out to be a permanent Solution......

2.The Stinking Socks and Shoes leave us almost smothered:
As me, sonny and hubby sneak into our heavenly abode after work in the evening, and untie our shoes and remove our socks, the shoe-rack turns into a nightmarish scary devil from which oozes out  a crazy almost smothering bad smell, worse enough to choke you, thus breaking our trance of having a cozy evening at our home sweet home...Felt like running away, what a disgusting scenario, it was!

3.My two cute Pomeranian dogs who smell so fowl when they 
come from out: Our two adorable darling pets love to be outdoors, but it is a challenge for me to keep my house rid of their different smells especially  the ones when they are outdoors during rain..and thus despite of they being our family members, we have to often put them outside when some guest or relatives are to arrive..which was extremely heartbreaking particularly for my little sonny!

4.The Rotten Garbage smells so unpleasant: The domestic wastes tend to decompose and generate a fowl odour despite of the bin being kept closed, more so in the rainy season, leaving us in a lurch as the waste collector just visits once in 24 hours...While I have tried numerous traditional ways, to keep the nasty smell at bay, no one has satisfied me thoroughly, until recently!

5. The lingering bad odour from a little-used bathroom transforms to a Warzone : Last but not the least, the odour I have battled the most in my house, is the one from a toilet, which have been used are wet and have a disturbing smell....My bathrooms are undoubtedly a War-Zone for me and scare me the most...I am mostly head over heals, fretting and fighting a lost battle with them, when the friends or guests are to show up at home...It was indeed very tough to defeat these "Stink Monsters" till I made the biggest discovery of my life! This was extremely important too as I believe (Phew!!) that my creative juices, as a writer, ooze the most out of me, when I am on the coveted toilet seat :)....

The above smells have already started to take the better of us, and one day annoyed after reaching home from work, to escape the the ironically inescapable odours, all 3 of us , started out a long drive...The drive was quite relaxing except for a little less for hubby darling on the driving seat, after a long day at work and school...It was right than my 6 year old little sonny pointed out : "Mommy, Why can't we have this AmbiPur Car Perfume, for our home, our home would than smell as wonderful as our car??"

There it was...All three of us were silent for a minute only to realize what a perfect and most simple idea it is, atleast worthy of being tested out immediately!WE drove to the nearby shop and purchased some AmbiPur Air Fresheners of different fragrances and headed back home...We were feeling quite positive about our purchase, as the shopkeeper had reinforced our idea by stating that there a terrific response of customers for this product and the demands are soaring continuously!

And you know folks, these Room Fresheners, genuinely turned into a blessing in disguise...For they just not temporarily cover the odour , they completely removed them with a long lasting effect, beyond compare and became the secret of my "Aromatic Home Sweet Home, smelling beautiful Forever" <3

With AmbiPur by our sides, our lives undoubtedly turned from #SmellytoSmiley! Now we're gonna Enjoy Monsoon Kingsize from our fragrant House <3 How about You ??

                                                                       --Truly Yours Roma

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Monday, 15 June 2015

An Ounce of Freshness can Work Wonders - The Midas Touch of a #MaxFreshMove

No Doubt we all Realize that life indeed is beautiful,

But in everyday's hustle bustle, it's significance, tends to get lost !

Though I deeply advocate that one must celebrate each moment,

And weave sweet memories each day, in life's beautiful journey, with passion..

But the fact is, we get so miserably trapped, in the monotony of our routines, 

From finishing the house cores to packing Hubby's and sonny's tiffins,
And almost tumbling twice before leaving for work, early in the morns.....

The pressure of repeating the same schedule the next day is so high,

That we find the lovely little joys of life, like soaking in the first rain, extremely futile...

And than when the boredom and predictability takes over us,

We look for a change to Energize and to Rejuvenate us!

But why not we topple upside down, the complete Scenario,

And fall free from the vicious circle of procrastination....

