Sunday 21 June 2015

My Aromatic Secret to Make Home Sweet Home Smell Forever Pleasant - My #SmellytoSmiley Story

Wishing all of you, a Pleasant Morning, My esteemed Readers!!

In my Heart to Heart Tete-o-tete today, I am gonna jot down to you about the most worrisome and bothering Odours, yes the umpteen number of smells so commonly found in my rather our households...I may sound a little unpleasant or weird though, touching all your wrong chords...but the fact is, they cast a deep impact on our everyday lives and getting rid of them is no easy task whatsoever.....

But since I did manage, felt it would be worth to share with you my #SmellytoSmiley Story :)...

I am a cleanliness freak to the extend that the tiniest waver from precision bothers me immensely whether it be about the styling of the flower vase or the fresh air of my home , sweet home... and hence the advent of monsoons, each year, are the worst times that drive me crazy...there's just not one but multiple contributing foul odours that act as a disruptor to my peace, mainly the below 5, are most gruesome to my family :

1.The Yuck Smell of wet Clothes which refuse to dry:With the balconies turning redundant for the purpose of drying clothes in natural air and sun, we are left with no option but to leave them to dry indoor, which seems to take ages owing to the moist air even on the inside...leaving a pathetic smell, for us to bear with!For years , I have struggled with this one and tried almost everything my friends and relatives recommended...but they never really turned out to be a permanent Solution......

2.The Stinking Socks and Shoes leave us almost smothered:
As me, sonny and hubby sneak into our heavenly abode after work in the evening, and untie our shoes and remove our socks, the shoe-rack turns into a nightmarish scary devil from which oozes out  a crazy almost smothering bad smell, worse enough to choke you, thus breaking our trance of having a cozy evening at our home sweet home...Felt like running away, what a disgusting scenario, it was!

3.My two cute Pomeranian dogs who smell so fowl when they 
come from out: Our two adorable darling pets love to be outdoors, but it is a challenge for me to keep my house rid of their different smells especially  the ones when they are outdoors during rain..and thus despite of they being our family members, we have to often put them outside when some guest or relatives are to arrive..which was extremely heartbreaking particularly for my little sonny!

4.The Rotten Garbage smells so unpleasant: The domestic wastes tend to decompose and generate a fowl odour despite of the bin being kept closed, more so in the rainy season, leaving us in a lurch as the waste collector just visits once in 24 hours...While I have tried numerous traditional ways, to keep the nasty smell at bay, no one has satisfied me thoroughly, until recently!

5. The lingering bad odour from a little-used bathroom transforms to a Warzone : Last but not the least, the odour I have battled the most in my house, is the one from a toilet, which have been used are wet and have a disturbing smell....My bathrooms are undoubtedly a War-Zone for me and scare me the most...I am mostly head over heals, fretting and fighting a lost battle with them, when the friends or guests are to show up at home...It was indeed very tough to defeat these "Stink Monsters" till I made the biggest discovery of my life! This was extremely important too as I believe (Phew!!) that my creative juices, as a writer, ooze the most out of me, when I am on the coveted toilet seat :)....

The above smells have already started to take the better of us, and one day annoyed after reaching home from work, to escape the the ironically inescapable odours, all 3 of us , started out a long drive...The drive was quite relaxing except for a little less for hubby darling on the driving seat, after a long day at work and school...It was right than my 6 year old little sonny pointed out : "Mommy, Why can't we have this AmbiPur Car Perfume, for our home, our home would than smell as wonderful as our car??"

There it was...All three of us were silent for a minute only to realize what a perfect and most simple idea it is, atleast worthy of being tested out immediately!WE drove to the nearby shop and purchased some AmbiPur Air Fresheners of different fragrances and headed back home...We were feeling quite positive about our purchase, as the shopkeeper had reinforced our idea by stating that there a terrific response of customers for this product and the demands are soaring continuously!

And you know folks, these Room Fresheners, genuinely turned into a blessing in disguise...For they just not temporarily cover the odour , they completely removed them with a long lasting effect, beyond compare and became the secret of my "Aromatic Home Sweet Home, smelling beautiful Forever" <3

With AmbiPur by our sides, our lives undoubtedly turned from #SmellytoSmiley! Now we're gonna Enjoy Monsoon Kingsize from our fragrant House <3 How about You ??

                                                                       --Truly Yours Roma

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  1. Can't agree with you more on the troubles od odors! Will surely try this product!