Monday 15 June 2015

An Ounce of Freshness can Work Wonders - The Midas Touch of a #MaxFreshMove

No Doubt we all Realize that life indeed is beautiful,

But in everyday's hustle bustle, it's significance, tends to get lost !

Though I deeply advocate that one must celebrate each moment,

And weave sweet memories each day, in life's beautiful journey, with passion..

But the fact is, we get so miserably trapped, in the monotony of our routines, 

From finishing the house cores to packing Hubby's and sonny's tiffins,
And almost tumbling twice before leaving for work, early in the morns.....

The pressure of repeating the same schedule the next day is so high,

That we find the lovely little joys of life, like soaking in the first rain, extremely futile...

And than when the boredom and predictability takes over us,

We look for a change to Energize and to Rejuvenate us!

But why not we topple upside down, the complete Scenario,

And fall free from the vicious circle of procrastination....

Let's incorporate Freshness in every aspect of our lives 

And Add a pinch of salt to it and feel energized <3

At such a juncture, #MaxFreshMove Activity,comes to me,

As a blessing in disguise, because my favorite, the heart-throb, Allu Arjun <3
And the Stunning Anushka Manchanda come to my rescue!

Wohaa, they are the rarest of the rare combination,
Their contagious talent and energy is truly contagious!

So I now weave a picture, of how both of them,

Will transform my life's each salt-less situation...

Rescue me From Boredom,

and Infuse in me their bust of freshness, energy and rhythm!

I am already imagining my clumsy morning Cuppa Coffee,

getting transformed to a Sparkling Jazzy One, undoubtedly...

When adorable Allu shoos with his dance moves,All my lethargy woes

While Anushka, fills my morning breeze,with Spell-binding music using her divine Voice!

In their priceless company,I imagine myself, tapping my feet n swaying in hearty dance,

As I prepare some yummy delectable breakfast for my loves,

With my lil sonny mimicking Allu Arjun and his hip-hopical moves,

while getting ready for school, humming Anushka's Perky Tunes... :)

And this lovely situation gets more romantic in the early morn,

As hubby darling joins in, from the shower, in the lovely rhythm n dance...
And plants a gentle kiss on ma forehead and swirls me in a soft turn-around!

Am glad the cupid has struck all over again..

Like a newly wed, at his gesture, I lovingly blush!

My world get so enriched with smiles,

All thanks to Darling Anushka and Dashing Arjun <3

Merrily I board my office cab,but was about to sink once again in despair,

to see those gloomy faces struggling with Monday Blues...

I once again invited my Magic Wagon of The Enigmatic Anushka and Allu!

And they added lots of fuel and salt to such a pessimistic mood!

Our Traveler to work, soon transformed into a Rocking Caravan,

Where we all were mesmerized by the charismatic moves of Allu Arjun,
His #MaxFreshMoves soon lifted all moods,
As the golden voice of Anushka Manchanda echoed !!

Suddenly my world has transformed,

Enriched with so much of effervescence and Exuberance <3
I was thus, totally under Anu's n Allu's Sensational Spell, All thanks to Max!

The Magical Trance was broken by Peon's Yell,

The Boss wanted me immediately, at his desk....
As I knocked the door, and peeped inside,
Got a Flavour of his worst mood and not so pleasant flavours of life :(

I closed my eyes and once again sent a heartfelt Invite,

To my ultimate saviors Anushka and Allu, to save me from those unending fights;
Like always they transformed the office, into an elegant performance stage!
Hehe, for the first time, even our Boss Jazzed with a Spark and Vitality..
Following Anushka and Allu in their Graffiti!

I felt in my heart deep, how all, me, my family, my friends and even the Boss,

Need an ounce of freshness, in our monotonous life,
Breaking all perceptions and inceptions,
And shunning all inhibitions,
Just to live life Kingsize every moment <3
Can it get better, if you you use a #MaxFreshMove to Energize your Life....
All charged up with Allu Arjun's Buoyant Moves and Anushka Manchanda's Vivacious Voice !!!!

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 “I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you?"

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    1. Thankyou so much darling <3...means a lot to be appreciated by a fellow blogger :)

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