Let's incorporate Freshness in every aspect of our lives 

And Add a pinch of salt to it and feel energized <3

At such a juncture, #MaxFreshMove Activity,comes to me,

As a blessing in disguise, because my favorite, the heart-throb, Allu Arjun <3
And the Stunning Anushka Manchanda come to my rescue!

Wohaa, they are the rarest of the rare combination,
Their contagious talent and energy is truly contagious!

So I now weave a picture, of how both of them,

Will transform my life's each salt-less situation...

Rescue me From Boredom,

and Infuse in me their bust of freshness, energy and rhythm!

I am already imagining my clumsy morning Cuppa Coffee,

getting transformed to a Sparkling Jazzy One, undoubtedly...

When adorable Allu shoos with his dance moves,All my lethargy woes

While Anushka, fills my morning breeze,with Spell-binding music using her divine Voice!

In their priceless company,I imagine myself, tapping my feet n swaying in hearty dance,

As I prepare some yummy delectable breakfast for my loves,

With my lil sonny mimicking Allu Arjun and his hip-hopical moves,

while getting ready for school, humming Anushka's Perky Tunes... :)

And this lovely situation gets more romantic in the early morn,

As hubby darling joins in, from the shower, in the lovely rhythm n dance...
And plants a gentle kiss on ma forehead and swirls me in a soft turn-around!

Am glad the cupid has struck all over again..

Like a newly wed, at his gesture, I lovingly blush!

My world get so enriched with smiles,

All thanks to Darling Anushka and Dashing Arjun <3

Merrily I board my office cab,but was about to sink once again in despair,

to see those gloomy faces struggling with Monday Blues...

I once again invited my Magic Wagon of The Enigmatic Anushka and Allu!

And they added lots of fuel and salt to such a pessimistic mood!

Our Traveler to work, soon transformed into a Rocking Caravan,

Where we all were mesmerized by the charismatic moves of Allu Arjun,
His #MaxFreshMoves soon lifted all moods,
As the golden voice of Anushka Manchanda echoed !!

Suddenly my world has transformed,

Enriched with so much of effervescence and Exuberance <3
I was thus, totally under Anu's n Allu's Sensational Spell, All thanks to Max!

The Magical Trance was broken by Peon's Yell,

The Boss wanted me immediately, at his desk....
As I knocked the door, and peeped inside,
Got a Flavour of his worst mood and not so pleasant flavours of life :(

I closed my eyes and once again sent a heartfelt Invite,

To my ultimate saviors Anushka and Allu, to save me from those unending fights;
Like always they transformed the office, into an elegant performance stage!
Hehe, for the first time, even our Boss Jazzed with a Spark and Vitality..
Following Anushka and Allu in their Graffiti!

I felt in my heart deep, how all, me, my family, my friends and even the Boss,

Need an ounce of freshness, in our monotonous life,
Breaking all perceptions and inceptions,
And shunning all inhibitions,
Just to live life Kingsize every moment <3
Can it get better, if you you use a #MaxFreshMove to Energize your Life....
All charged up with Allu Arjun's Buoyant Moves and Anushka Manchanda's Vivacious Voice !!!!

Image Courtesy :

 “I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you?"

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A #MaxFreshMove in My otherwise Recluse Mammamia's Life

Heya All You Lovely Readers out there!

Like each one of you, I love my momma the most....Infact,words fail me to express my sincere Gratitude towards my darling mother (a trained Bharatnatyam performer and Table Player), who is indeed my Admiration, Inspiration and the sole reason of whatever I am today..…She is undoubtedly praise-worthy, for the tough life she has embraced to give me, her daughter a life, I can be proud of and not perish as a female child born in an orthodox family… She left my grandmother’s house when I was born as a girl child, as my grandmother had 6 daughters and hated a female child and wanted to abandon me on a dustbin...

