Wednesday 10 June 2015

Diva'ni : The Realization of every Indian Damsel's Dream to become a Charismatic #YRFDreamBride

Hola, My Dearest Readers!

Greeting to you Straight From The Heart <3

Below is my heartfelt gratitude and an open letter from me to YASH RAJ FILMS and their dream venture DIVA'NI for their priceless contribution to each Indian girl's life and her dreams <3...

Dear Diva'ni and Yash Raj Films,  the fact that I have virtually lived out of each female character of your Impactful movies both in skin and in clothing , all through my life, from years umpteen, engulfing their simplicity and charm and feeling the same Charismatic pleasure within, makes me an ideal #YRFDreamBride <3 <3 undoubtedly :)

Words fail me to describe my extreme fascination and the unending fervor to always dress up and carry myself like exact replicas of the lovely YRF leading Ladies <3 <3..Whether it's the pure whites of Chandni of The Hot Reds of Kat Fame in JTHJ, I have crazily enriched my wardrobe with almost identicals of each one of them <3 <3...Never did I realize, while trying to imitate them in looks, I passively also inherited from these bold and beautiful ladies, the astoundingly impressive strengths of their character <3 <3 A true Blessing in Disguise Indeed and for which I shall eternally remain grateful to the uncomparable YRF <3 <3

Your ability to stand out of the rest (now also show-cased through your Product Line up at Diva'Ni),has impressed me beyond compare and that's why I chose a different blue look inspired by you ,for my engagement and trust me,it turned out to be really impeccable <3 <3 with compliments flooding from all directions making it a perfect #YRFMOMENT <3 <3 and so like the many damsels my age, I shall forever remain indebted to you, for pampering, grooming and nurturing the Princesses in us <3 <3


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  1. Beautiful post, even I was smitten by the charm of YRF heroines.