Tuesday 23 June 2015

A Crafted to Perfection Sartorial Tribute for my Oh-So-Handsome #DandyDad on Father's Day

Hola Fashionistas!!

Buckets of love to you, Straight From the Heart !!

Today on the occasion of Father's Day, my heart is going out to each and every precious dad, who have left no stone un-turned to provide nothing less than the best to their kids, almost always unconditionally <3 and with failing words I express my gratitude towards all of them on behalf of the entire mankind.....and Wish them a "V V Happy Father's Day" !!

My daddy too, dear readers, is a real darling...he is genuinely a very very generous soul....I love him beyond all eternity for his simplicity,which has always stayed with him, despite of him rising to become one of the top bankers of the country today....For me he has forever been my best buddy, I have confided my deepest secrets to and who has not judged me on them...who has not taught me how to live , but lived himself for me to look and learn...

There is no end to enumerating my priceless memories with my dad..he had to leave my granny's home when I was born a girl child and my grand-mom ordered him to abandon me on a dustbin...which he denied and walked out forever with his angel in his arms..The arms who have been my cradle thereafter always...the arms in which I still feel most secure in..the arms whose hug means the world to me...no wonder he is my life and with his hand on my head, I have never looked back in life...He has laid a very strong foundation of self reliance and independence in me and for which I bow my head in reverence to him...
Thankyou dear Dad,
For not only giving me life,
But also teaching me, how to make it worthwhile...
For not only teaching me how to walk,
But also, how to tred life's most difficult paths...
For not only inculcating in me my first thoughts,
But also, the deep strength to fight no matter what circumstances befall...
For not only hugging me whenever I fall,
But also for the unconditional love which is still filled in my heart...
Whatever I am today is only because of you,
Dear Dad, thankyou!!

Yes, undoubtedly,, a mere thankyou is a very small word for the unfathomable care and warmth my dad has conferred on me forever unconditionally......whether it was to choose the unconventional career of an Automobile designer or to marry the man, I was deeply in love with..he trusted my instincts and decisions...and always nodded to them in  affirmative!! His unshakable faith in me, made me a very balanced, mature and responsible person and taught me the biggest lesson of parenting...Hats Off , Darling Dad!!

Apart from his passions for Arts and Creative Writing, no doubt, my dad loves to dress up to perfection and I am often impressed by his impeccable sense of style today <3

But this was not the scenario when I was small....Far back then, I guess his Dressing Sense stayed dormant amidst the infinite responsibilities he held on his firm shoulders....Back them I have to nudge him stating that his trousers are really worn out and he have to set out for some shopping...or that he should get his combinations right which he always welcomed with a smile...For years, he used the same footwear, though always meticulously polished and maintained ( thanks to his unending urge for perfection) , but ensured his princess always wore the best....Perhaps all this sacrifice and why perhaps, indeed all this sacrifice was to save money for his children's education....

And I am glad all his hard-work, selflessness and devotion paid off eventually and we were able to fulfill the dreams he has seen for us..And I truly believe, it would be really wonderful if me and my little bro, can pamper him as much and let him satiate the desires, he has suppressed for long, today and so this is what we secretly planned to present him this Father's Day...Since he adores dressing up, we decided to Restyle his Closet <3...Who could have done it better for him than his Fashion Blogger Daughter....Glad my passion for blogging had eventually paid off :)

Hence keeping in mind his choices and preferences and his physique, I have tried to craft to perfection the below 3 looks for my Oh So Handsome #DandyDad to gift it to him this Father's Day along with immense heartfelt gratitude <3 with the intention that he can actually  make a choice as to which look, to clad himself in, for his special day!! "Itna to banta hai" and it is absolutely nothing in front of all that he has been doing for us for umpteen years :) :)

Look1 : FORMAL Look for Daddy Darling

Since my dad frequents for several high tea and board room meetings and conferences..his formal looks require utmost precision to render both elegance an style..I have thus picked up a Arrow Newyork Navy Blue Slim Fit Shirt to go along with a perfect Peter England Black Formal Trouser..The reason behind choosing the dark colours, it makes the orah on his face even more distinctive and prominent :) ...The shoes are the classy Steve Madden Designer Formal ones along with a Hugo Boss Black Chronograph Watch and a Gucci Aviator to accentuate the impression at first glance... The USP of this look is it would be ideal for any other event and occasion too and can be flaunted with immaculate Comfort as well as Poise anywhere and everwhere....even on Father's Day, you know...!!

Look2: CASUAL Look for Dad Bestest

My dad's ability to carry even neons and pastels with utmost flair has inspired my casual look for him, this father's day where I have chosen him for him a Orange casual fit shirt from United Colours of Benetton to be paired up with Izod's Biege Solid Chinos to add simplicity and grace to some colours...Accessorize this outfit with an awesome  CASIO Analog Watch on the wrist and colourful Joe Aviator for his eyes...and oh how can we miss his so firmly grounded feet...For this look I have chosen a lovely pair of Comfort Loafers from Phosphorus , for my daddy darling...Picture -Perfect! Catch a glimpse! No points for guessing that my daddy would look so cool, in this new avatar <3

Look3: Dada's Look  for Party or Family Gathering

An extremely social person that he is, my dad is the lifeline of parties in our social arena and family gatherings...so I thought this lovely Value for Money Astoundingly beautiful Wintage Solid Biege part Wear Blazer pair up with Black Straight Fit Trousers From Van Huesan will be the most ideal choice for him , to be the show stealer:) ...It would be a further icing on the cake to couple the lovely outfit with a marvelous Casio Edifice Chronograph Watch and Casual Shoes from Buckaroo which shall be a perfect indicative of his oozing confidence always <3

I sincerely hope daddy darling, you liked your restyled Closet this Father's Day and am dying to here from you, your reactions and which out of the three you will prefer to go out with me for Dinner!!! Folks, will upload his comments on the look in the comments section below, as he gives them to me :)...You are most welcome to express your views too folks, as you are the life of "Straight From The Heart"!

It was indeed sheer delight to dress up my wonderful "#DandyDad " in different styles, this Father's day, and I am extremely grateful to my all time favorite Jabong.com Team, for giving me this excellent opportunity, to walk back in the memory lane and relive those precious moment again and than create with rejuvenated energy, some Awsomazing looks for dad dearest <3 , weaving together Emotions and Fashion!!


[You can find all the impressive products showcased in the looks I created above at Jabong.com , Men's Section]

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  1. A heart touching post with lots of emotions............

  2. Beautifully expressed as well as styled Roma. i am sure your dad will love this tribute, like I did.

  3. Roma it was heart touching..:)
    Styles were amazing..:)
    Superb & perfect gift..:)

    1. I am so glad you liked it darling <3 Heartfelt Thankyou <3

  4. Really touched heart as expressed so well ...truly appreciatable ...:) Lovely relationship

  5. Just in one word.. its lovely :)

  6. Wow really awesome...Hats off :)

  7. Hi Roma,
    Truly loved your post.
    Our fathers are undoubtedly the best.
    He is my true hero.
    Love the way you care for your father & respect him <3