She reared me single-handedly, yet I never felt I missed something...She cornered herself from all the pleasures of the world, to give me the best education. She worked so hard all thru' her life, to make me stand on my own feet...She used to walk 12 kms if I needed some important book for my studies, to save the money spent on rickshaw...Yet she used to teach poor children for free in the evenings for she always believed that only educated people can build a strong nation and society...She is a apostle of unconditional love and has taught me how to respect all, how simple it is to forgive, I drive my philanthropic urge too from her...But so much of pain,so much of bearing and so many years of hardwork has probably stolen my mom's zeal for life today...

Yes, unfortunately, these days I see, she has turned into quite a recluse quite unlike my jovial mommy who had equal inclinations towards music and shaking a leg as well as was always full of life...It was last weekend, Saturday evening more precisely and we were having our evening cuppa coffee together, when I noticed her lost in her world again deeply.Why had she turned so quiet and into a recluse, this question bothered me like hell...Is it that she is tired after decades of hardwork or the fact that I am not able to give her ample time she deserves every which way....The thought pricked my conscience...

I so much wanted my giggling, singing and rocking mamma back...and so I was hell bent to add some freshness to her current lonely routine so that she gets back to her usual self...What could have been better than inviting my mom's most favorite and dearest celebrities who are also the most humble of the lot as well to oblige our invite, Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda to bring back the lost zeal of my mom and induce a #MaxFreshMove to her life <3

Exactly, like I perceived, the moment the two heart throbs, Allu and Anushka entered our place...positive energy, warmth and excitement entered in too...It was indeed a pleasure to watch my mom, so pleasantly surprised and elated to watch her most favorite Allu in his energetic charming moves....

I Felt ecstatic to see my mom hum in chorus with the gorgeous Anushka and tap her feet too...The charm of the two admirable fellas from Tollywood and Bollywood was too contagious for her to resist....

No wonder the two magical performers have cast her spell on her..AAh! I was glad she came out of her self woven web around her and accepted the freshness in her life...The two magicians Allu n Anushka have wonderfully revitalised my mom life and 

added a  #MaxFreshMove in My otherwise Recluse Mammamia's Life!!

You won't believe dear readers what followed...Shunning all her inhibitions my momma, gradually got up, took on to the drums to play tabla for a while...she was full of giggles and smiles....and thereafter she took to the center of stage to pull a mike and sing her heart out with the lovely "Anushka"...Her rhythmatic gradual dance moves enthralled the dance expert "Allu" to sway with her too, in the perfect #MaxFreshMove!!

And for me, yeah, I was absolutely speechless and watched the golden new start of my mom's life, with tears of happiness, rejoice and contentment in my eyes.....

                                         -Truly Yours Roma

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you?"

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Mother Nature's Concealed Treasure for Radiant Beauty to impart us the "3G Look"

Hola Lovelies!!

Lots of love to you Straight From the Heart!!

In our endeavor to look "3G" today, i.e. Good, Gorgeous and Glamorous, we tend to give in to aggressively marketed Cosmetics Beauty Brands, in a haste...and while they can have their bit of contributions, I firmly believe that it's the traditional Indian Dadi Maa's Beauty Regime that can work wonders, in long lasting worthy effects for a radiant spotless skin...which neither has any side effects nor is heavy on our pockets...a true multi-faceted "Blessing in Disguise" that aids you to #ComeCloser to Radiant Skin exactly like the Ayurvedic VICCO Turmeric Cream does <3 beautifully expressed in the Ad below :

I remember my grand-mom always telling me that the key of deep-rooted beauty lies in our very own kitchen and she actually taught me the remedies for each of the skin care problems, using the ingredients in her kitchen....While you may choose to laugh over me, it's a fact buddies...India is a land of ayurveda and the mother nature's beauty secrets that have been passed to us by our ancestors, is a "Real Concealed Treasure", every which way <3

In our Straight From the Heart, Tete-a-Tete with you today, I bring to you, some extremely easy and effective Natural Beauty Tips from My Dadi MAA's Khazana, which I have unfailingly used for years, for having a perfectly radiant spotless skin , exactly like my baby's even today....You just dont need to make an purchase for them....nor do you need to spend long hours at parlour or home to witness the effect...all you need to do is be regular with it!! So Here's my 10 Point Simple and Effortless Beauty Regime:

1.Keep our skin clean and hydrated...Always wash your face, when you come from outside as the dirty pollutants tend to accumulate on our skins and cause perennial damage.Need not use soap everytime...Also, mandatorily, sprinkle water on your face before going to bed.

2.If you are back from the sun and tanned, the best home-made pack to reverse the tanning action is freshly made tomato paste....Apply in on the tanned surfaces for a total of 20 minutes...Trust me it works wonders.

3.On weekends or on holidays, mix together 2 tea spoons of gram flour(besan), 1 teaspoon Malai and 10 drops of lemon and making it onto a thick paste [Note : If your skin is oily, use milk in place of Malai]...Apply this paste on your face, full arms and legs, leave for 2 minutes and than gently rub...You will be astonished to see so much of dirt accumulated on our skin coming out with the paste....This is a wonderful gentle cleanser for all skin types.

4. You may add a pinch of Turmeric powder as well to the above, which will vitalize your skin and contribute to fairness in the long run...use this regime for 2 months, once or twice in a week and notice the positive effects yourselves.

5. Soak apricot overnight and grind it in milk in the morn, to make the most effective home-made scrub.Rub it gently over your face and neck in circular motion for 2-3 minutes and rinse it off with room temperature water....

6.The above apricot scrub is also most effective in removing the black heads, just leave it on the affected area to dry up and rub it thereafter in clockwise or anticlockwise motions.

7.Genuine sandal wood powder mixed with rose water is the best facepack, which has great effects in reversing the freshly popped out pimples....You can apply it anytime after washing your face thoroughly.

8.Use thin slices of cucumber and fresh potato juice under eye alternatively to reduce dark cycles. Close your eyes and place cucumber slices on them or apply raw potato juice on your eyes' contour for 20 minutes and relax...wash it off therafter...Do this atleast 2 times a day, if your under eye dark circles are prominent.

9.If you not averse to eggs, once in a while , beat an egg and apply it on your face, it nourishes the skin wonderfully , with it's multiple properties...leave it for 30 minutes and than wash it off ( Add a little rose water to it, if you fail to bear the smell, Phew!!)

10. Also, Eggs are extremely good hair conditioner too...just beat it and apply in your hair from 20-30 minutes and witness the buoyancy and life in your hair.

It is noteworthy that all of the above home remedies are equally effective and safe for your spouses and children as well, darlings!! And see like I told you,all of the ingredients are readily available in our kitchens every day..While I know several other home-made beauty tips, I have listed the 10 easiest and most effective ones for you, which I trust and actually use always!

In addition, I have deep faith in Ayurvedic Products like VICCO turmeric cream which is a unique perfect ayurvedic blend of essential ingredients in perfect proportions, which pamper, nourish and enrich our skins, for years now and aids it to #ComeCloser to Radiant Skin....

I Trust you find the above  natural and simple homemade beauty treatments beneficial for yourselves and your family....Do share your feedback <3


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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Diva'ni : The Realization of every Indian Damsel's Dream to become a Charismatic #YRFDreamBride

Hola, My Dearest Readers!

Greeting to you Straight From The Heart <3

Below is my heartfelt gratitude and an open letter from me to YASH RAJ FILMS and their dream venture DIVA'NI for their priceless contribution to each Indian girl's life and her dreams <3...

Dear Diva'ni and Yash Raj Films,  the fact that I have virtually lived out of each female character of your Impactful movies both in skin and in clothing , all through my life, from years umpteen, engulfing their simplicity and charm and feeling the same Charismatic pleasure within, makes me an ideal #YRFDreamBride <3 <3 undoubtedly :)

Words fail me to describe my extreme fascination and the unending fervor to always dress up and carry myself like exact replicas of the lovely YRF leading Ladies <3 <3..Whether it's the pure whites of Chandni of The Hot Reds of Kat Fame in JTHJ, I have crazily enriched my wardrobe with almost identicals of each one of them <3 <3...Never did I realize, while trying to imitate them in looks, I passively also inherited from these bold and beautiful ladies, the astoundingly impressive strengths of their character <3 <3 A true Blessing in Disguise Indeed and for which I shall eternally remain grateful to the uncomparable YRF <3 <3

Your ability to stand out of the rest (now also show-cased through your Product Line up at Diva'Ni),has impressed me beyond compare and that's why I chose a different blue look inspired by you ,for my engagement and trust me,it turned out to be really impeccable <3 <3 with compliments flooding from all directions making it a perfect #YRFMOMENT <3 <3 and so like the many damsels my age, I shall forever remain indebted to you, for pampering, grooming and nurturing the Princesses in us <3 <3


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Monday, 1 June 2015

The #StraightFromTheHeart's "For My Daddy Darling" Giveaway in association with "CouponRani"

Hola, All you Rocking People out there,

Heartfelt Greetings to you Straight From The Heart!

In my endeavor to always bring to you nothing less than the Best, Today I bring to " A Wowsome Awesome Treat of Awesomeness" for you....

Yes, as promised , I am extremely elated to launch #StraightFromTheHeart's "For My Daddy Darling" Giveaway in association with "CouponRani"....

I am undoubtedly a Smart Shopper, who always loves to possess nothing less than the best and that too at the best possible price...And for this reason I value my association with Coupon Rani , which is a one stop online destination for all the deals and coupon codes from all  leading India's e-commerce sites. You will find the most popular offers and deals on every product at CouponRani. Started in the year 2012, CouponRani now hosts 850+ stores and 2500+ coupons from leading online merchants of India....CouponRani has always pampered the online shopper in me, by giving me an access to some admirable discounts and deals for a Smart Buy....

And hence as the Father's Day approaches, I felt a deep urge to share my sheer pleasure of Pamper from CR(CouponRani) with you as well, who are the worthy and esteemed sponsors of this Giveaway...

So my dear Stylistas and Fashionistas, hold your breadth, rolling out to you, the Terms and Conditions of this Simplest Giveaway ever which confers you a unique opportunity to please your Dads, Straight from your Heart in "CR STYLE":

1. All you need to do is click on the link and from the list of stores there, send us the links of  the most ideal Father's Day GIFT for your Adorable dad ( You need to send us two links,one of he CouponRani Store whose coupon you will use to buy that gift and second of the gift itself from that store.... like may be a mobile phone...Also telling us why you want to gift it to your dad?? And Woah,the awesome stores you can choose the product from are :


Amazon India
Fashion And You

The participants who come up with most interesting answers and are most active on the Blog will be gratified with GIFT Vouchers of these stores to buy the "Gift of Choice" for their Darling Dads by CouponRani.

2. All participants must Follow "Straight From The Heart" and Coupon Rani on G+ to be eligible to win. Inviting and sharing will undoubtedly fetch you brownie points...

3. The contest will commence on 2nd June and end on 30th June.

4.The contest is open on Blog here( you can comment your answer in comments below), Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Instagram Handles of Straight From the Heart, you can drop your answers at either social media based on your discretion.

5.Pls note that all earlier winners of the Giveaways on this Blog, are equally eligible to win, and the fact that they have won before should nor dampen their spirits, under any circumstances.

6.Multiple entries are allowed.

So what are you waiting for, just send us the link of your Favorite Gift for Daddy darling Now!!  

Wishing you all the very Best!!

                                                                  -Truly Yours Roma